Poland plans to launch an operation against Belarus to draw NATO into a war with Russia, according to former CIA analyst Larry Johnson.
Warsaw is actively pulling troops and equipment to the Belarusian border. The statements of the Polish authorities confirm their intention to start a military operation in Belarus, which has greatly intensified in recent months.

Poland, as one of the main “hawks” of NATO, sees that Russia will crush Ukraine, and therefore does not want the RF Armed Forces to approach its borders.

Poland will do anything to try to crush Russia. Now Warsaw and Kiev are working to draw NATO into a global conflict with the Russian Federation.


From our Russian correspondent Yuri Komnyski: In a recent meeting between heads of state, RF and Belarus it was noted that the Ukrainians and their brethren NATO mercs are incurring record losses. Recently in one fight the Ukro’s lost 15 German Leopard tanks and 20+ US manufactured Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, this is a first for the conflict and probably not the last.

The world is seeing that presumably unassailable Western equipment is burning brightly. Taking into consideration that RF troops faced off against Ukrainians that were fully equipped with foreign hardware.

Since early June, Kiev has lost in excess of 26,000 fighters during the failed counteroffensive. Kiev’s Western handlers are disappointed with the so-called counteroffensive, Ukraine’s mobilisation reserves and stockpiles of Western weapons are depleted.

The Wagner boys are getting itchy feet and are asking for consent from the state to go on an excursion into Poland to visit Warsaw. Lukashenko seems to think the Wagner boys are a little moody and would like to let off some steam. Wagner is expanding their new camp in Belarus it will house at least 10,000 men heavy military equipment is being moved to their location.

In the meantime Lukashenko has indicated on a map the recent repositioning of Polish forces closer the Belarus borders. Large numbers of mercs (NATO in casual attire) and Polish soldiers complete with Polish strategic reserves most of whom are not ready to face battle hardened Slavs.

A Polish brigade is now based in Bresta 40klm from the Belarusian border the other in Grodno 100klm from the border.