4 September 2012:

Bob Katter alternative government AUSTRALIANS who are disgusted about the sale of Australias largest cotton farm to overseas interests should be equally appalled by the crocodile tears objections of politicians belonging to major parties which are determined to sell out our country, says KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter.

“Let it be clearly understood that weve already let 12 per cent of our farmland to be sold off to foreigners theres no other country on Earth except for some South American backwaters that would allow this to happen but we are kidding ourselves if we think our farmland will not continue to be sold off under a Coalition government,” said Mr Katter.

“The only difference between the ALP and the LNP on this issue is that the LNP will sell us out faster.

“And its an extraordinary display of hypocrisy for any politician from the LNP to be protesting now because their personal political ambitions dictate it.

“Why didnt they do something about it when they had 12 years of power?

“But the real question for the people of Australia today is whether those who weigh into the debate have actually got the ticker to follow through, given that they belong to a political party that has already presided over the sell

‐off of our mineral wealth and is now eyeing off the profits to be made from flogging our pastoral wealth.

“Will these politicians stand up for their communities against their city

‐centric party masters? Or will they once again be forced fall into line to satisfy their personal political ambitions?”

Mr Katter, who quit the National Party more than a decade ago because it began serving the policies of its senior Coalition partner over its constituency, said: “There is always a place for foreign investment if it locks in new markets at an acceptable price but foreign investment cannot be 51 per cent”.

“However the LNP‐ALP corporations that run Australia are just like the slithering Sydney suits with dollar signs in their eyes: the only thing that interests them is the share price on the stock market, and overseas buyers means higher share prices.”