October 2012:

KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has warned the politically correct brigade that they will also be victims of the “intolerance tiger that has been let out of the cage” over the withdrawal of advertising on Alan Jones’ (pictured) radio program due to ‘cyber-bullying’.

“These people better wake up and realise what they’re doing is a blatant intrusion and transgression of freedom of expression,” said Mr Katter.

“Journalists and media commentators have the right, just like everyone, to put their point of view.

“And I used to write letters of complaint when I was a member of the LNP about Philip Adams – who had a different approach to Alan but was unashamedly and unapologetically pro-socialist and pro-ALP.

“But when corporations start cutting off advertising because of pressure groups on some enormously spurious claim, we have a most serious problem indeed. And the advertisers need to be reviewing their position here.”

Mr Katter said while he violently disagreed with Prime Minister Julia Gillard on how Australia should be run, he had always got along with her on a personal basis and would never wish her any harm.

“But Alan Jones’ comments were simply a classic case of someone letting their mouth run… and I think every Australian in the past fortnight would be guilty of some excessive comment or hyperbole that, in keeping with good Christian principles, they would be ashamed of.

“But as for vilifying a person or taking away his freedom of expression, it’s easy to see who the truly intolerant people in our society are: it is surely the politically-correct brigade.

“And now even some of the violin-playing hand-wringers are starting to become embarrassed,

because it’s Alan Jones today and it will be them tomorrow, once the intolerance starts and the freedom of speech stops.

“What is happening here is un-Australian. The intolerance tiger has been let of the cage and it will maul left and right – and also those of us in the middle.”