by columnist Lyndesy Symonds

There are tens of thousands of capable, skilled and adaptable Australians who have hit the five-0 and 50+ who can’t get work. And there are tens of thousands of capable Australians who had their jobs taken from them because they refused the injection / medical experiment mandated by the Politburo [National Cabinet] of the UN CoVID Regime in Australia. And there are tens of thousands of capable Australians who had their businesses destroyed due to the CoVID Correctness and mandated compliances of the Politburo.

Millions of Australians are the social carnage of these Communist policies managed by WEFie leaders who have been hand picked and specifically trained for the task of destroying the Western nation.

Therefore: the Problem they create The Inevitable Blowback from the target population: vacancies in essential jobs, staff shortages, broken supply chains and collapsing services, social chaos. The Solution (which like the bioweapon vaxx) was just waiting in the wings: migrant rolltide and replacement of the White, Anglo-Celtic majority demographic in Australia.

Communist WEFie Justin Trudeau summed up the Kalergi policy the best: “Old stock White Canadians…are replaceable. And we will replace them.”

But wait – there’s more. “The Upside of Diversity” . Irish Savant. Sept 30 2021.

Where are the unions? They were complicit with the WEF and the political duopoly to lock up the country! Two unintelligent WEF stooges, ACTU Secretary Sally McManus and President Michelle O’Neil should be prosecuted in a people’s court. Ed.