Several Linkt customers have sounded the alarm over problems with the toll road payment system.

John told Neil Mitchell at 3AW Radio he signed into his account last week and discovered there had been a problem with his payment method since July.

Linkt claims he owes $800, but that doesn’t match his travel history.

“The amount they say I owe means I’d be averaging seven trips a week since July. I average two trips a week,” he told Neil Mitchell.

Gateway Bridge, Brisbane

Meanwhile, Linkt told 3AW Mornings listener Ian he was $40 in arrears.

“I topped it up, and all of a sudden they were saying I was in arrears again!,” he said.

“They are denying there is a system problem.”

3AW Mornings has contacted Linkt’s owner, Transurban, about the problem and has not yet received a response.

A Far Northern motorist was hit up $30 by Linkt for crossing the Gateway Bridge twice by car in Brisbane in March. The account duly arrived in the mail with the help of number plate recognition provided by a vast array of cameras on the bridge to which Main Roads Department gives the collection company access.

The motorist said he made a cash payment by mail more than two weeks ago but after 45 minutes on the convoluted phone system trying to contact an operator the caller eventually ended up with a curry muncher from India, then enduring the expected, drawn-out call.

“Are you in Australia?” the caller asked.

“I am at Linkt,” he replied.

“Are you in Melbourne or Brisbane?”

“Which city did you choose on the phone?” he asked.


“I am in Brisbane,” the Indian lied.

“Good, you keep sending letters when the account was paid by mail over two weeks ago,” said the frustrated caller.

“OK when it gets here the account should be paid.”

“I am contacting Linkt because you keep sending accounts in the mail costing $1.50 each time in postage. When will the payment be processed?”

“I can’t answer that because it is not my department.”

Finally giving up the caller asked the best of Linkt intelligentsia not to “send any more accounts demanding payment with menaces. “

The automaton was unable to compute that sentence and politely asked if “there is anything else I can help you with?”

“Yes, make your curry stronger tonight it might clear your head.”