Ukranians unable to handle Russian surge

From Cossack Colonel Yuri Komonysky

Russian Forces have initiated counterattack along the entire front line. The RF’s counteroffensive is experiencing the most success in the Zaporozhnaya direction. All the territories abandoned to the Ukro’s roughly 6 months ago have been recaptured and then some.

Numerous US mercenaries have been destroyed along the line we are hearing that 2 Hercules aircraft have removed 400 American corpses. The crack head Zelensky has created a law stating that foreign fighters will be evacuated before Ukrainians a fairly rich thing to do for a Jew. The RF will probably push two frontal attacks one towards Kiev the other directed at the Dnieper / Odessa / Pridnestrovia directions. The Moldavian’s in general side with the RF many of them work in the RF or have business relationships with Russia the WEF/NATO puppet that heads Moldavia Sandu still has a big lessen to learn. NATO heavy equipment has been removed from the frontline.

The old Russian T72 turns out to be tougher than the US advanced chocolate covered Leopard’s/Bradley’s. The EU has been stripped of munitions and interest in supplying further lethal aid to their puppet is waning quickly. It’s the 2nd month of the so called counteroffensive and they still can’t breach the RF’s first line of defense.

The RF’s new chopper mounted TOR rocket are extremely good at destroying the Leopard,  Maxxpro and Bradley tanks. The tanks seem to break into two. Its become a pissing match for the Russians ie., who can take out the most in the most colourful fashion, its become a game. This heavy NATO equipment has been given priority in the battlefield. If the Ukro’s try to invade Pridnestrovia then the RF fleet will launch a sea based attack, they’ll have no where to run to. Ukraine forces’ position has now changed from attack to defensive mode, the Ukro’s choices are becoming fewer as they grow more desperate.

Kerch Bridge attacked by Ukraine

A retaliatory strike using sea-based precision weapons in response to the Kerch bridge attack was launched against terrorist facilities in the Odessa Ports where unmanned boats were built and used against the RF. The strike signals that the “grain deal” no longer protects these ports. The British helped to prepare and manufacture the naval drones. Its rumoured that numerous Brits are now heading home feet first. The 3rd night of RF strikes on military targets in the port city Odessa continue.

The greatest threats to Crimea originate from Odessa ports, which is now in the process of being neutralised. The grain deal is terminated and Ukraine has lost access to the Black Sea completely and is defacto land locked. None of the commitments made to Russia under the grain deal, such as lifting sanctions and enabling its grain and fertiliser exports, were ever fulfilled. The EU will no longer receive grain and can expect food prices to continue to rise.

70,000 tons of fuel intended for the Ukraine military have been destroyed. The attack was conducted using onyx rockets they travel at speeds exceeding the calibres. Ukro air defences are incapable of shooting down RF Onyx missiles, recently used to attacked Odessa and Nikolaev. “Onyx” missiles are designed to destroy watercraft, ships, they travel at speeds exceeding 3000 klm/hr. The same applies to the X-22 – their speed exceeds 4000 klm/hr.

In the Burdansk region a munitions warehouse was hit housing UK storm shadow rockets. The Subsequent explosion was intense more so than usual, it appears that the Brits had sent modified rockets with improved explosive capabilities. The explosions devastated that surrounding ares destroying electrical infrastructure. The Ambassador of Ukraine announced Poland may transfer all its MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine. To date 10 MiG-29’s have been transferred there remains roughly 20 MIG’s that could be transferred. The west has been informed that the delivery of MIG-29’s and there conversion to enable them to carry nukes will result in a nuke response.

Wagner’s has relocated to Belarus and have commenced training Belorussian military in tactical assaults. The Poles now consider that the war will likely transfer into Poland as a result they are requesting American nukes in which case the RF reserves the right to strike. The Wagner situation is still not clear, they are now essentially independent. They bought order to Africa cleaning many militant groups trained and sponsored by the west. They are well liked and appreciated by the African heads of state.

The US published the number of Ukro losses related to military equipment, they say at least 1000+ pieces of equipment destroyed ie., Bradley’s, Maxxpro’s, Leopards, IFV’s etc. US media writes 20% but we believe the true figure to be in the vicinity of 30%. The Ukro average recruitment age has hit 65, many of the captured elderly eagerly surrender and request to be sent home back to their farming. The Ukrainian fighting force seems to be comprised largely of Poles, Slovak’s, Trudeau’s Canadians, Americans and their new found Colombian wannabe’s that hope to acquire a green card by risking life for Biden.

One of our tactics is to allow attacking Ukro’s to enter zone of influence. Once they have entered the zone the RF distributes antitank mines using airborne delivery systems to block the enemies retreat. The jumping jack mines are activated by vibration and are able to distinguish between delivery van and tank. Once activated the mine launches into the air it then detects the tanks position and is propelled at speed towards the tanks operator’s position. Once the tank is incapacitated the men within abandon the tank and are on foot at which point the artillery finishes the job.

Columbian fighters were imported to Ukraine, most are now dead. They are cheaper cannon fodder than the Poles that are paid USD 3000 per month to risk life and limb. These re-branded yanks were cleaned up good and proper many were wounded as they tried to flee in humvees and other transport. In the Dolgoya region roughly 50+ US mercs were liquidated apparently sent to reinforce the Ukro’s. It seems that the Americans haven’t figured out how to hide from artillery showers.

The Cossack brigades say that the hard ass Ukro’s mostly drugged up on NATO chemicals were easier to fight than others. Having said that one of our brigades that entered the fight with nine men has been reduced to two. For roughly a week the Chinese have been transferring military equipment to Russia through Kazakhstan. Continuous trainloads of equipment are heading one way, including large convoys of trucks lacking identifying number plates.

RF electronic warfare units effectively “jam” the GPS signal of NATO-supplied weapons used by the Ukro’s. Including models considered invulnerable making them easy targets for RF choppers and anti-tank missiles. The recently downed Storm Shadow missile has been handed over to RF air defense experts for ‘deciphering’ of the control system algorithms. It is expected that they’ll be sent to China/Iran for reverse engineering.

Japan continues to get clever and will ban the export of cars and parts to Russia commencing 1st of September. I wonder what they’d say if Russia started reducing the supply of hydrocarbons to Japan.