Ray Hopper. Katters Australian Party Member for Condamine

Rays Rounds for week commencing 23rd June 2014

As we know each year in June the Budget is brought down by the Treasurer of which ever Government is in power, then as has always been the case, two full weeks are set aside post budget in July so as each Minister can be questioned for one full day on their budget projections relevant to their portfolio. This gives non-government members a chance to question the Ministers and their Departments performance. Unfortunately, this Government has now condensed the hearings to only 3 days which is ludicrous especially given the increased number of Members in the LNP Parliament.

What is this Government trying to hide by rushing through this extremely important process? There needs to be thorough parliamentary scrutiny to create transparent government. Why has the Estimates Committee been reduced to this shabby form of lip service to democracy? When the LNP were the Opposition they always took two full weeks during this Estimates time to scrutinise Government … but now the goal posts are well and truly shifted and not for the betterment of Queensland, I can assure you.

Until next week,


Quote – “Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.”

John Steinbeck