SOUTH Australia will show the rest of the nation how a so-called voice to parliament system is schmoozing and condescending white racism, adds yet another layer of bureaucracy on top of the scandalous $100-million-dollar-a-day national Australian Indigenous industry and appears to be violating one-vote, one-value.

South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskis has delayed implementation of his state’s voice to parliament until next year, apparently because of the national campaign to entrench the blatantly racist idea into the Constitution.

Malinauskis has also let the cat out the bag about what a “voice to parliament” really means. He has all but admitted that the system will create an elite corps of 40 elected Aborigines from six regions, aka “voices”, 12 of whom will have their say on every bit of legislation that comes before the government.

“We will embrace the opportunity the Voice gives us to infuse our parliament, our democracy, with the knowledge and experience of our First Nations, particularly on matters that pertain to their future, which is indivisible from our own,” he told reporters.

There you have it. Matters that pertain to the indigenous persons future are “indivisible from our own”. This is the point repeatedly denied by the national Voice to Parliament promoters, who insist those people who make the representations will only do so on “matters that affect them” exclusively. So that leaves dot painting, corroborees, bush tucker gathering and not much else … apparently.

South Australia’s 40 new “voices” will be elected by anyone who registers to vote as an indigenous person, regardless of whether they are three-quarters Irish-German. So we assume SA will have a privileged group of electors who get to vote twice – once for the regular MP who is apparently incapable of representing anyone other than white-skinned people and the other vote for the so-called voices.

The entire narrative is typical of the lying, duplicitous neo-Marxist, Orwellian double-think narratives that assail us on a daily basis. In effect, South Australia’s voice system is saying to anyone with indigenous blood “you need special representation”. That is actually a racist, condescending insult!

But the neo-Marxist indigenist brigade and anyone who identifies with them will take it on the chin because they know very well that the next step is to formally separate the “indigenous” from the state with a treaty (makaratta) in partnership with the UN. According to Communist Party of Australia whistleblower Geoff McDonald, this has been the long-term aim of the party ever since it discussed the National and Colonial Question formulated by Lenin and Stalin.

Two other radical left states, the ACT and Victoria also have elected First Nations bodies that can make recommendations to government agencies, alhough are said to have different functions to what the South Australian Voice to Parliament will have.

Under the legislation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people enrolled to vote will be able to elect a group of people from their geographical area: half of them men and half of them women, regardless of the reality that “gender equity” has got little or nothing to do with Aboriginal culture.

According to the ABC, 40 people will be elected and then 12 of those would form a statewide Voice “that could speak on any bill before parliament”. Voice members would also be able to attend two cabinet meetings a year, meet with state government department chief executives and ask ministers about spending, policies and what they are doing for Indigenous people.

South Australian Indigenous people might be better off asking their existing bureaucracies about “spending, policies and what they are doing for Indigenous people”. Wait a minute, you mean those voices might be able to make all those government departments handing out money to Aboriginal corporations more accountable?

But the Voice to Parliament, whether state or national, is creating a playground for indigenist activists from universities and land corporations. We’ve seen no mention of how much these 40 “voices” will be paid, how big a bureaucracy will support them and how much it will cost the state.

Ironically everyday South Australians alarmed by Labor-Green councils indulging in climate activism and Smart City surveillance systems were shut out of council meetings they attended en masse earlier this year. Some voices don’t count in South Australia.

The brain-dead majority of the City of Onkaparinga for instance, simply ignored the voices of hundreds of concerned residents and went ahead to delcare a “climate emergency”, patting themselves on the back because more than 2300 jurisdictions in 40 countries around the world have done the same and apparently “it’s the thing to do”. Were it not for these anti-Smart city protestors and politicians of the calibre of Senator Alex Antic, South Australia would be a lost cause.

  • Featured picture (ABC South Australia). Indigenous comrades Lois and Jamie Agius, who proudly displays his Marxist clenched fist badge at a rally in support of the state voice. Another Agius family member Dale Agius is South Australia’s inaugural Commissioner for First Nations Voice.