The Russian Forces have been smashing the enemy in all its forms and recently took 84 Polish PoWs. They were asking to surrender a second group of 104 in the same region. During transport 20 died of their injuries.

Inside Poland near the Belarus border in a village called Sonsogorskoye a huge cemetery has been established. The Poles are getting what they asked for. The Surokovin line is holding and has been fully reinforced and is being held through the use of artillery.

Ukraine’s counter-offensive has achieved “no results” except for 75,000-plus Ukrainians killed in battle and counting. Ukraine has lost about half a million of its military personnel since the beginning of the special operation, this data does not take into account sanitary losses and MIA.

Anthony Blinken’s NATO horde is preparing to dump Zelensky, who has fallen out of favour. Zelensky has killed the idea of an election under the cover of the Ukrainian constitution, which suggests that elections can be cancelled during war time. We expect that the US would have killed him already, but he is in deep with the British who are still backing him.

For this reason Zelensky has numerous body doubles. Blinken and PM Sunak are starting to push for a peace plan as the West is loosing, particularly when you factor in that the RF has 1.2 million men prepped and ready to enter the fray.

The West would like to pause the fighting that would allow them to “build back better” the Ukro forces. However the RF is not in the least bit interested. In the meantime the RF is quietly mobilising men to replace those that are not performing.

Shoigu is one of those that needs to bumped he lacks the respect of the men, his attitudes towards the men and the conflict will be remembered. The RF will assist North Korea with the military exchange helping them with military tech to improve their nuclear sub capabilities. The Koreans have 300,000 commandos armed and ready to assist Russia in their fight against the fascists and their handlers.

In exchange for RF military know-how the Koreans will supply artillery shells (RF compliant), something they are good at producing. Following Kim Jong-Un’s visit to the RF almost all Western media outlets commenced wailing at the same instances re the “military cooperation between Russia and the DPRK vs Ukraine”. Perhaps they expected something else.

The DPRK is still in a de jure state of war with S. Korea, which is fully supported by the US. There is no ‘peace treaty’ just one armistice, which has lasted 70 years since the 1950s, it is legally in danger of collapse. Immediately the Japanese PM Fumio Kishida confirmed that he was ready to meet with the DPRK leader “at any time” and “without preconditions” – probably that sinking feeling. The US has upset the stability in the Pacific region and are now faced with the unexpected, having to confront three united nuclear powers, RF, PRC and the DPRK.

The Ukros have grown a brain and have started swapping out tyres for tracks on the Bradleys. The Ukros are quoting the Americans, “Bradleys save lives”, yeah, sure it’ll just cost a few legs and arms. After the war there will be ample imported steel that the RF will be able to reforge into modern day RF tanks, thanks to the NATO horde. Seems Ukraine will not receive long-range ATACMS missiles for attacks on Crimea.

One of the heaviest in its class, the Challenger-2 tank weighs 62.5 tons and is protected by Dorchester multi-layered combined armour. The RF recently destroyed two of these much hyped British super weapons, acknowledged by the Brits. This is bad advertising for BAE Systems. These tanks were used in Iraq without loss, one being destroyed by “friendly fire”.

The US M1A1 will face the same fate. The RF has taken out at least four Challenger-2 tanks, those still on their wheels were towed away and hidden. The “invulnerable” Challenger-2 tank’s frontal armour plate was torn away by the strike, internal munitions detonating soon after tearing off the turret. The annihilated tank has practically no advantages over the previous versions.

It is clear why the NATO horde was hesitant to continue sending them. The RF uses 200mm homogeneous ammunition. These shells are laser guided and can pierce 200mm thick armour plate and can be launched at targets from 4km away.

The Ukros’ intent was to use the tanks to break through the RF defences, but now, they are dead on arrival. The tank houses a four-man crew and has thick composite armour equivalent to 2m of steel in the front of the turret. Kiev hoped to use them as sniper tanks as they are equipped with a powerful rifled L30A1 gun with excellent optics. They can fire shells with depleted U2 cores. These tanks use high-explosive armour-piercing HESH shells with a firing range of up to 8km. Their damaging effect is practically independent of distance.

