The Citizens for Honest Elections have calculated the only way to vote in the senate. Please follow the instructions below get this out to everybody you know.

DO NOT vote

(a) only “1” above the line, or

(b) 1 to only 6 above the line, or

(c) 1 to only 12 below the line

but please instead vote

(d) to number ALL squares above the line, or below the line.

In case you have any doubt this has been said about the treacherous Liberals and their partners in crime, the Greens:

· ex-PM John Howard said at a Liberal party dinner a few weeks ago, that this new Senate voting law “will entrench the Greens in control” [in the Senate]

· ALP Senator Conroy said in Hansard on 23 Feb, “… Let us be clear about this. The Government and the Greens want to wipe out the cross-benchers. That is the purpose of this Bill.”

· ALP Senator Dastyari said, “…This is a rort. This is a set of rules, a structure and a system that have been created with the sole purpose of wiping out a handful of crossbench Senators and locking in a handful of Greens senators. …. Let’s be honest about the result – there will be only 3 parties in the Senate and a Xenophon. … This introduction of optional preferential voting will result in a massive exhaustion of votes. This is about making sure that the votes of those people who choose to vote for a minor party will go nowhere.