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How to vote and keep the Greens from controlling the Senate

The Citizens for Honest Elections have calculated the only way to vote in the senate. Please follow the instructions below get this out to everybody you know.

DO NOT vote

(a) only “1” above the line, or

(b) 1 to only 6 above the line, or

(c) 1 to only 12 below the line

but please instead vote

(d) to number ALL squares above the line, or below the line.

In case you have any doubt this has been said about the treacherous Liberals and their partners in crime, the Greens:

· ex-PM John Howard said at a Liberal party dinner a few weeks ago, that this new Senate voting law “will entrench the Greens in control” [in the Senate]

· ALP Senator Conroy said in Hansard on 23 Feb, “… Let us be clear about this. The Government and the Greens want to wipe out the cross-benchers. That is the purpose of this Bill.”

· ALP Senator Dastyari said, “…This is a rort. This is a set of rules, a structure and a system that have been created with the sole purpose of wiping out a handful of crossbench Senators and locking in a handful of Greens senators. …. Let’s be honest about the result – there will be only 3 parties in the Senate and a Xenophon. … This introduction of optional preferential voting will result in a massive exhaustion of votes. This is about making sure that the votes of those people who choose to vote for a minor party will go nowhere.

Major parties panic, change voting rules as intelligent electors join forces with disenchanted voters


People and the party faithful now are awakening they are being controlled by the major parties who are feeling this serious trend.

With battle lines being drawn in the Senate the major parties are experiencing their power base being dismantled by independent senators out of their control that has forced desperate action for survival at the coming election. Again they shift the goal posts by changing the rules to allow themselves preferential treatment on the senate ballot paper.

Liberal and Labor become allies when their decades of government dictatorship become threatened by the people.

The cross benchers represent people in parliament not party rooms engaging the agendas of big business.

Attracting detrimental comments from the threatened party room machines who control the stream of  intimidating press releases from their spin doctors and fiction story tellers, the cross bench threat to the parties needs to be removed.

“If you play by their rules, you lose”

“Your rules apply on polling day, and they lose”

 Make the most of it.

Will you vote with the SHEEPLE or the PEOPLE ?


Senate changes a sneaky trick to muzzle the people says Bob Katter

bob-katter-video-2Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter today rallied against changes to the voting system in the Senate as the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment Bill 2016 was debated in Parliament, saying it was a sneaky trick to ensure the major parties have all of the say.


Nick Xenophon supports the Bill along with the Greens

The Bill was introduced into the Lower House on Monday, with the Government making no secret it is designed to reduce the number of minor parties in the Senate.  The Bill reportedly has the support of the Greens and Senator Nick Xenophon.

“Everyone knows the major parties are controlled by the party machine, which is controlled by the major corporations,” Mr Katter said.

“The majority of the money coming into the ALP comes from big corporations, and that is even more true of the Liberal Party and their lapdogs the National Party.

“But what you’re watching here is the muzzling of the people.

“We are nearly the only country on earth that has the two-party system –  but over 10% of the population do not want to vote for the mainstream parties, they are disenfranchised.

“I think people like Dio Wang, John Madigan, Glenn Lazarus, Ricky Muir and Jacqui Lambie are outstanding examples of independents and small parties who make a very valuable contribution.

“They vote, in my opinion, infinitely more intelligently than those in the mainstream major parties who have destroyed our economy with their fanatical free-marketism.

“They represent the people, the rest represent the ALP and LNP corporations.

“But they depend upon that 10% of the vote to get elected and it will now be removed – so over the next 10 years they too will be removed.

“And we will just have the two major parties and their lapdogs left – the Greens and the Nick Xenophons,” Mr Katter said.