This is a funny mock-up of a trailer
for a classic Roland Emmerich-style
disaster film, using footage from this
filmmakers’ well-known opus, which
includes ‘2012’, ‘The Day after Tomorrow’,
‘Godzilla’ and perhaps his most well-known;
‘Independence Day’ – and it opens with a
classic scene from the first of James
Cameron’s ‘Terminator’ franchise.

The difference is that our hero-announcer
is the Snordster or Snordlehans or whatever
names he’s using to create new accounts
(I’m not telling) to continue his vital work
on the Internet – and he does not sound like
a commercial Hollywood trailer voiceover

And what the Snordster is trying to get us
to wise us up to is the nonstop, bone-crushing
manipulation by the “news” media to psyop us,
into paroxysms about our finances, our health
and our government.

That said, it is good to keep in mind that on
November 13th, the “Grid Ex II” drill will be
conducted by DHS, FEMA, 150 corporations
and the 50 governors. The drill will simulate
a power grid take-down by terrorists on that
same date. How many times have we
witnessed a drill which turns into a false-flag

This happened with 9/11, the 7/7 bombings
and the Boston Marathon.

Could it happen on November 13th?

Video (about 3 mins):

False Flag – Coming Soon!

Alexandra Bruce
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