by Larry Pickering

Whistleblower Ralph Blewitt is safely in the arms of The Australian newspaper while he awaits an assurance of indemnity from prosecution by police.

His febrile bitterness is not hidden as he explains his contempt for that redheaded cow, f***** Shorten and others.

Gillard, as Prime Minister, was hounded by Blewitt for money he is still owed, about $12,000. Gillard responded with the threat, Disappear or I will get the AFP on to you!

Blewitt promptly disappeared. But now he is back with hot blood and a thirst for vengeance.

One of the many questions The Pickering Post has broached with Gillard is: Why does Ralph Blewitt consider it is you who should redress the claimed debt? and, Why did you react in such a way?

These and many other questions are replied to in the same way each time: Please refer to my previous responses. We have yet to see any response other than the initial, I was young and naive response.

So, will Ralph Blewitt be granted the indemnity he needs? Yes, of course he will, simply because the coppers wouldnt have charged him anyway and they cant be seen to be protecting Gillard. A refusal to indemnify would serve only to create an insatiable media storm of protest. The time for cover-ups is passed. We will have answers now, it has gone on for far too long! There is too much prima facie evidence for even the Left wing ABC to ignore.

Apart from the vague Statute of Limitations legislation which varies between States (in this case a small matter of 17 years is involved) Blewitt denies having benefited from any alleged ill-gotten gains. So exactly what does he need indemnity from? Well, obviously from much, much more than we already know. He will not tell me.

Regardless, there will be no successful prosecutions in this little scandal. So, in effect, its no longer a matter of alleged criminality. It goes far beyond that. It goes to wide-spread corruption within Australian unions and their tentacles deep reach into the bowels of government and, most importantly, what the hell will an incoming government do about it. This Government can do nothing. It is integral to, and subservient to, union corruption.

Blewitt and his wife, Mel, arrived back here from Malaysia terrified that, two weeks earlier, The Pickering Post had disclosed what was about to happen. His wife was concerned that they might be popped before Ralph could utter a word.

The Pickering Post, July 20, 2012: Blewitt, and his wife, have been paid by a Melbourne law firm to fly back from Malaysia, where he is hiding out, to give evidence on behalf of a group of other people who also want Gillard’s blood. He is in Melbourne now. Stay tuned.

Seventeen days later The Australian, on Friday August 3, splashed with a page one lead story that Blewitt had flown into Melbourne from Malaysia and was seeking personal indemnity to spill the beans on the whole Gillard/Wilson/AWU scandal.

Blewitt immediately made contact with me and I explained to him how the information we had was obtained. He appeared relieved. But he and Mel are safe from union thugs now because The Australian already has his statements in hand. The police also have a fair idea of his likely disclosures.

How do I know there is much more to come? The paper I once worked for would never splash this story as a page one lead without knowing the full extent of the substance of what Blewitt has to say. The story, when it breaks, will have plenty more meat on the bone; meat we have not yet chewed on, and certainly enough to ruin Gillards holiday.

Gillard will not be charged but it will be claimed that she was fully aware of, and complicit in, the fraudulently-acquired funds and that she benefited from them. Her boyfriend at the time, and prime culprit, Bruce Wilson, will again attract police interest. My view is that he will not be charged either. Blewitts testimony will need to withstand rigorous scrutiny against a closing of the ranks in the AWU. Only a Royal Commission will prise apart that sort of solidarity.

Kim Williams, the incoming CEO of News Ltd, deserves commendation for biting the bullet and not bowing to Gillards threats of exposing phone hacking if the story was exposed. Maybe he had a religious epiphany or simply realised that Gillard is already spayed and far beyond the power to blackmail media.

When the dust settles on this ugly episode Julia Gillards reign as Prime Minister will be over, if not before.

The most important issue will be curbing unions continued foul influence on government and its stewardship over caches of tens of billions in superannuation… a nasty little cocktail of future unrepresentative economic influence. http://goo.gl/uecEj