18 May 2016 KAP Member for Kennedy Bob Katter believes the Prime Minister’s Townville rail announcement today ignores the need for real development and jobs in the region. Mr Katter believes Townsville deserves MORE!

Prime Minister Turnball announced $150 million in rail improvements to the port of Townsville to “ease congestion” when North Queensland really needs developments that provide permanent employment opportunities and wealth for the region.

“So Mr Turnbull can get money for overcoming some congestion problems but he can’t get money to generate development and income for Australia?” Mr Katter said.

“After the project is complete what permanent employment has this money created? None, that’s how many.

“Ask Malcolm what he’s doing about the people unemployed from Queensland Nickel where a meagre $130M loan guarantee will provide 2000 permanent jobs.

“The LNP Government has been in power for three years and failed to provide a single permanent job in North Queensland.”

Mr Katter also questions the Prime Minister’s assertion of Townsville rail project promoting the city as the transport and logistics hub of North Queensland.

“It’s nice to have some shiny new rail track around the city to the wharf, but really how useful is it if the rail lines to Townsville from the west haven’t been maintained or upgraded and provide unreliable service.

“Congratulations, few governments could claim such an extraordinarily negative performance,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter said Australia must have nation building projects that provide long-term employment and income, such as dams, transport to export corridors and manufacturing development.