by Lyndesy Symonds

The Australians absolutely have to ‘hold the line’ against the Certificate of Vaxx IDentity and against the Communist state. We are in the ‘buy back’ phase now of our abusive relationship.

We should all notice that the signals have all changed on their covid messaging. We are undergoing a phase of ‘normalisation’ – Yuri Bezmenov’s stage 4 of Communist subversion. Of course there is a whole policy swag the Polituburo intends to implement for ‘normalisation’ and all of it will have to be resisted with non-compliance. CoVID passports, CBDCs, social credits and building the DNA database etc. I see at my local shopping precinct that on either side of the electronic doors the Chrome Posts have appeared one night on either side of the door. This will be for the phone and then the palm scan.

Meanwhile the casualties of the vaxx and its transmission continue to roll in. As one of local police women told me last month – “we are taking people to the emergency room now when the ambulance can’t make it”. And frequently the QAS stretched to the limit can’t make it. Too many call outs.

Clearly the Politburo has to have a migrant roll-tide or be forced to hire back all the people they sacked over their vaxx mandates and stop discrimination against Australians who are able and qualified to work. Remember Mandelson’s Immigration policy which is part of an EUSSR policy framework of social engineering. “We sent out search parties to process the migrant tsunami overseas” and then fly them in. The second part was “We made it hard for the Britons to get work”. Those planeloads were landing at Heathrow and Gatwick right throughout ‘CoVID’ when the UK was locked down by order of the Communist state.