The Editor

Calls from the Far North Queensland Organisation of Councils, Regional Development Australia and politicians for the sealing of the Hann Highway have fallen on deaf ears in Canberra.

People of the Far North need to take heed of the thinly veiled warnings by Treasurer Joe Hockey that his razor gang has presented 84 recommendations for cutting expenditure.

To properly construct the 256 klm Hughenden section of the Hann Highway to a standard that will carry road trains of more than 100 tonnes could cost up to $230 million.

What is the use of cutting corners with bitumen construction when after 12 months of heavy transports and a prolonged wet season it will need major repairs?

Substantial maintenance budgets simply are not available.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has just returned from an Asian trade trip, taking in China.

While there he virtually begged China to become involved in infrastructure building in Australia.

He asked the Chinese Government to build roads and bridges, because he said, Australia cannot afford it.

What nonsense! The economic rationalists of the Liberal and Labor parties by their actions have no understanding of money and its creation.

We are one of the most resource-rich countries in the world. Why do the Liberals and the ALP allow international and domestic banks to loan ‘money’ to the government against these public assets when the Reserve Bank can do and has done the same thing at a fraction of the cost?

Senators Xenaphon and Madigan, along with independent MHR Bob Katter have placed on the Table the Australian Reconstruction and Development Board Bill which could provide home grown finance to save farmers and for all of our infrastructure budgets.

If Mr Hockey aspires to be a man of vision and an overnight statesman, then he will support this Bill thus maintaining our standard of living.