By Lybdesy Symonds

The United [Communist] Nations endorses the Soviet Union /RF and People’s Republic of China / CCP world order and its Eurasian hegemon. The idea is for the Western nations of Europe and their NATO Alliance to capitulate as national sovereignties when the EUSSR and the Soviet Union merge to form one soviet from Lisbon to Vladivostok. China will project the Eurasian dominance over Asean Pacific.

These two – the major genociders of all time, are, of course, joined at the hip and always have been. But now the alliance is on the record.

In a better world than this one there would be a flowering of national Pacific cultures of independent, sovereign nations. But the reality is either Communist China or the US will dominate the Pacific.

In Europe it is the Visegrad nations primarily and the Western European nations aligned with NATO that prevents the merger of the Soviet Union/RF and the EUSSR for the formation of Eurasia.

The Soviet Union / RF is welded to its seat in the United Nations like every other nation owned by the central banking cartel. They have been on board with the WHO pandemic hoax from the get go.

It may be that like the Australian politburo (National Cabinet) the Soviet/RF government did not mandate the vaxx – but the vaxx mandates were in place throughout Russia as they were here and across the West. This is because it WHO policy.

To work for a Eurasian communist gov’t under the UN here in Australia will not roll back the standard issue communist genocide currently underway or end United [Communist] Nations Agenda 21 and 2030 and the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The WEF is merely tasked with implementation of these goals upon the Western nations. But these Agendas also apply to the Communist Bloc nations seeking to construct their Eurasian hegemon.

The Australians should seek to paddle our own canoe – like the Rhodesians which fought the armed aggression of the Communist Revolution and won. Militarily they won but they were capitulated by the Revolution’s Fifth Column within the government. Our situation with the National Cabinet and Operation CoVID Shield is exactly the same.

Here is one of the great prime ministers of the 20th century (or any century) on this subject. Prime Minister Ian Smith: