DOES Christianity and “the God factor” have any relevance to this current battle for civilizaton?

Among Cairns News readers there is a fair dose of cynicism about churches and their apparent inability to understand or confront this situation, and that is a justified concern. But that is not the case with all churches and their relevance is greater than many understand.

Take Joseph Z, raised a member of a wealthy American family, who was given the choice by his parents to toe the family line and be “rich and successful” or “follow your God and walk out the back door with nothing”. He chose the latter and also a new name and spent some 20 years in obscurity before being recognised as “a prophet” in the church and establishing his own outreach ministry.

According to his organisation “Joseph Z is an international prophetic voice that builds lives by the Word of God in the church, government, and marketplace. He is the founder of the nonprofit organization, Z Ministries, a parent entity for multiple conferences, specialised ministries, and social media events.”

Z is frequently on YouTube, Rumble and other channels bringing what he calls “a prophetic perspective” on current events. The fact that he claims to get “promptings and words from God” is probably reason enough for many to be suspicious, but Z is often on target and people might find it comforting that God is apparently not in blissful isolation from the battle but intimately involved. Z can be plainly outspoken too, and has frequently labeled Zelensky of Ukraine “the Dancing Pervert”.

People might also raise the objection that if God is real why doesn’t he employ his supreme power to do this or that and get us out of this mess. But if we follow biblical teaching on this, we would first be involved in prayer, and believe it or not, people get answers, although not always according to their time schedule or personal will.

Also, the biblical reality is that humanity has a free will. If we accept the idea of Imago Viva Dei (created in the image of God) then we have not only a parent-sibling relationship but also have been given responsibility to take dominion over the planet we live on while following the leading of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

What is reassuring about Joseph Z is that he is real and not someone claiming super-spiritual, guru-like status. He sees what he does as simply outworking the spiritual gift of prophecy, as referred to by St Paul in the New Testament letters to the Corinthians and other places. Not all Christians are convinced however, and some exercise scepticism about Mr Z and propose alternative theological positions.

Interestingly, the Old Testament itself, in Psalm 2, raises the issue of global leaders plotting against God and his followers. “Why do the nations conspire and the people plot a vain thing?” it says. “The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against his Anointed …” It is exactly what we see today.

In a recent video chat, Z skimmed across the usual range of globalist “lizard overlords” as he called them out, one by one – Harari, Schwab, Fauci, Gates etc as well as the threat of climate lockdowns. And then at the 23-minute mark he refers to a prophecy he brought earlier in the year about the red stone hitting the black rock and replays the clip of the actual prophecy.

Red stone is a reference to what he calls the active, alive and awake “Red Church” and Black Rock a reference to Larry Fink’s giant financial octopus and the modern antichrist Babylonian system in general. He also notes that the Babylonish, neo-pagan Burning Man festival was held in the Black Rock desert, Nevada. “The Rock” is also a biblical reference to Christ and to a church built of “living stones”.

Fascinating, you may say, but of what practical use is this knowledge? Perhaps the message points us to the real solution which is spiritual, rather than just what we can do physically. Maybe a simple prayer can do much more that what we can do physically, maybe not.

In the video a further, dramatically-presented prophecy about the dreaded repeat of the plandemic that we have previously written about is played. Then the answer comes: “But I say to you a red stone will arise and collide with the black stone. (repeated) A red stone shall collide with the black stone as many are shouting ‘a repeat! It is what has happened in 2020 all over again with more pressure, and more doom and more demands!’ And the black stone will rise, and the red stone will rise to meet it’.”

So believe it not, there you have a God perspective on the crisis we face, as brought by one of his modern-day prophets. Z then goes on the explain that in his view, the washout that happened at Burning Man was symbolic of how God would deal with the present globalist system seeking to impose its will upon mankind.

Z goes on to explain his perspective: “Sometimes you know in part and you prophesy in part and I believe there is something about God dealing with this Babylonian system and you see it in signs, wonders and interesting things that happen … and I believe that what happened is symbolic with Burning Man.

“Do I think God’s trying to hurt those people, no I don’t. Do I think something terrible is happening because God is pouring out his wrath on these pagans like he did in the Old Testament? Well, it just depends on the circumstances behind the veil.

“I don’t know all of it but what I do know is this, that there is a sign in this that there is a judgment being pronounced against that type of terminology. Amazingly enough it’s called Black Rock and here we see the same type of paganism that happened in the Old Testament and suddenly there was an outpouring of God’s judgment against it.”

Z said he firmly believed that what happened at the festival in the desert was also “a sign and a symbol” of God dealing with the institution of Black Rock. He then went on to explain his recent “out there” word, “zombies”. This is actually highly relevant to horrific claims being made about a possible 5G attack on the genetics of vaccinated people that would cause them to become mentally incapacitated – to say the least.

Again, Z qualifies the “word” he gets. “I’m not trying to say I’ve got it all figured out (like) I’m the highest level, you know, prophetic voice you’ve ever heard in your life, I just know this: I see things and if it stays with me I choose to share it and I let you discern it and I walk through it with a sense of reverence for the Lord, I walk through it with the word of God…”

A more recent Z posting this week referred to a FEMA and FCC who will test their national emergency alert system on October 4 on TV, radio and phones. This will be the 7th such test and only the second national one. “The point is they are preparing us, getting us ready for more. There will be more and more of this … testing us for the day when there will be blackouts, power grid failures, some kind of deal where they induce something I believe, so then they can come on the scene and say here’s what you’re going to do like good cattle and good lemmings – obey and it will be fine. This is the plan that we have for you.”