Will you keep paying tax to an unlawful foreign corporation?

Letter to the Editor

Australians are too busy, read distracted, with how the house collapsed; “Why did it fall”? “Who did what”?…..All while Australia is a ship that is sinking fast under its own weight of :DEBT: and Excess printing of Funny Money to “fund” all manner of schemes that NEVER come to fruition; Just have a peek at how much “money” has exchanged hands for Submarines that we will NEVER own and actually have yet to reach the drawing board; Or how about the amount of “money” and ADF assets that have been sent to Ukraine in “foreign aid” while there are tens of thousands (if not more) of Australians who can not afford to keep food on the table, let alone a roof over their heads;

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, All STATES and TERRITORIES and all the Bureaucracies within them, are listed within US.inc as Corporate entities, REGIS-STERED with USSEC and are TRADED on the STOCK-EXCHANGE; American (Jew) Financial market says boo, Australia runs and hides hoping THEIR DEBT won’t get called in;  AUSTRALIA is also listed on the US Securities and Exchange Commission as a ‘Political Subdivision’ of the USA.

Who owns this :DEBT:?

Not only is the Reserve Bank Australia a PRIVATELY owned Rothschild subsidiary of the Bank International Settlements, but the ATO is also a PRIVATE CORPORATION owned by a majority shareholder, BLACKROCK

( https://www.blackrock.com/au/individual/about-us/about-blackrock );

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT owns this DEBT, not you, The People Of Australia; Do you have a CON-TRACT with the Corporation AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT that allowed you a vote at the Board Meeting to decide if the Company should borrow (print) more “money” when it is already over 3 Trillion Phoney-Dollars in the Red?

Are you prepared to keep paying TAX for a DEBT that it is not yours to a Company, ATO, that is NOT Australian owned?; Are you a Shareholder in the Company ATO that is supposed to use your TAX to build and maintain Australian Owned assets?; Are you happy to see your TAX sent to a Foreign Corporation so It can decide the dividends to be shared, if any?;

Australians NEED to start looking in their own backyard instead of looking over the fence to spy on the neighbours.

From Wontbedenied


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Look who has the fistful of USD. In the lead up to the stoush between NATO and Russia, it looks like the USD is still the world reserve currency.


  2. The tax base is definitely part of the equation in this massive consolidation of wealth by the Central Bankers. Big Jew Bank is going to have to go to CBDC – central Bank Deposit Certificates or lose control



    There were alleged copies of court documents online showing that ANZ had filed for bankruptcy; De-registrations of ANZ subsidiaries with ASIC seemed to point out this was true;
    As a man of vested interest, i tried to find out from the horses mouth whether or not the filing is true; Funny thing is, i could get no answer to either confirm or deny;
    My CC is that entity and seeing as i could not get any straight answer, i have not made any contribution towards my debt for 3 months now and i will not until such time as i get confirmation;
    I have yet to receive any Franked Envelope with Red Lettering from ANZ which in itself seems very odd


  4. whetheryoulikeitornotthetruthisthetruth;

    Excellent “summary” of the Triangle that controls the mechanisms of “wealth” with the Gold Plated palace being at the very tip; It is the Powerhouse controlling the bottom of the Triangle and is THE issuer of :DEBT:


  5. xyz47;

    I fear no Man; The only One i fear is not of this Realm;

    If i happen to have some type of misfortune, let it be known that it is NEVER my intent to use my own hand…..doing so will stop me from having any chance of meeting Him;

    Yep, i am a spiritual being too so…….


  6. These entities you have mentioned are not the only foreign companies that own most of Australian taxes , fees and stamp duties ,,, I am absolutely amazed at what we do not benefit from !
    NOT HAPPY JAN ! 😡😡😡


  7. To Gus,

    I wouldn’t have thought Australians owed anything to a ‘criminal cartel’.
    Before handing over anything one would surely need evidence of it’s validity.
    Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth the paper it was written on.

