(From An Inspector at the Australian Federal Police)

We have all had discussions about the illegal boat people at some time or another. Most of us can’t understand why the Australian Labor government continues to pay for these illegals, while hard working Australians continue to suffer the brunt of taxes, levies and tolls to help pay for this Labor governments’ misspending.

According to this Australian Federal Police Officer, who obviously can never be named, here are some of the facts he believes you should be aware of.

[1] Currently the Federal Police are not producing as many drug busts due to the millions
of dollars of their budget being put into intercepting illegal boat people.

[2] When the boat sank last year off Christmas Island, the Australian authorities were throwing life jackets to the children and the parents were swimming to where the life jackets were, then pushing the children under the water and taking the life jackets to save themselves.

[3] When the boat people arrive here, they have already printed out from the internet their rights
and have a list of welfare benefits that they demand from the Australian Government.

[4] Whilst in detention they tell the guards that they are here to serve them and the Federal Police have already investigated a number of assaults on detention staff resulting from them “not respecting” the detainees.

[5] After spending around 6-9 months in detention, the illegal boat people have approximately $10 000 saved in “welfare payments” from the Australian Government. They then send the money home and arrange for the next family member to come here on a boat.This means we are actually paying for the continuous flood of illegal boat people via the welfare payments provided to them.

[6] The boat people are all “given” mobile phones and allowed to phone whomever and where ever in the world they please.
The reported cost of the combined telephone bills for the first quarter of this year was around $5,000,000. Yes, you read correctly, five million dollars all provided by the Australian taxpayer.

[7] Residents and the Federal Police on Christmas Island only have dial-up internet which we all know is impracticable in the internet age. Yet all the detainees have broadband internet care of the taxpayer.

These are all facts that simply cannot be spoken about by those who know.

Well the time has come Australia to say enough is enough.