By Lyndesy Symonds

No one is ever going to get to the bottom of the question of who was here first and whether today’s Aboriginal people were migrants from the subcontinent and killed the race of people whom they found in occupation of the continent.

I think the latter very likely as mass migrations (if successful) tend to involve extinction and depopulation events for those in occupation if the mass migration is successful.

We are talking about less than 4% of the population (counting the Box Tickers) and they are badly served by an Aboriginal Industry paid for by the Australian tax base to the tune of 4.5 billion / year. I think most of their fellow Australians would like to see them enjoy social progress and development in the way that best suits them and resolve the crime and corruption that we are trying to combat as well.

Mass migration is today being deployed by our corporate pretender government upon all the people living on this continent in the states of the old Commonwealth of Australia and constituted as Australians under the 1901. And this migration will be coming largely from African populations of the failed Marxist states created by the Communist aggression brought against the de-colonized populations of that continent in the last century.

Under the Australian Communist State, the current majority demographic, (White Australians) will have no rights of self defense against their crime because these migrants will be imported with Black Entitlement to Crime as a done deal. And it will conflict with the Black Entitlement to Crime currently enjoyed by the Blacks who are here – all demographics. The Muslims who will be arriving will have their own religious nationalism and political party for the objective of placing the entire population under Sharia Law.

Placing this state of affairs under United Nations ESG and UNDRIP ‘first nation’ minority governance through VOICE will be an unmitigated disaster for everyone.