Thousands of essential and skilled services job vacancies did not happen by accident

by columnist Lyndesy Symonds

There are tens of thousands of capable, skilled and adaptable Australians who have hit the five-0 and 50+ who can’t get work. And there are tens of thousands of capable Australians who had their jobs taken from them because they refused the injection / medical experiment mandated by the Politburo [National Cabinet] of the UN CoVID Regime in Australia. And there are tens of thousands of capable Australians who had their businesses destroyed due to the CoVID Correctness and mandated compliances of the Politburo.

Millions of Australians are the social carnage of these Communist policies managed by WEFie leaders who have been hand picked and specifically trained for the task of destroying the Western nation.

Therefore: the Problem they create The Inevitable Blowback from the target population: vacancies in essential jobs, staff shortages, broken supply chains and collapsing services, social chaos. The Solution (which like the bioweapon vaxx) was just waiting in the wings: migrant rolltide and replacement of the White, Anglo-Celtic majority demographic in Australia.

Communist WEFie Justin Trudeau summed up the Kalergi policy the best: “Old stock White Canadians…are replaceable. And we will replace them.”

But wait – there’s more. “The Upside of Diversity” . Irish Savant. Sept 30 2021.

Where are the unions? They were complicit with the WEF and the political duopoly to lock up the country! Two unintelligent WEF stooges, ACTU Secretary Sally McManus and President Michelle O’Neil should be prosecuted in a people’s court. Ed.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Ed,
    To clarify, the drivers work for a company called Logitrix Management Services. They have since corrected the 56 hours per 9-week cycle and advised that the hours are actually per week and can go up as high as 72 hours per week.
    My question: Please advise whether your organisation has a flu/covid vaccination policy and what it is.
    Their response: “No, we do not have the flu/covid vaccination policy. Therefore, if a driver is interested in joining the LMS team, they must see our Beryl (Nurse) in Mossman.
    This is for a medical check-up, to understand if they are capable to work. ”
    I guess I was not really comfortable with that answer since it has taken 3 or 4 emails to get an answer from them and they do not specifically say that they do not require a covid and/or flu shot.
    They initially wouldn’t respond to any of my queries. I personally found that the administrative staff at the mill and at Logitrix were not very open and would be quite off-putting to potential job seekers. Making a blunder of saying 56 hours per 9-week cycle would certainly put off job seekers as well. Expecting someone to go all the way to Mossman for a medical is also a deterrent. As a matter of fact, I spoke to someone who was doing a similar job in Ayr and they couldn’t get a medical without getting the jab so were stood down despite the shortage of drivers in that area. I don’t know what is going on but gut feel, something is.


  2. The mill has no vaxx requirements. No propaganda here. The canegrowers board had a meeting two days ago to decide how much cane
    will be left unharvested and on which farms because there is no hope to harvest and cart it all before the wet. Ed


  3. We have to get the Safe Schools Program, the whole Gender Management and Tranz Promotion out of the schools and workplace. Let children be children and play at being what they want to be – today a dinosaur, tomorrow a race car driver, next week a princess. Let people in the workplace do their jobs without making their pronoun and gender requirements / sensitivities a big deal.

    Teacher Gets Off On It

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  4. lindesymonds – “There are millions of people in this country who will not be going back to their former Australian way of life. And our Australian way is for others to step forward and assist them.”

    i agree 100%.
    We will have to reinvent the Aussie way of life that the grubs have nearly destroyed over many years of indoctrinating us into their, new world order.

    Maybe we could look back on and take the best (way of life) from our previous Aussie generations. Do it on purpose, teach it in schools, workplaces, sporting and social clubs. Enshrine the Aussie way of life into our (new) peoples laws, constitution and local communities.

    If we don’t reinvent the Aussie way of living it will be totally lost in the very near future, It will be removed from history.
    I think I know how sad our previous generations of Aussies would feel about that.


