Mackay about to transform into a smart city raises ire of residents

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Also in more modern time, The Running Man with Arnold shcwarzanigger


  2. Do you really want to know, what will be a Smart City ..
    Then watch the 1976 movie “Logan’s Run”….. (Smart City.. they told you that about 45 years ago?)


  3. I think our focus should be on removing LGA; Take out the Lackeys and the foundations will fail


  4. The Mackay Local Government Authority works directly for the United [ Communist ] Nations. Achievement of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the Earth Charter is the End State of their operation. Depopulation of the earth is one of these goals. The LGA is a commissariat of the United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime and they have an Agenda. That is Agenda 21 with Agenda 2030 being the first roll-out. Smart cities for the climate lockdowns is part of this Agenda.

    The WEF, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board etc have specific operations under the UN and its covert joint operations command; as multi-lateral partners they have specific tasks. For the WEF they were specifically tasked with training and infiltrating ‘globalist’ leaders into the choke points of power in these UN CoVID Regimes. How to run the crime syndicate power base will probably be part of the training. Putin, Scomo, Biden are all graduates


  5. So get an electric vehicle! Everyone should have one. That way if you stray from your designated 15 minute area from your smart city you won’t be able to recharge it! That will be a big help in minimising peoples’ carbon footprints and eliminating climate change.

    “The moral of the story, the moral of the song, is that one should never be where one does not belong.”

    Welcome to the Brave New World Order, and if you don’t like it you can have your very own designated 15′ x 15′ limit instead.


  6. A Brave New World Order. Have you booked your own shoebox yet?

    “Just in case you thought the State hadn’t intruded enough into your daily life, Derby City Council decided to erect almost thirty Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras across 12 sites in the city in September of last year. Accompanying the cameras are yellow signs stating, “Journey Time Monitoring”.

    The cameras have started to gain attention thanks to Youtuber “Wandering William”, who shared photos of the cameras in a recent video. The video itself, plus comments made by viewers of the video, draw comparisons to Oxford, which has been designated as a trial-run for the notorious “15 Minute City” concept.

    Turn left to dystopia

    The concept refers to urban planning schemes which essentially divide a city up into designated areas. Governments and mainstream news outlets sell us a convenient, eco-friendly image where all essential services are within a walking distance of up to a quarter of an hour. Others, however, forewarn of a much more dystopian reality; one where those wanting to travel beyond their allocated 15 minute radius will need to apply for permits, or be dissuaded through fines, and other monetary penalties.

    Derby City Council have claimed that the cameras are not being used for enforcement purposes and that they were installed as part of their Roadside NO2 scheme, which in turn is part of the Government’s wider Clean Air Strategy 2019. While this statement may be technically true for the time being, not everyone is convinced: “….the cameras are not used for any enforcement purposes. Note the careful response using the present tense. Of course they will be in future…”, wrote one Derbyshire Live commentator.

    Whatever the Council’s real intentions are, what we do know is this: £7 million pounds is being spent hosting illegal migrants every day, food banks are on the rise, and more and more people are drowning in debt as they struggle to cope with ever-increasing energy bills. This is a time when our Government should be supporting its people; allocating welfare for the elderly and vulnerable and tackling the spiralling inflation which is causing misery for so many. Instead, they choose to waste money on pointless pursuits which benefit no one other than themselves.

    Patriotic Alternative condemns the frivolous spending of the British taxpayer’s money, especially towards insidious schemes which work to undermine our freedoms and right to privacy.”

    From Patriotic Alternative.


  7. stop Complying and lead by example; Say No


  8. Then… They’ll get, what they deserve ….


  9. were all fucked with this climate lockdown BS… too late for the Sheep.. they will just accept the lockdown they accepted covid Lie


  10. How to know if a politician or public official is lying: His lips are moving OR he is writing something.

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  11. He’s the SA Police Commissioner.


  12. He is not Qld police Commissioner. Ed


  13. Yes facial recognition was found by US to be unreliable with dark faces. Ed

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  14. Of course it’s a fact .. See the cops work about gangs ??


  15. “But unfortunately “facial recognition technology” doesn’t work wit black & brown faces …Grant Steven”

    Is this what he stated? Is it a fact?

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  16. Quote: Police Commissioner Grant Stevens says facial recognition technology would solve more crime.
    But unfortunately “facial recognition technology” doesn’t work wit black & brown faces …Grant Stevens

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  17. @Blisskit… Hehe, it’s so sad I’ve got nothing to wear for the occasion. My dress is at the dry cleaners. 😉 lol

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  18. Davidd2

    I agree wholeheartedly. I checked my local council and could not see any obvious plan for 15 mins city, however, we are only a small city of 26,000 so we already have that. They can’t really sell it here. However, I still note the level of surveillance and CCTV that is everywhere in the last few years.

