by Larry Pickering

Simon Crean was no fan of Rudd’s. He was a fan of stability and forced Rudd to either shit or get off the potty. Rudd is now off the potty.

Having known Simon Crean’s Dad, it is doubtful the apple fell far from the tree.

Frank Crean was a Labor man, honest and true.

He was no intellectual but an important disc in the backbone of the Party and at 92 he died just before he had to witness its destruction by Gillard.

Kevin Rudd crows that he is a man of his word. What rot!

An angry Crean walked into his office to tell him, “I am getting the numbers together Kevin, enough is enough and you must bring this to a head.” Kev’s dodgy little heart must have skipped a beat.

“I am being drafted, ooh goody”, he thought. “… but do they really have the numbers?”

They didn’t have the numbers and when he fronted the media to explain he wouldn’t be challenging because, “I am a man of my word”, I reached for the nearest bucket.

How fortunate. A few more numbers and “his word” was out the window. The man is a grub.

The thin cream of Labor had pleaded with him to lead them in an assault on the Gillard firebrand. He agreed, but only if they could show him the numbers.

In the end they couldn’t so he walked out and left them with their bare arses exposed to Gillard’s venom. What a man! What courage! What an insipid bastard!

And this is the reason I have been saying for over a year than Rudd would never again lead the Labor Party and that the possibility was a figment of media’s imagination.

Rudd wallowed in Gillard’s unpopularity, pretending it reflected his popularity. It didn’t.

Now the Gillard Party is over, dead, without heart or hope. But the Labor Party will one day re-emerge without this awful destructive woman.

It will eventually rebuild… and without corrupt unions.

Labor’s best men have gone now… lost in the wake of a decadent Gillard. All that is left is the dregs of what was once the proud symbol of the working man.

It will rebuild with the help of many honest Labor men like Bob Kernohan.

The Labor Party has been destroyed first by an arrogant Rudd who changed the rules to allow him to select his own cabinet ministers.

As I said in a previous article, this is a diabolical system for a Party that lives and dies by its union controlled factions.

It gives the Prime Minister complete control and prevents Caucus Members objecting to, or defying their Leader.

Rudd wanted this system because he did not belong to a faction and didn’t want union interference in Executive decisions.

Without a faction, Members have no union protection and are beholdin’ only to the Leader.

That’s why Rudd was dispensed with and that’s why Gillard treats unions with the utmost reverence.

The Rudd system was in play yesterday when his unprotected supporters fled for fear of Gillard’s vengeance. Only the brave stayed… and died.

The treacherous Bob Carr has been relentlessly undermining Gillard for months but has decided to lie about it. He craves the opulent Foreign Affairs stuff and will drain it dry.

Rudd has now admitted his new system was a mistake… too late Kev.

Gillard is watching a once great Party crumble around her ankles.

She doesn’t care that polls will worsen next week. As long as she can get more of her ill-conceived legislation passed before she has to face the people, she is happy.

She would rather see her Party die this way than accept her own incompetence.

If Gillard cared one iota for the Labor Party she would spend the week-end penning her resignation. <>