By Lyndesy Symonds

Black Entitlement to Crime is a concept and reality with which the George St Cabal must become familiar. Or rather must become familiar that the Victims of Crime in Cairns are wise to the Game. And much of that crime is juvenile. Here in Australia, most have no concept of the role of the mujiba in Communist takeovers.

Excellent that the rotten core of the Big Pineapple is going to meet up at the Pointy End.

We are looking here at the sistema of a Marxist state: crime, chaos, corruption. That is how it rolls. The Western nations are to be fractured across racial and ‘multicultural’ lines. Thus, crime is going to be deployed against the White majority. The cops will take a knee. The justice system will be hamstrung and fail to prosecute. Racial groups with a plight and a sacred Marxist oppression narrative will again be aggrieved and further emboldened. And some of them will be on the Soros payroll. Ditto for members of law enforcement and the justice system.

However, the police who will not be able to arrest Entitled Blacks committing felonies will certainly ‘find it’ where it counts and arrest and prosecute Whites for self defense.

I have declared in numerous posts that I am a straight up racist. I think the word ‘racist’ is a nothingburger word invented by a Jew to criminalize Whites being targeted by the Revolution for genocide. So let the bleeding heart liberals and Hanoi Janes PROVE ME WRONG. Formerly, in better times than these, an unarmed Black going about his or her or own business in a law abiding way had a greater chance of being struck by lightening than being stopped by the police and arrested and dying in custody. Now the police are on board with Black Entitlement to crime.