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  19. This is golden. Should be a deterrent to anyone thinking of attending the MARDI GRAS but I doubt it. Davidd2 I reckon you will love this one. And I am guessing many will note the author’s name.

    “How your phone and mood will be tracked at Mardi Gras”

    “By Ben Grubb
    February 24, 2023 — 5.00am”

    From the article:

    “Several CCTV cameras with sophisticated data analytics software that monitors crowd mood and density will be temporarily installed along Sydney’s Oxford Street as part of the Mardi Gras Parade on Saturday.

    Technology that counts mobile phones by measuring radiofrequency has been separately installed at several shopfronts in Darlinghurst and Surry Hills to count people as part of WorldPride.

    It is the first time either technology has been used as part of Mardi Gras and WorldPride, although it has previously been used for Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations and the annual Vivid festival of light.

    The sophisticated CCTV software can detect an average mood of a crowd by creating ranks of happy, neutral, sad, and angry – it can also measure the speed of groups walking.

    While some of the software’s functions can be disabled, Mardi Gras has decided to use all the capabilities so proactive calls could be made about crowd safety.

    At a parade like Mardi Gras, the argument is that knowing simply a headcount, for example, might not provide critical information needed to take action. Instead, knowing the density or mood of a specific area of Oxford Street will allow Mardi Gras to identify if a pinch point is occurring there — which can lead to crowd crush if not addressed — while only knowing the headcount wouldn’t provide that.

    The argument by some for using smart CCTV software is that crowds often won’t distribute themselves evenly and safely without intervention – and such technology can help manage that.

    Mardi Gras said the company behind the software, Dynamic Crowd Measurement, was only engaged for the parade and would be used to support on-ground staff to “direct people to less crowded zones if areas are becoming too full”.

    “The technology helps with managing the safety of the crowd by measuring capacities, allowing operations to zone in on an area that needs immediate response or to plan ahead for where there are areas of growing crowds,” a Mardi Gras spokesperson said.

    Mardi Gras pointed to the Seoul Halloween crowd crush that killed 159 people last year as justification for the use of the CCTV software, which it said was “not used for surveillance and does not track or collect any personal information”.

    “There is no facial recognition tracking and it cannot track people from one place to another. It provides real-time metrics that snapshot the crowd across the entire route at any given point to inform proactive crowd management decision-making,” the spokesperson said.

    “With hundreds of thousands of spectators set to descend on Oxford and Flinders streets, Dynamic Crowd Measurement will be an important tool to help parade operations avoid potential incidents.”

    A Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras officer will monitor the CCTV software on parade night and “feed specific metrics to police who help direct crowds”, Mardi Gras said. “All data will be handled by the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras team and only provided to event stakeholders including police at specific times on the night when it is relevant for crowd safety decisions.”

    While footage will not be recorded, metrics to help with crowd management will be, such as density and speed. The technology doesn’t use City of Sydney CCTV, but temporarily installed cameras.

    Mardi Gras said Dynamic Crowd Measurement offered the best solution for Mardi Gras to safely manage crowds.

    “There is other technology that can help with crowd management through pinging mobile phones in the area. However, due to the large numbers of crowds expected at [the] parade, phone networks will be unreliable, making it difficult to receive accurate data to make important operational decisions.”

    But tech experts the Herald spoke to refuted the claim that mobile pinging technology was unreliable with large crowds. This, they say, is because the technology does not require mobile devices to have any connections to a cell tower.

    WorldPride will make use of software known as “radio frequency density” measuring technology, with devices from company Behavioural Analytics used to measure crowds attending “Pride Villages” – mini street festivals that will involve shutting down portions of Crown, Riley and Foley streets to traffic.

    On Thursday, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age observed at least two of the mobile phone tracking boxes installed – at underwear shop Daily Jocks on Oxford Street, and at Ziggy’s Barber Salon on Riley Street.

    “Sydney WorldPride are using safety technology that estimates how many people are in an area via pings to mobiles phones,” a Sydney WorldPride spokesperson said. “This technology does not require cameras and the data is not personally identifiable. All that is reported is the amount of mobile phones in the area. Sydney WorldPride are covering the cost of this safety technology.”

    NSW Police referred requests to comment on the two technologies to Mardi Gras and WorldPride, but said it had been working with them and a range of government agencies to “provide a safe and secure environment for those attending Mardi Gras Parade”.

    “That includes plans to manage traffic and transport, public safety and health and crowd management,” it said. “Police will be deployed from police area commands across the metropolitan area, supported by specialist officers.”

    In bedded in the article is how both technologies works. No facial recognition, yet it assesses mood??? No recording and no data collection just metrics such as crowd density and speed??? SERIOUSLY

    The two companies offering their services are Behavioural Analytics & Dynamic Crowd Measurement.


