Breaking News In Far North Queensland:

An impending Supreme Court injunction could be served on the Local Government Minister in an attempt to halt the Mareeba Shire de-amalgamation according to reliable local government sources.

The source told Cairns News the communities of Kuranda and Watsonville are diametrically opposed to splitting with Tablelands Regional Council and do not want to be a part of a reformed Mareeba Shire.

The communities have long complained about lack of services when under the governance of the former Mareeba Shire.

As we reported in earlier de-amalgamation bulletins, although there was a 59% yes vote at the recent referendum, the result is not binding on the state government.

Just who is preparing to file an injunction is unknown however a prerogative writ based on  economic and social justice grounds could get up.

Common law actions in Queensland jurisdiction for years have been largely denied due to the State Constitutional amendments of the former Labor Government. If the recent erratic performance of Chief Justice Paul DeJersey is any indication,  anything could be filed in the Supreme Court.

More news on this rearguard action will be reported as it comes to hand.

from Robert J Lee in Cairns