To educate the people how to get out of the ever increasing, exponential debt that we all suffer under the current banking and monetary system

This book is about how the banks can loan you money free of interest and free of fees and still make the same profits they make today.

The author made the decision to devise a new economic system back in 1989. The reason was because the banks use a system, that is completely without mercy, to place all of us into immediate, ever expanding exponential debt by way of the system in use. There is no need whatsoever for a bank to charge either interest or fees on any money they lend, no economic or lawful reason, and they can still make the same profits they make today. It is an imperative that all gen X and gen Y learn this and learn how to change the system because they will bear the full brunt of the exponential rising debt and will suffer until such time as they decide to fix it.

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