By Cossack Colonel Yuri Komonyiski

Recently (7.4.23) the RF hit an enemy jeep within it documents were found indicating that over the past 2 weeks 2500 Polish fighters have been killed in Baxhmut. One can only guess at the actual numbers of the dead piling up. It has been said that the Poles have already buried 12,500 Poles in their own country, these are the corpses they were able or allowed to retrieve. Many of these Poles are officers and they man NATO equipment such as the howitzers. Hence they are active Polish military personnel sanctioned by the NATO Hoard to actively participate in fighting the RF.

Baxhmut is at least 80% occupied by the RF. The Residual Ukro’s are being pushed out to the west of the city. Ukrainian troops are delivering reinforcements and supplies to Baxhmut through underground tunnels extending from Chasov Yar as confirmed by a captive. A recent counter offensive by the Ukro’s in the Baxhmut area resulted in the Ukro’s being smashed, 800 dead and many more wounded/injured. RF also took casualties. 4 days ago the RF hit the rear of a large NATO battalion comprising 4500 men and machine. The Ukro’s keep promising a large counteroffensive however the RF continues to reduce their numbers, it seems that unless the NATO Hoard sends more of their own there will be no counter offensive at least not in the short term. Baxhmut is about to fall, a key turning point is about to be reached.

Wagner’s Yevgeny Prigozhin uploaded a video in which he raised a Russian flag over Bakhmut’s city hall

Wagner raised the Russian flag over Baxhmut’s administration building on April 2nd. Presumably with the fall of Baxhmut the west will cut support to Zelensky, yet to be seen.

As we wrote weeks ago the RF’s Khinzal Hypersonic missile hit the secret underground NATO control & communications centre in western Ukraine.. The missile hit the deeply buried control centre where many senior NATO planners and generals were coordinating strikes against the Russian Forces many of them are now dead. The foreigners there were from many “New World Order” loving countries Sweden, Canada, US, Spain, UK just to name a few. 8 of the retrieved corpses were British specialists, specialising in diversionary reconnaissance eight bodies were buried in the UK, 3 of whom were buried unofficially.

This strike delivered a powerful blow to the heart of the NATO Hoard, many of those dead were experienced battle hardened commanders. It will take time to find alternative replacements. The Germans and the Spanish papers believe that he head of the snake has been cut off at least temporarily until it grows back. It is believed that over 300 people were based in the bunker at a depth of 120m to date 40 corpses have been recovered many remain buried.

Our troops are finding that the average ages of the Ukro fighters are between 45 &50. When the RF captures diversionary teams comprising 8 to 10 people they generally comprise one Ukrainian and the remainder are foreigners. Often a mix of US / UK personnel of officer rank ie. lieutenant. We have noticed that the number of Australian participants has dropped off.

Many of our recovered wounded that have returned to the front are now actively engaged in hunting down these diversionary groups. Recently the RF captured an American surprisingly unharmed, one can only wonder what tales he’ll tell. The powers that be perform large PoW exchanges behind the scenes they are not advertised. Countless bodies are now buried in Baxhmut the RF continues to find decapitated / hand less corpses of dead foreigners. This is now standard practice for the Ukro’s intended to hide the participation of the NATO Hoard after all they can’t have NATO combatants showing up dead all over the Ukraine. The RF is now chairing the UN security council, expect many interesting facts to be presented some will be sensational. With the cessation of the war the Ukrainian borders will be altered assuming that something will remain.

The US/NATO spy drones no longer fly close to the RF borders. Since the recovery of the reaper drone the RF has started the reverse-engineer process the drones operational frequency has been determined and used 3 times against the 3 other American drones causing them damage forcing them to retreat. Some RF planes are equipped with devices capable of interfering with the CPU’s of America’s spy drones. A rep from the US consulate based in Moscow approached Lavrov complaining that the Russian’s downed their reaper spy drone, Lavrov responded wisely with “Perhaps you should not have turned of its transponder”.

The Saudis and the Iranians are turning their backs on the US, their oil trades are being conducted in Yuan the USD is being rejected globally. The USD is not backed by anything and is just ink on paper following the weaponisation of the SWIFT system that the US was entrusted with many sovereign countries are now openly questioning its continued use and are starting to use their own currencies for international trade. The RF has commenced dumping shares of major US corporations. Putin has ignited the fuse now we kick back and wait for the explosion. The RF continues with its internal house cleaning of the judiciary in the Krasnodar region and is being taken down for corruption. The links of organised crime are being broken.

The Ukro’s are running low on US supplied narcotics and ammo. These battle drugs are used by the militants for fake bravery, strength and pain control however such things are addictive many are suffering withdrawal and in some cases the victims are dropping dead.

The president of Belarus indicated that the NATO Hoard is planning to invade Belarus with NATO’s blessing. The formation of regiments for the subsequent Belarus coup was in full swing once the storage facilities and infrastructure for deploying nuclear weapons were installed the NATO aggressors lost interest.

The accelerated rearmament of the Polish army continues, it is to receive 366 Abrams tanks, 1000 S. Korean Black Panthers, 38 HIMARS MLRS, 1500 Badger infantry fighting vehicles. It was because of this Belarus turned to Russia requesting the deployment of nukes. Unfortunately these weapons are essential for protection against the NATO Hoard. NATO wants to open a second front the only question is how will “peace keeper-NATO” justify this evil. Lukashenko told his lawmakers that the only way for Europe to survive whats coming is to join forces with Russia / Belarus. If Russia and Europe unite, it will be a powerhouse no one can beat. Hungary’s Prime Minister noted the EU is discussing sending peacekeepers to Ukraine.