    In the interest of disclosure, it’s due time to open up the books.
    If that can’t be done, then they too are not worth the piece of paper they are written on.


  8. wontbdenied

    Thank you for your info. I carry a red ink pad in my handbag, for these reasons – showing that I’m a freewoman.

    And you are absolutely correct in that we pay “tax” daily with GST, fuel excise etc etc. I think I’ve paid enough this year 🙂


  9. Rinaldo Thu 8 Mar 2018 02:54:28 pm
    No politician at present is eligible to sit in parliament.
    Section 44 and Section 46;
    Item (9).
    44. Any person who–
    (i. ) Is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power:
    The RBA is a foreign power.
    The Australian government takes out overseas Bank loans ( The borrower is servant to the lender ).
    Advance Australia Fair! – But Who Owns the Commonwealth?
    (v. ) Has any direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any agreement with the Public Service of the Commonwealth otherwise than as a member and in common with the other members of an incorporated company consisting of more than twenty-five persons: shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting, as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.
    All political Parties and the United Nations are Non Government Organisations and as such would be the opposite to Section 44.
    Section 44. (v. ) in common with the other members of an incorporated company consisting of more than twenty-five persons; The Parliament of Australia has more than 150 persons.
    46. Until the Parliament otherwise provides, any person declared by this Constitution to be incapable of sitting as a senator or as a member of the House of Representatives shall, for every day on which he so sits, be liable to pay the sum of one hundred pounds to any person who sues for it in any court of competent jurisdiction.


  10. You are spot on , keep up the good work you are doing.



    @xyz47, interesting radio interview with friend and AFParty colleague of the fallen Guardian of our Constitution.

    Beware soulless creatures masquerading as protectors of the people.




    @Gus, in the mid 1950s Australia sent a large percentage of its silver coins…two and one bob bits, five penny and three penny bits to the USA for war debt melt down.

    The new coins sent to replace them by the Yanks had half the silver content.

    In February 1966 all Pommy associated silver coins were eliminated and replaced/Americanised by lesser valued AUSTRALIAN dollars and cents, under successful Government brain washing of the sheep, that the pounds, shillings and pence were awkward, that decimalisation was “an opportunity for Australia to assert itself as an increasingly self-assured and forward-thinking country.”

    Except some smart cookie, gave the system the bird and for one minting, gave us an 80% silver, fifty cent piece valued way above that of 50 one cent pieces.

    Government rounded up as many silver fifties as the public allowed them.

    Today they’re asking upwards of $18 each, back when they were minted a single of chips cost 5 cents, how many chips would 5 cents buy today?

    In 1996 greedy little John the coward Howard gambling on your behalf coughed up two thirds of our official gold bullion reserves…167 TONNES… for sweet FA, at the time devaluing our at the time, known in ground resources by over ~ USD 1 billion.

    Australians never fully accepted plastic for forty years until they were force locked down inside their yards in 2020.

    It’s a downward spiral from silver to nickel to plastic to enslavement by CBDC.

    Woke ANZ and the RBA are forging our shackles as we speak.


    And why is super funded Cbus having to BORROW green money from ANZ?


  13. So what is the answer? It seems that all Australians are no more than slaves, we already own nothing. Are Canada and NZ the same?

    Watch your back wontbedenied… saw an interesting post on Telegram re the siege at Warwick recently.. the man was a scholar and an intellectual who was an expert in Constitutional law, a member of the Australian Federation Party. He had no idea why the police surrounded his house.


  14. whetheryoulikeitornotthetruthisthetruth

    Well those who have discernment and who think for themselves, know that Blackrock and Vanguard form a secret monopoly that own just about everything you can think of in this world and most of the big American companies with a revenue of about $9 Trillion dollars. State Street, the third largest Global Owner has Blackrock as its major shareholder and Vanguard is the largest shareholder of BlackRock.

