The wind generators proposed for Mt Emerald near Walkamin are far from efficient and will provide no economic benefit for the Tablelands. The sheer lunacy of the Labor Party’s carbon dioxide tax starting on July 1, also will provide no worthwhile economic or environmental benefit to Far North Queensland. The wind towers will however provide the local area with a constant low humming noise while ever the wind is blowing, which some researchers claim is a health problem for humans and animals in close proximity to the wind farm.
Thirty years of wind power generation in the United States has proven it is totally inefficient when compared to other forms of power generation. There are thousands of abandoned wind turbines scattered across the Californian landscape, which are too expensive to repair because the investment attraction of these unsightly towers lies in the availability of government subsidies.
When the subsidies run out the power companies usually close down.

Here are the statistics on the cost of power generation in 2010 from the
Australian Governments own Productivity Commission:

Coal fired power station $79 per kw/h (kilowatt/hour).

Gas fired power station $97 per kw/h or 1.2 times the cost of coal power.

Wind farm power $1,502 per kw/h or 19 (nineteen) times the cost of coal power.

Solar power $4,004 per kw/h or 50 (fifty) times the cost of coal power.