by Lyndesy Symonds

I have been following David Hiscox and account of the stoush between raunchy vegan activist Tash Peterson (vegan booty merch online) and ADL Big Jew Kahuna (none other than: drum roll please) Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission.

In her campaign against Easter Eggs, young Tash has come out against the atrocities of the dairy industry and (additionally ) the industries of meat, egg, leather, wool, fur, down, animal entertainment, racing breeding, testing.

In her zeal for the vegan cause, she has thrown the holocaust card on the play describing the Easter Egg industry (an other animal industries) as “the largest holocaust in history with approximately three trillion non-human people brutally murdered every year for human food consumption….”

This definitely does not cream cheese the Bagel. Outrage, blasphemy and sacrilege have been committed. The veil of the Holy of Holies has been rent. The wheat is eaten.

I tell you, Goyim, it just does not get better than this. It would seem that Tash (of vegan booty online) did not get the memo that the Jews have won the eternal suffering sweepstakes. She has challenged ADL moral high ground (MHG) and sacred victimhood (SaV) with their own power word which may not be taken in vain by lesser breeds, a word to which the Jews have exclusive rights along with the ‘geysers of blood’, as Elie Wiesel testified in his 1966 book “Jews of Silence.

Big Jew is not about to cede one inch of MHG or one iota of SaV to a mere three trillion non-human people – like feathered quackers and furries who are exploited and killed in entertainments like ferret duels.

Dvir has girded his kishkas and accused Tash of “poisoning” the debate around veganism (as if it wasn’t toxic enough). He has planted the Tribal Hex on ADL MHG and demanded an apology. And young Tash has flipped his script and taken her stand on the vegan moral high ground of the three trillion non-human people who have been holocausted. Could not make this up.

Stay tuned.