  5. I checked out the situation regarding the drivers they “desperately” need at the Mossman Sugar Mill. It was very difficult to get answers to my queries…I had to be persistent. I was advised that the drivers were casual employees and they operated on a 9 week cycle of 56 hours per cycle or about 6.22 hours per week. It doesn’t really add up…me thinks it’s just propaganda to bring in foreign workers. Also they were loath to specifically answer the question about vaccine requirements.


  6. “In an interview aired Sept. 18 on “60 Minutes,” President Joe Biden declared the COVID-19 “pandemic is over,” in the first such statement by a prominent political figure in the U.S.

    Two weeks ago, 850 more teachers were fired in New York because they weren’t 💉, yet Biden goes on @60Minutes yesterday and announces the pandemic is over and nobody is masking anymore.

    More evidence that covid policies have largely been political theatre. Midterms are coming.

    — Castaway_RN (@Tinfoil_Travis) September 19, 2022

    “Following Biden’s “the pandemic is over” declaration on Sunday, COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers on Monday lost more than a combined $9 billion market value in a stock sell-off. The companies’ shares dropped as much as 9%.

    “Remarking on the “public health emergency” remaining in effect even after Biden declared the pandemic “over,” Mary Holland, president and general counsel of Children’s Health Defense, told The Defender:

    “It is an outrage that Biden has declared the pandemic over and yet federal and state emergencies and COVID-19 vaccine mandates remain.

    “If it’s over, it’s over! No emergencies, no lockdowns, no mandates, no testing, no masks. Anything else is not only incoherent, it’s the essence of tyranny — pointless, cruel restrictions that destroy lives.”

    “Biden’s declaration “has thrown a wrench into the White House’s efforts to secure additional funding to fight the virus and persuade Americans to get a new booster shot,” according to the Post.

    “As for the timing of Biden’s statement, an article in STAT noted, “There are no accepted metrics or defined international rules” for when a pandemic has “ended.”

    “It’s over when people decide that it’s over,” John Barry, author of “The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History,” a book chronicling the history of the 1918 Spanish flu, told STAT. “And most people seem to have decided it’s over.”

    From the Defender Children’s Health Defense news, 09/20/22


  7. As it happens Ron I did not lose my job and business when the Aus CoVID Regime of the United [Communist] Nations declared power. I have lost friends and members of my community. But as a retired woman in my 70s I did not suffer the losses of so many of my fellow Australians. Therefore, I have gone back to work on a volunteer, daily basis to assist those who suffered on the front rank of the assault of the communist state on the Australian nation.

    Listening to your story and so many others just like it, I am certainly not going to crap on about my retirement plans being changed for the worse. Thank you for sharing. Let us hope others do as well. All these stories are important. There are millions of people in this country who will not be going back to their former Australian way of life. And our Australian way is for others to step forward and assist them.

    It is a holy obligation to form ranks and resist the communist state with non-compliance across the board.


  8. They are the “Old Blood”..


  9. I am getting alarmed by Cairns News constantly publishing artiucles that say Communism is to blame for everything!! They NWO is NOT communism/socialist or a Marxist plot. It is lazy to call this communist, as so many do, both here and especially in the US. Our Globolist controllers don’t mind you all saying that though as they have spent decades making sure people would say Commies, Nazis or Jews. The opposition is so90 con fused it can not even name the ENEMY. They are right in your face. They are from democratic capitalist countries. They are NeoLiberal Technocrats. They are Transhumanists.


  10. True science is yet under more attack. This time by the pseudo-academics. They want to use science as a shield for error, a cover for rejecting true knowledge, and worse still, an excuse for sinful man to remain in his sin against the laws of God. Pushing this political correctness, a “once-respected journal has announced that it will be subordinating science to ideology”.

    Following are excerpts from Bo Winegard’s article. The Fall of ‘Nature’.

