Gangsters In Government

State Leader of Katter’s Australian Party, Aidan McLindon, has slammed the LNP’s plan for a further round of asset sales.

LNP Leader, Campbell Newman, and Shadow Treasurer, Tim Nicholls, have confirmed that the LNP will sell the State Government’s remaining $3 billion stake in QR National if they win government.

The Australian Financial Review reports that the LNP has committed to selling the remaining 34 per cent share but are undecided whether the sale will be conducted in a single block or via a number of smaller tranches.

“The LNP are a pro-privatisation party and their announcement that they will sell off the remaining Queensland Government stake in QR National is stark proof of this,” said Mr McLindon.

“They simply cannot be trusted to protect our assets and just like the LNP Government in New South Wales is privatising the electricity industry, Campbell Newman will do the same in Queensland.”

“The LNP’s statement was made in a sneaky and deceitful way to hide their agenda but it has been uncovered.”

“The sale of the Queensland Government’s remaining QR National stake won’t pay off any debt and will just fund Campbell Newman’s election spending so he can win his way into Parliament through Ashgrove.”

“Over 85 per cent of Queenslanders were against the ALP’s asset sales and now the LNP are preparing to put us all through that pain again. This will result in huge job losses and cuts to state revenue into the future.”

“Once again, it is very clear that there is no difference between the ALP and LNP on key policies and now they are locked together in plans for further privatisation after the next election.”

“Queenslanders have a clear choice at the next election. They can vote for the ALP and LNP and see Queensland’s assets flogged off for short term political gain, or they can vote for Katter’s Australian Party and elect a government which will hold and build services and infrastructure.”