    Vanguard itself, on the other hand, has a unique structure that makes its ownership more difficult to discern. However a little bit of hard detective work, coupled with a study of the good and truthful book, will show that many of the oldest, richest families in the world can be linked to Vanguard funds and run by the Jesuits. But at the very top of the Pyramid, the Puppet master, is none other than the man of sin, who has his throne in the city on seven hills, in Rome. The Papal system is at the top of the pyramid, owning and controlling everything. These families are called the guardians of the Papal treasure. The power that the Papal system has to control this world and its treasures ( money equals power ) was given to him by the Dragon, who is none other than the Devil and Satan. Welcome to this usurper’s world for now.


  15. That foreign corporation is shaping up as a Marxist state which is onboard with all the entire Maxist Agenda and its Gook cadres.

    Today in Melbourne a normie feminist demonstration of womens’ right to womens’ sports. It was contested by the LGBT+ which protested their right to demonstrate this issue. And it was protected from the protest and the police by the National Socialists.


  16. The “Truth is the Truth” nothing can alter that “Fact”. Regales of the rhetoric that Shills or plain ignorant narrow-minded people like J Madison can only attack the “Living Man” and not the “Facts” that Wontbdenied has articulated beautifully bringing the “Facts of the ATO Corporation” to “We the People” Enslaved to Bondage into Perpetuity by the Vatican’s issuing of 3 Papal Bull Documents 1585. This information is openly available with a online search. https://t.me/AussieTerria Take Care, Al.


  17. The “Truth is the Truth” nothing can alter that “Fact”. Regales of the rhetoric that Shills or plain ignorant narrow-minded people like J Madison can only attack the “Living Man” and not the “Facts” that Wontbdenied has articulated beautifully bringing the Facts of the ATO Corporation to “We the People” Enslaved to Bondage into Perpetuity by the Vatican’s issuing of 3 Papal Bull Documents 1585. This information is openly available with a online search.
    https://t.me/AussieTerria Take Care, Al.


  18. David A, Victoria

    An excellent article.


  19. Brian Johnston

    Years ago I believe it was under the Abbot parliament that I found a document on the internet showing a sum shy of $1 billion something like $987 million down to and including cents. The sum was written to London.
    I was travelling and did not have printing available.
    Apparently Australian taxes are owed to London.
    I have forgotten the details and it still intrigues me.


  20. A deep rabbit hole; as I understand the collateral the Australian Government offer to borrow this worthless currency is the land, resources and human labour of our Nation. All carved in stone behind closed doors.
    The debt can never be repaid by worthless money so Bullion would be the only repayment; is that possible should it happen.
    If the International Bankers hold mortgage over Australian lands, resources and labour then it explains why our treasonous Governments implemented a digital data base for all property deeds of Australians.
    A digital keyboard could give creepy Klaus his “you will own nothing”. How these bastards sleep at night is beyond me.


  21. J Madison

    “It could restore our Constitution and Government in one day. Elizabeth could have done but she failed us. Charles could but won’”

    With all due respect, you have No bloody idea what you talking about

    Australia has NOT had a Head Of State, Monarchy or ANY connection to Buckingham Palace since 1953 when Queen Elizabeth the 2nd was coronated under a Foreign Crown, the St.Edwards Crown; Australia was and IS Federated as a Sovereign Nation under The Victorian Crown; That Cannot EVER be undone;

    QEII told Australia in 1957 via BBC broadcast that “I can no longer take part in the decision making of The Commonwealth and I wish you every success in your future endeavours”, or words to that effect; I cannot recall verbatim;

    She could not Lawfully conduct any further dealings as Head Of State of The Commonwealth Of Australia of she would have committed Treason against the Crown she swore her oath to; Likewise, Pedo Charles can NEVER be Lawful Head Of State of The Commonwealth Of Australia;

    The fictional QUEEN OF AUSTRALIA was created to deceive the australian people into believing we still had a Monarch as Head of State


  22. J Madison: “It could restore our Constitution and Government in one day.”

    What would be the point, if they ignore even the current one? If the bastards are to be kept honest the people somehow need to be in charge of guns and jails, not the thieves. The ballot box isn’t quite doing it, is it? lol


  23. “In the seventies, both parties voted to leave the Commonwealth of Australia and without the legally required referendum taking place.”

