As most of the world now knows, the situation has completely run amok in Iraq.

The video which runs after the commentary that show’s presenter displays images which are really not suitable for anybody, especially not for children.

The checklist of horror includes:

– 200 U.S. Contractors Abandoned an Iraqi Base surrounded by ISIS Jihadist.

– Obama starts Father Day Vacation in Palm Springs, CA.

– Iraq under Severe Attack and Collapsing!

$732 Million US Tax Dollars WASTED as Iraqi US Trained Soldiers surrender to ISIS, in moments.

– Over 500,000 Iraqi Citizens fleeing homes and businesses in terror!

– Terrorist Goal to inflict fear, especially in the West, as images of beheading and other atrocities are posted on Social Media.

Be brave. Love the Iraqi victims of this bullshit!

Let’s make it right, right now, somehow!

(Video: 20 minutes): 200 American Contractors Surrounded by ISIS Jihadist in Iraq while Obama Plays Golf!