    “And science, we should insist, better than any other discipline, can hold up to its students and followers an ideal of patient devotion to the search for objective truth, with vision unclouded by personal or political motive.”
    ~Sir Henry Hallett Dale

    “Although the modern prestige bestowed upon science is laudable, it is not without peril. For as the ideological value of science increases, so too does the threat to its objectivity. Slogans and hashtags can quickly politicize science, and scientists can be tempted to subordinate the pursuit of the truth to moral or political ends as they become aware of their own prodigious social importance. Inconvenient data can be suppressed or hidden and inconvenient research can be quashed. This is especially true when one political tribe or faction enjoys disproportionate influence in academia—its members can disfigure science (often unconsciously) to support their own ideological preferences. This is how science becomes more like propaganda than empiricism, and academia becomes more like a partisan media organization than an impartial institution.

    “An editorial in ‘Nature Human Behavior’ provides the most recent indication of just how bad things are becoming. It begins, like so many essays of its kind, by announcing that, “Although academic freedom is fundamental, it is not unbounded.” When the invocation of a fundamental freedom in one clause is immediately undermined in the next, we should be skeptical of whatever follows. But in this case, the authors are taking issue with a view very few people actually hold. At minimum, most academics will readily accept that scientific curiosity should be constrained by ethical concerns about research participants.

    EG: “My latest editorial for @NatureHumanBehav on why ethics principles of benefit and harm should apply to all research about humans, not just primary research with human participants //
    — Stavroula Kousta (@KoustaStavroula) August 23, 2022”

    “Unfortunately, the authors then announce that they also wish to apply these “well-established ethics frameworks” to “humans who do not participate directly in the research.” They are especially concerned that “people can be harmed indirectly” by research that “inadvertently … stigmatizes individuals or human groups.” Such research “may be discriminatory, racist, sexist, ableist, or homophobic” and “may provide justification for undermining the rights of specific groups, simply because of their social characteristics.” Because of these concerns, the Springer Nature community has worked up a new set of research guidelines intended to “address these potential harms,” explicitly applying ethics frameworks for research with human participations to “any academic publication.”

    “In plain language, this means that from now on, the journal will reject articles that might potentially harm (even “inadvertently”) those individuals or groups most vulnerable to “racism, sexism, ableism, or homophobia.” Since it is already standard practice to reject false or poorly argued work, it is safe to assume that these new guidelines have been designed to reject any article deemed to pose a threat to disadvantaged groups, irrespective of whether or not its central claims are true, or at least well-supported. Within a few sentences, we have moved from a banal statement of the obvious to draconian and censorious editorial discretion. Editors will now enjoy unprecedented power to reject articles on the basis of nebulous moral concerns and anticipated harms.”

    More: The Fall of ‘Nature’ (


  11. It is good to see Black American Christians weighing against the Racism Industry of the Communist Revolution. Racism is term invented by Trotsky for White, European ethnic Russians who happened to notice they were ones being genocided by the ‘Red Russians’ – namely Ashkhenazi Khazarian Yids (Jews) who are ethnically a Mongolian, Turkic people of the Caucasus.

    LA School District Releases ‘Eating Healthy’ is Racist Video


  12. tonyryan43 – “Time to wake up, Australians, we are at war. Fight back or die. It’s your choice.”

    Is there any country that has gotten rid of their tyrants by way of peaceful protest only?

    Both Gandhi and King were assassinated, they were being peaceful when they were killed.

    Who were the police in Victoria shooting – peaceful protestors.


  13. Thankyou for including actual names of those responsible.
    Toooo to often they are only referred to by a function name…
    Thanks heaps for responsible journalism…
    Regards! RK Robb


  14. I watched this crap going down 40 years ago when they started all these recruitment agencies and this resume crap another big scam pulled of by our commy politicians to destroy AUSTRALIA and now with this covid jab genocide to finish us all of if your stupid enough to get it . WAKE UP AUSTRALIA THE CLOCKS A TICKEN .

