Responding to the LNP Government’s overhaul of the State’s stringent gun laws, Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers on ABC radio demanded all firearms be taken from law abiding gun owners.

Leavers said police officers in the line of duty had been shot by two different registered gun owners in unrelated cases.

He was commenting on the sentencing of offenders in an armed hold up when a Gold Coast policeman was shot and killed last year with an unregistered firearm.

He said only primary producers with a reasonable excuse should be entitled to own a firearm.

“Nobody other than police should own a gun,”  Leavers screamed on air.

He could have added that if any of the bystanders at Port Arthur had a firearm Australia’s worst orchestrated gun massacre would have been avoided.

Perhaps Mr Leavers should have told listeners about the dozens of reported and unreported gun accidents each year involving police officers.

If any serious researcher investigated these reported accidents it would be discovered most police officers are less than competent carrying a firearm be it a rifle or pistol.

Ask any gun range officer where police train with pistols about their ability to handle them or their marksmanship.

Most will say generally, police officers are hopeless when it comes to hitting any target at any distance, and as for accidental discharges?

“Keep well away from the firing line and keep your eye on them until they drive out the gate, because sometimes they forget to unload their Glocks or they shoot the ground below their holster while on the range,” was one reply.

Indeed panel beaters across the state over many years can attest to repairing bullet holes in police cars from accidental discharges.

“Through the roof, the door, floor or boot is normal..,” said one regional body repair specialist.

A well known retired policeman once said: “I used to shudder going on duty with a five foot 6, 60 kilo young girl carrying a (.40 calibre) Glock.

“A lot of officers do not like carrying or using guns, especially some of these girls who, frankly, are incapable of using them properly.”