By Ron Chapman

A reader’s question implies that Trump was free to not bomb Syria at the time. Arguably that wasn’t the case. Pressure from within his Administration and the MSM forced him to take some action so he directed his military supporters to go through the motions of attacking Syria.

Since JFK was assassinated no US President, prior to Trump, had failed to do what the Khazarian Mafia via its Deep State thugs and the US SES bureaucrats required. The fact that Trump accomplished so much against the wishes of the KM Cabal is remarkable. BUT he was heavily constrained from the “Get Go” and forced to appoint some of his Deep State opponents to Cabinet positions.

General Michael Flynn

For instance his top “pick”, General Flynn, was illegally and seditiously prosecuted before he could start working for Trump. Trump’s Cabinet appointments were hamstrung by vicious opposition to all his preferred appointments because his supporters didn’t control the Senate and anyway half of the Congressional Republicans were covertly opposed to him – Republicans and Democrats being wings of the same Uni-party KM controlled ‘Bird’.

Trump didn’t want to appoint people like Pompeo, Tillerson, Mattis, McManus, Bolton, Gina Haspel and many others. He was forced to appoint and work with “Deep Staters” because they were all he could get the Senate to approve.

Assuming Trump could choose to get the US governmental apparatus to invariably do whatever he wanted is unsound. For instance, although Trump managed to avoid starting or prosecuting any wars (something no other US President achieved in the previous 100 years); he wanted to remove US troops from Syria and Afghanistan but the Pentagon failed to do that. In fact, subsequently a spokesman who had been in his Administration stated publicly that Trump’s orders for withdrawal of troops from Syria were ignored and that truth was concealed from him.

As regards the UN advancing their trans and pedo agendas, THAT is being allowed to ‘play out’ to show our world what the KM intended to occur. It won’t. It has to be this way because the mind controlled masses won’t believe it “unless they see it”.

Brian, what is your basis for assuming that Putin is keeping quiet about ‘child abuse’ in Ukraine? And why do you use the sanitised term “child abuse” when referring to the industrial scale child torture, adrenochrome production, child organ harvesting and sexual trafficking in Ukraine? Do you assume that because Australian governments and the MSM don’t mention it, that evidences it isn’t happening?

After all, how many Australians even KNOW that Russia has publicly reported to the UN that its troops have discovered dozens of US funded bio-warfare and genetic engineering (presumably using children’s DNA etc) labs in the Ukraine?

You say: “If there is no KM there is no need for martial law”.

The whole point is that there IS a KM and the KM and its thugs, minions and enablers are estimated to number some 70 million individuals globally, dispersed in every country. Moreover, for centuries the KM’s methodology has been to infiltrate and insert their Masonic member agents into top positions in every government, Policing, military, cultural and religious organisation so that they covertly control everything.

HOW do YOU suggest that they be removed if not by use of patriotic, divinely inspired military means?

Periodically individual writers here threaten violence in order to rectify the problems presented by our KM controlled governance, judicial and Policing arrangements. THAT would complicate rather than solve the problem. That’s why the general population will be told to stay home where possible while the final cleanup of thugs is undertaken.

Rest assured that the Quantum System is real. The QFS portion of the system is controlled by the Office of the International Treasury Controller (ITC). The ITC’s leader was assassinated fairly recently and so he’s currently performing his duties off-world. Well over a thousand on and off-world individuals have been working on the ITC’s development of the QFS and its equitable refunding of all nations and their populations for decades. The QFS technology, like that of the Space Force that will protect it, was developed off-world.
Trump isn’t deceived.