Australia already a defacto republic

Letter to the Editor

The making of Australia a Republic has raised its head again.
What people are not aware of is that it has been clandestinely installed since 1973
by none other than the E.G. Whitlam from that day the Australian Government has
not been a public corporation operating under the rules of the Commonwealth of
Australia Constitution Act as proclaimed 1 January 1901.
Simply put, the individual men and women, who were voted into a legal role to
government to administer the civil and political rights of the men and women,
ignoring their oaths to the constitutional monarch, without the approval of the people
of the Commonwealth of Australia, followed an individual man without authority, E.G.
Whitlam, and removed the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, replacing it
with a form of government in the constitution contract, unknown to the People and
commonly referred in its own act as corporate foreign government of political
The legal definition of a foreign corporation is a corporation organised and chartered
and under the laws of another state, government or country.
Although an obvious government body continued in the appearance of the correct
body, those changes were enough to remove any continuing government from
allegiance to the Queen, the People or the Constitutional Contract.
By doing so, they were purportedly able to make changes that could not be called
into account Constitutionally, because they were not a constitutional body anymore
as per the constitutional contract.
Not one parliamentarian, lawyer or judge spoke out to warn the people, their position
became fraudulent from that day, the judiciary (guardians of the Constitution) sit in
purported courts as a Coram – TREASON.
In 1982, individuals without any authority known as the prime minister of Australia
and the premiers of the States, with no referendum agreement of the People of the
Commonwealth of Australia formulated the Australia Act 1986 breaking all legal
ties between Britain and Australia.
So this country has been steered towards being a republic since 1973 and this
treason and treachery has been ongoing ever since.
NWH Timms

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. daviddd2 – } Who decided to divide our lucky country into different nations? ”

    My guess is (mainly) the UN using many of the entities that are under its control – under the umbrella of the UN; and applied by our rotten corporate governments over many years.

    We are now obliged to call the Aboriginal people, the first nation people.
    The idea is not doing the “First Nation people” any good.

    So yes we would have to be the second nation people, which would have to be a different nation to the first nation people. That most certainly divides us.

    Second nation people could say, don’t worry about those first nation people they are not part of our nation.

    In times of trouble all Australians should band together not move apart.
    The grubs who are harming and killing us must be laughing at what they have done to us.

    Racist, no, I was in the Regular and Reserve Army, where all are equal and respected for their character and their actions – not because they belong to a certain nation.


  2. So the 1st nation people in Australia are the Aboriginal people. Who are the 2nd nation people? The British? What about the rest of the migrations, are the post war Italians, Greeks and Yugoslavs the 3rd nation people? And the Arabs, Indians and the Chinese are they 4th nation people?

    Who decided to divide our lucky country into different nations? Get rid of the unrepresentative swill that is destroying Australia with its divisive garbage and manipulations. We deserve no better if we buy into their gaslighting. Our lucky country is being taken apart bit by bit. If it ain’t worth saving… DO NOTHING! STAY SILENT.


  3. Found something interesting whilst browsing Nexus Newsfeed re a Nostradamus prediction interpreted in a book written in 2005 by author Mario Reading.

    In the book (remember it was written in 2005) it is stated that Nostradamus predicted that QEII would die in 2022 at the age of around 96. Prince Charles to be crowned and become ‘King of the Islands’, the implication being here that he is no longer king of the other regions in the world over which his mother reigned – Canada, Australia, NZ etc – which will have, in the interim become republics..!

    He goes on to say that Prince Charles will abdicate due to resentments held by a proportion of the people due to divorcing Diana and a man will replace him who never expected to be King.. some suggestion this could be Harry, but how this could be I am not sure.

    How interesting is that…sounds like we are already republic except people were never consulted or told about it.


  4. Ray. I though the queen sacked Whitlam. Why did she not undo the damage he did?


  5. I will call this out, Whitlam removed our Crown and gave us a STAR.
    I believe our G. G. Was given the Corporate oath, leaving out, her heirs and successors.
    This means every one in federal Parliament are there under TREASON.
    We should ask our G.G. to justify his position as G.G.
    As we all know he is accountable to our Armed Military.
    This is a fact, our rightful Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901 calls for the death
    Penalty by hanging. And all assets frozen.
    If I am wrong with anything I have quoted here, I stand corrected.


  6. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”
    – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

    Which part of the Communist Manifesto does Australia not follow and why is it becoming more of a totalitarian State every day?

    Isaiah 9:15-16, “The elder and the lifted of face, he is the head; and the prophet who teaches lies, he is the tail ( symbolising a snake! ) For this peoples leaders are led astray, and its guided ones are destroyed”.