    Can you be a lil more specific when the vote was taken? Was it recorded in the Hansard or passed as legislation? Which instrument provided or confirmed the act?


  24. As long as these thieves have the guns and jails there isn’t much choice. That is why the supposed Army is run by Jesuit owned freemasons and paedophiles.

    It could restore our Constitution and Government in one day. Elizabeth could have done but she failed us. Charles could but won’t, he will agree to become King under the Jew corporation contract and avoid his duty under God. Being a Freemason he has already thrown his lot in with Satan.


  25. Loongtip

    100% Correct and Factual


  26. Joebeanie

    What may “seem impossible” to you does not mean that it is not so;

    Go to the USSEC website and follow the Rabbit[s]

    IF you don’t believe that AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT is a CORPORATION and therefore only has to abide by US Corporate regulations, then you have the problem, not i;

    IF on the other hand your research proves all stated here to be correct, then welcome to fight and NEVER forgive the Lies and Deceit that has been delivered to Australians since 1966 and the introduction of Funny Money


  27. In the seventies, both parties voted to leave the Commonwealth of Australia and without the legally required referendum taking place, they incorporated the country in Washington. As there has STILL not been a referendum held on this matter, any laws passed by the “Parliament” are unlawful and illegal! This applies to both state and federal “laws”!


  28. How is it possible for BlackRock or anyone else to own any part of the Australian Taxation Office, which is part of the Australian Treasury Department, responsible to Parliament through the Treasurer’s office? I followed the link given, which simply leads to a page owned by BlackRock.

    I have no argument with the statement regarding wilful wastage of taxpayers funds, but to suggest the Australian Treasury has allowed its revenue raising section to be sold to or directed by a global corporation seems impossible to me.

    Garry Klein

    Sent from my iPhone


  29. gracekeeper

    “lodging” a “TAX RETURN” is in the act of doing so itself, consenting to their (albeit undisclosed) CON-TRACT

    If you feel obligated to “lodge”, then in Red Marker using big lettering, NOT in all caps, scribe, No Contract diagonally across the document; Then, again in Red ink, place your thumb print near the No Contract statement and print your Christian initials and Family name over the thumb print; again, very important to NOT use Capital letters This is now your official Wet Ink Signature claiming the document to be yours;

    Paul Keating NEVER got prosecuted for not “lodging” a TAX RETURN for 6 years; The precedent has been set and the scam was exposed to i then; There is NO crime of “failing to lodge a TAX RETURN”

    I have always paid my TAX…..it cannot be avoided as there is TAX on everything we use and or purchase and there is no point in arguing with the seller of those goods or the providers of any service; However, i have only EVER “lodged” a handful (literally) of TAX RETURNS and those were done a very long time ago;

    I care not if “they” read this and want to hunt me down; I will expose the entire fraud and they will pay for i to do so


  30. The Sooner this Corrupt grubberment is torn down and Held Accountable… The Better.

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  31. Mal

    You can believe anything you choose to believe;

    in the words of Government; “Trust me, we’re here to help”

    Or more recently, Jacinda WEF Adern;

    “Government is The Only source of Truth you need to know” “We are the Truth”

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  32. WHICH ONE IS CORRECT THEN ? This says its not true
    Please explain I know “fact checkers” are compromised But you can check more from this..


  33. Income tax is unlawful and illegal, along with MANY other taxes (Stamp Duty etc). The other year many people didn’t participate in the Census, and this July, August… whenever you do your next tax return, I would tick the box that says “This is my last tax return.” and stop continuing this theft.

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