You learn something new, every day!

This clip exposed me to something

I’d never heard of, before: the ongoing

release from airplanes of millions of

of alleged "anti-rabies vaccine packets,"

over the past several decades, for the

purported reason of curtailing this

disease among the native skunk

population of Texas.

The glibness and break-neck speed of

this presenter’s style is humorous, in

and of itself – but when he points out

that the primary area of the dispersal

of these packets follows the US-Texas

border to perfection, his slick humor

suddenly grows dark.

The official information released by the

Texas Department of State Health Services

about these anti-rabies-vaccinated packets

says that they are slathered with fish meal

crumbles", in order to render them utterly

irresistible to the stinky varmints, which are

the intended quarry of these vaccinated


Although the same report report, dated from

January 10, 2014 states that there were 417

laboratory-confirmed cases of rabies in Texas

the previous year, 113 of which were humans,

the presenter says there is no more follow-up

on these human cases. The report also cites

that one of the rabies victims was a dog,

previously vaccinated against rabies, with the

report later concluding that "These animal

rabies vaccinations may not prevent rabies."

Which would then lead one to ask, why have

these 2 million doses of anti-rabies packets,

been being released annually, over the past

several decades, to control 417 cases when

they "may not prevent rabies"?

Although other official sources stress that the

unopened packets are perfectly safe for humans

to handle, it discourages people from picking up

these fishy snacks, as doing so will make them

less irresistible to the varmints, for which they

are intended.

We are then instructed, that if we happen

across an opened packet, with the pink-colored

vaccine oozing out, to enclose it in a plastic bag

and dispose of it, in our normal garbage, as the

bait is "no longer effective" – however, if this

pink liquid makes contact with our skin, to

immediately wash with soap and water and

then immediately call health authorities at

1-877-RABORAL, or what the presenter jokingly

refers to as "1-800-I’ve-Been-Infected!"

He then chirpily signs off with the warning,

"Beware of rabies vaccines falling from the sky –

because they are delicious."

(Video: 4 mins):

Rabies Vaccine Dropped from Planes by the Millions

– Alexandra