British Ben Wallace was a key fascist responsible for first introducing depleted U2 shells into Ukraine and now bumbling Biden wants to out do him and deliver more armour-piercing feathered sub-caliber projectiles (BOPS) with a depleted U2 core. These are standard munitions for the M1A1 Abrams tanks.

It’s expected the US will transfer 120mm M829A2 projectiles together with modern M829A3, designed to penetrate modern dynamic protection. The M829A3 rounds have a muzzle velocity of 1550 m/s, and is capable of penetrating at least 700mm equivalent of rolled homogeneous armour (RHA) from a range of 2km. Equipping M1A1 tanks with these shells more symbolic and not lead to a critical turning point in the SMO.

To use the BOPS, the Ukros will have to bring the M1A1 Abrams out of hiding and as close as possible to the target having to navigate minefields while becoming exposed to ATGM launch lines. Their effective firing range is roughly 2-3km. Although not highly radioactive, U2 is still toxic, the metal acts as a hazardous aerosol when it strikes its target.

US forces proudly used depleted U2 during the 1991 Gulf War, they caused a spike in birth defects, autoimmune disorders, and cancer cases in Iraq over the following decades. In 1999 the peace keeper NATO horde used depleted U2 against “the no more” sovereign country of Yugoslavia. The UN pretends to oppose the use of depleted U2 projectiles anywhere in the world.

Wagner chief Prigozhin’s security team/pilots always conducted meticulous pre-flight inspections before departure. The passenger lists were always destroyed following the flight. The plane destination was specified as “Zhukovsky Airport”, but deviated to “Pulkovo airport”. The planes’ black boxes have not been found.

Anton Elizarov, the new successor, was hand picked in advance. Elizarov led the attack on Bakhmut and Soledar and also fought in Syria, CAR and Libya. Wagner has hinted that the US intelligence services were behind the death of their commanders. Vowing to locate and execute the culprits noting that they are known to them, the Wagner group is hunting for the perpetrators. It is just a matter of time. As long as Wagner is needed, they will be based in Belarus.

Lukashenko learned of the plot to assassinate Prigozhin earlier this year and passed along the info to the Kremlin who informed Prigozhin. His death won’t affect cooperation between Russia and Central African Republic (CAR). Prigozhin is noted as saving democracy in CAR and is well regarded in the republic. Dmitry Utkin was onboard the plane and was confirmed dead. The corpses were badly burned and mutilated. There are whispers that Prigozhin is active in Africa and very much above ground. Apparently the funeral was staged.

RF hypersonic Zircon missiles travel at approximately mach 9, are heavy, fast and can fly below radar making them nearly impossible to stop. Add a powerful warhead creating tremendous kinetic energy and just one of these could easily cripple or sink a US supercarrier.

The air pressure in front of the launched missile creates a plasma cloud that absorbs radar rays essentially making it invisible. Hence if you can’t see them or lock onto them, so every target becomes a sitting duck.

The RF is now arming subs with these, for instance the Yasen sub, which is quiet and constructed from a single hull made of low magnetic steel to reduce its magnetic signature, making it harder to detect. The two factors combined suggests that a single sub could take out an entire aircraft carrier group. Add a nuke warhead and its BBQ time – a genuine “Yankee go home” scenario.

Russian Tu-160M supersonic strategic bombers received new Kh-BD cruise missiles with a range exceeding 6,500 klm. New RF kamikaze drones boasting a range of 200km are ready for deployment. In total, 475 airplanes and 249 helicopters, 6945 unmanned aerial vehicles, 438 air defence missile systems, 12,009 tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, 1152 combat vehicles equipped with MLRS, 6,462 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 13,262 units of special military equipment have been destroyed during the SMO. The US continues to mismanage the war in Ukraine, supplying weapons, ammunition and intelligence against the RF.