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  15. We ordinary Aussies were never consulted. And when some objected, they were told “there was no evidence that hanging reduced crime.” But that had nothing to do with the death penalty, which was there to ensure the bastards could never offend again. It is a stone-cold fact that the only cure for a paedophile is death. Likewise violent criminals. Evidently, this also applies to most doctors and politicians. Time to wake up, Australians, we are at war. Fight back or die. It’s your choice.

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  16. continued… Like most law reforms in Australia, dumping the death penalty was demanded by the politicians, who feared hanging for treason. Menzies was one of these, fearing retribution for stealing the worker-owned Welfare Fund that financed the Social Services Act (1946).

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  17. More for Ron… When Aussies realise that the new ethic of non-violent peaceful protest was invented by the City of London (ie their man Gandhi), and by the Rockefellers in the US (ie M L King), they will get real and toss them off the roofs of their buildings, as they did in China.

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  18. Ron… in 2010, my surveys showed that 84% of Australians favour a return of the death penalty. They believed paedos, violent rapists, and those who use violence to rob, should hang. If I updated that survey, I imagine they would also now include everyone who was complicit in the mRNA mandate.

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  19. Ron, well done…

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  20. Apart from that they are still paying for people to stay at home if positive on a rats test, it’s easy to make one positive and apprentices and other people on less than $750 a week are having holidays on it, whilst the businesses that employ them are struggling.


  21. Lyndesy Symond – “there are tens of thousands of capable Australians who had their jobs taken from them because they refused the injection / medical experiment mandated by the Politburo [National Cabinet] of the UN CoVID Regime in Australia.”

    “these ALP Suits and Commissars who betrayed their constituents should face the GROUSE – like at the full CFMEU throttle that confronted Setka when he threw his mates under the bus last year”

    Lost my job of 25 years due to the mandates.
    I will never forgive the union traitors for throwing in with the grubs who have harmed and killed thousands (likely millions) of Australians.
    Harming and killing the kids, that was the last straw for me.

    The CFMEU rank and file workers did fight back, when they realized that their union reps and executive sold them out to the NWO.

    It was the union bosses and reps who turned traitors, not the workers.

    Most of the union bosses should be jailed or be executed as soon as possible.

    Both of the main political parties are equally responsible for the harm and death caused by the plandemic, they should also be punished for their crimes, bring on the death penalty.

    Extremist comments, I think not. Did you loose your job, business, home, partner, family member, friend?
    Do you know someone who has been harmed by the jab?

    How the hell can we still be following the dictates of those who are hell bent on harming and killing us?

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  22. Who in there right mind would belong to a Union? For 2 years not a peep out of them while loyal workers were being fired from every field of employment. The only reason the unions are squawking and carrying on now is to try to make themselves relevant after their “cowardice” during and after the plandemic. Now the Government wants to fill the “stolen” jobs with the elderly and retired, the young and under-age and migrants! What a farce!

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  23. Yes Editor – these ALP Suits and Commissars who betrayed their constituents should face the GROUSE – like at the full CFMEU throttle that confronted Setka when he threw his mates under the bus last year.

    For toeing the Politburo Line of the Communist state to get working Australians vaxxed with a bioweapon, my regret is that we the minions did not have the satisfaction of seeing Setka’s head stuck on a pike at CFMEU HQ as a lesson tyrants and traitors who think they can f*ck with the Australian people.

    That collaborator is in the chain of command of a military operation directly responsible for the vaxx adversities of heart attacks, strokes and Sudden Adult Deaths that are now making their way through the Australian tradie community.


  24. Let the facts speak for themselves and you decide if they do.

    If mRNA Vaccinated – there are no mRNA in the shots and there never was, it all is a con to get you to have the vaccines with the intention of killing you, as quickly as possible:


  25. If what they did is dereliction of duty, to Australia’s best interests, they should be charged with

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