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Australia already a defacto republic

Letter to the Editor

The making of Australia a Republic has raised its head again.
What people are not aware of is that it has been clandestinely installed since 1973
by none other than the E.G. Whitlam from that day the Australian Government has
not been a public corporation operating under the rules of the Commonwealth of
Australia Constitution Act as proclaimed 1 January 1901.
Simply put, the individual men and women, who were voted into a legal role to
government to administer the civil and political rights of the men and women,
ignoring their oaths to the constitutional monarch, without the approval of the people
of the Commonwealth of Australia, followed an individual man without authority, E.G.
Whitlam, and removed the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, replacing it
with a form of government in the constitution contract, unknown to the People and
commonly referred in its own act as corporate foreign government of political
The legal definition of a foreign corporation is a corporation organised and chartered
and under the laws of another state, government or country.
Although an obvious government body continued in the appearance of the correct
body, those changes were enough to remove any continuing government from
allegiance to the Queen, the People or the Constitutional Contract.
By doing so, they were purportedly able to make changes that could not be called
into account Constitutionally, because they were not a constitutional body anymore
as per the constitutional contract.
Not one parliamentarian, lawyer or judge spoke out to warn the people, their position
became fraudulent from that day, the judiciary (guardians of the Constitution) sit in
purported courts as a Coram – TREASON.
In 1982, individuals without any authority known as the prime minister of Australia
and the premiers of the States, with no referendum agreement of the People of the
Commonwealth of Australia formulated the Australia Act 1986 breaking all legal
ties between Britain and Australia.
So this country has been steered towards being a republic since 1973 and this
treason and treachery has been ongoing ever since.
NWH Timms

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