The latest news from eccentric millionaire miner Clive Palmer is that he will be starting his own political party and running candidates in all federal seats across Australia.

Other political analysts have interpreted his move as a counter-gang operation designed to buffer the Liberal Party vote by a tight exchange of preferencesat the Federal election.

To which party will Clive direct preferences?

Palmer’s obvious political naivety shines through the blustering façade of television interviews where he states he wants to become the Prime Minister, but does not want to dislodge Opposition Leader Tony Abbot.

It seems Palmer wants to have his cake and eat it too.

He also said he would not be forming any alliances with Katters Australian Party causing further speculation that KAP is seen by Liberal strategists as the major threat to the two party system.

Whatever party name he finishes up with, before the Australian Electoral Commission’s registration deadline of May 10 is anyone’s guess, but his chosen United Australia Party identity will be too close to another name already registered.

Two former Queensland Liberal Party State Members have announced their defection to Palmer’s Party.

One high profile pollie, Brisbane-based Dr Alex Douglas told a media conference he did not want to join Katters Australian Party because it was a “cult” party.

This extraordinary discovery by Dr Douglas (obviously a General Practitioner) reeks of hypocrisy when he has just thrown his weight behind Palmer, a larger than life cult leader dating back to the Joh for PM campaign in the 80’s.

Palmer’s cult following is the big end of town and other mining magnates who are selling off Australia’s finite resources to foreign countries.

Only a minor portion of income from these multinational mining ventures remains in Australia.

Clive made his money by selling Australian mining leases to the Chinese.

He can’t be serious.