    Politicians publicly pray in their synagogue [congregation- called a parliament], for our Father, Lord and God [John 20:28] to deliver them from evil and to forgive them of their debts as they forgive others of their debts. What Hypocrites


  7. Try a Republic (again) after the mourning of the dead queen and again all Ozzies will be gaslighted and DISTRACTED by those WE URGENTLY need to get rid off. Why not getting rid of the disease/cause first and THAN think of something like “whatever is called” and timmidly try to take the colony back in OUR OWN HANDS!

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  8. A republic of Australia will be just a sop to the left. What isn’t, eh?
    Separation from the monarchy and making some wanker a head of state will not make this country an independent nation. For the same reason the USA is not an independent nation – its laywers must be members of the BAR which is a foreign entity based in the City of London.
    Not a single Australian politician pushing for a republic have addressed this crucial matter. Until it is addressed the pushers are talking through their … what they sit on.
    And that is not even considering the obligations this country’s politicians have made with global entities, other than the City of London, for which there is no possible avenue for escape.


  9. ‘From the article. The implications for Australia of a
    new international economic order.This is an edited version of
    the prepared text of the address given last night by
    the Minister for ForeignAffairs, Mr PEACOCK. for the H. V. Evatt Memorial Lecture organised bythe United Nations Association of Australia.
    TODAY’S world is in a period of far-reachingchange which poses basic
    questions about the shape and character of the future structure of economic relations between States. This period may well usher inchange no less far-reaching than the substantial rebuilding of the structure of
    international trade and payments which followed
    World War II.’


  10. This may help although I know many of you are aware already. The PLAN.

    The video itself is very AMERICAN accent. However the documents referred are from 1978 (Andrew Peacock) and committee 1980. I will post documents separately. New International Economic Order (NIEC), 1980, 42 years ago.


  11. The original de jure Commonwealth still exists but the people have been enticed to “live” in the fictional jurisdiction represented by the Australian Government and those States that have a corporate identity.
    All of those corporations that pretend they are “government” are nothing more than corporations that have surrendered any form of claim to sovereignty and enjoin no special privileges from any other corporation (check out “The Clearfield Doctrine” )
    People have the capacity and power by deeded election to once again exist in the de jure Commonwealth.


  12. Meanwhile, the most venerated legal expert on constitutional law, and former MHR, Arthur Chresby, pointed out that we, the people, have no rights under the present system. However, if we decide to abandon this system and adopt a republican system, we will have no rights; as is fitting for a people stupid enough to swap a republic for a republic.

    And, finally, none of this has anything whatsoever to do with democracy, which is our problem in the first place.

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  13. There is such a thing as a moot argument and this is one.

    The Westminster System is a monarchy; with a parliament made of two houses, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Or to put it more realistically, ruled by three entities: the Monarch, the aristocracy, and the peasants. The real kick in the head is that the House of Peasants is two entities, one, the Conservatives, that works for the aristocracy and the other, Labour, that works for the peasants who work for the aristocracy.
    The peasants are seldom represented at all. But the British class system makes it all look kosher. Now in Australia, we have a Senate and a House of Representatives, which, please try to grasp this, is an effing republic.
    Actually, this is a double moot point because the media runs it all. Or, to put it more realistically, Rupert Murdoch runs this country, with the help of Frank Lowy and Ross Garnaut. Murdoch also runs the WEF/NWO.

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  14. NWH Timms – Thanks for the info.

    It is very hard to try explaining in one short article, what the grubs have done to steal, sell off, and give away Australia. It involves Federal, State and Local Governments and a truck load of treaties and agreements that the average Australian does not know about. It all started many years before Whitlam, he was just one of the main traitors.

    They have done so much, mostly hidden from us, for many years, where do you start, it is quite involved.

    The main standout words to be used to explain it all are treachery and traitors

    Cliff High has said that it will take 30 and more years to find the real hidden history, for all countries, it is that involved, that big a lie.

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  15. John Henry Adriaans

    This is very poorly written – needs tidying up to make better sense and readability.


  16. Where were all the constitutional lawyers and academics when all the above mentioned Chicanery occurred?

    Very powerful forces destroyed the worlds monarchies.
    French revolution. King and Queen killed
    Bolshevik revolution Tsar and family killed

    If Australia becomes a Republic it will still be business as usual as what took place under a hi-jacked democracy.

    Turnbull made an attempt at a Republic, he wanted an appointed president, the attempt failed and rightly so.

    A president is supposed to act as a watchdog over a parliament led by a prime minister. If the president is appointed then he cant be appointed by parliament nor vested interests. He would need to be elected.


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