Cairns News has received two opinions about the eligibility of Prime Minister Juliar Gillard to remain in Federal Parliament.

Opinion says she shoud be disqualified under Section 44 (1) of the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia.which prevents any person from sitting in Parliament because of an allegiance to another country.

Thanks the the High Court’s decision in Sue v Hill, Julia Gillard’s position is in jeopardy. She holds dual citizenship with the United Kingdom, Wales in particular which according to the Hill decision, prevents Gillard from holding her seat.

In discussion with the Prime Minister’s office prior to the last election, her Chief-of-Staff told Cairns News the Prime Minister had officially taken Australian citizenship. Well the bad news for the PM is that she cannot divest herself from her allegiance to the UK which under UK law she cannot remove.

We had the offer of assistance from a prominent NSW barrister but unfortunately he became sick and no longer practices law.

Any offers of help from a law practicioner will be appreciated and you will be doing this country a favour by taking on the case and getting rid of the worst PM in Australian history.