  20. Smart Cities are for dumb clucks who have no idea about the disruption a MASSIVE SEA OF EMF can do to every cell in the human body.

    e.g. Low cellular voltage > CANCER! And that’s just for a start.

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  21. There are various articles across MSM, promoting the benefits of smart cities and advising about all the conspiracy theories re: climate lockdowns etc. This is just one.

    I will post some of the article here:

    “The installation of technology linked with “Smart Cities” has generated controversy in Adelaide from both activists and politicians — but what is a Smart City?

    Smart Cities is a term used for a broad range of technologies installed and operated by Australian and international companies for local governments.

    In 2016, then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull released a Smart Cities Plan, which included a grants program worth $50 million.

    The funding was open to Australian council areas, regional and metropolitan, between 2017 and 2020.

    The grants funded technology for a range of projects across a number of sectors including public transport and infrastructure — from free public wi-fi through to park benches with recharging stations.

    Councils hope the technology will improve its operations and keep communities safe.

    What does the technology do?

    Smart Cities technology can have many different features, including the ability to check for vacant car parks or sensors to alert the council when waste needs to be disposed of in public bins.

    Some projects looked to improve environmental conditions.

    A project funded jointly with the Cairns Regional Council aims to reduce urban impacts on the Great Barrier Reef by using sensors in waterways.

    An Adelaide’s northern suburbs mayor, Gillian Aldridge, said a proposal at the City of Salisbury included the use of motion sensors to help elderly people cross the road.

    Should we be wary of the Smart Cities hype?

    “Smart Cities is all about using technology to improve the quality of life of residents; this includes things like pedestrian monitoring,” Ms Aldridge said.

    “It’s a program to increase your safety and that includes the ability for us to know what your needs are, and that’s not invading your privacy with anything at all.”

    But she confirmed there would also be an increase of cameras, a move that has copped criticism.

    “People have asked us can we please have more cameras,” she said.

    “It’s about illegal dumping of rubbish, it’s about bins that tell you when they’re full.

    “It’s about looking after the community the best we can.”

    Where is Smart Cities technology being installed?

    The technology is being rolled out in councils across Australia.

    Councils in state capitals have already implemented multiple Smart Cities programs, as well as in large regional cities like Karratha in Western Australia, Townsville in Queensland and Broken Hill in New South Wales.

    There were 81 projects funded all up.

    Now, councils are self-funding the technology installation themselves.”


    “While some Australians are fighting against facial recognition technology, South Australian Police Commissioner Grant Stevens welcomes it.
    Police Commissioner Grant Stevens says facial recongition technology would solve more crime. (ABC News: Carl Saville)
    “There’s some cities in the world where they do have [this] facial recognition technology as part of their CCTV network,” Commissioner Stevens said.

    “It certainly contributes to preventing crime and solving crime.”

    And that is how they sell it. I will post another which I think everyone here should find highly amusing, regarding surveillance at the famous PRIDE, MARDIS GRAS.


  22. As ex Australian PM Billy Hughes said: “The Montefiores have taken Australia for their own, and there is not a gold field or a sheep run from Tasmania to New South Wales that does not pay them a heavy tribute. They are the real owners of the antipodean continent.” In Saturday Evening Post (19 June 1919)

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  23. I mean by the Amish, those with beards & small hats, not big hats ..


  24. WTF?,

    The Amish are probably the most peaceful people on earth…..They ain’t Joos

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  25. It’s always under Amish control….


  26. “A la Chinese Communist Party ?? Hmm I’d rather see it as a Ghetto for the Goyim …”

    He, he, he… You’re NOT supposed to see that, that’s why you’re given the Red coloured glasses.

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  27. “Smart cities, when the rose coloured glasses are taken off, are cleverly disguised concentration camps.”

    Brave New World – Order. Where can we stock up on the Soma so we can be Happy beyond what Schwab and WEF & Co have in mind??

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  28. A la Chinese Communist Party ?? Hmm I’d rather see it as a Ghetto for the Goyim …

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  29. & they don’t need any Gas Chambers, they’ll have clinics on every street corner to vaccinate you ….

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  30. Smart cities, when the rose coloured glasses are taken off, are cleverly disguised concentration camps.

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  31. A little peek beyond the gaslighting !!! You still think the Meschiah is green? “Look what they’ve done to our song, Ma!”…

    “The Hijacking of Green” — From Beauty and Biodiversity to Fakery and Fascism ”

    By Julian Rose

    “As many people must now realise, the word ‘Green’ has been hijacked.

    It used to mean ‘natural’, ‘diverse’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘human scale’.

    That was while bona fide ecologists still held sway over the way the word was used.

    ‘Green’ meant taking a responsible position concerning the management of planetary resources; having empathy for nature, fertility, ecological food and community involvement.

    But then in 1992, ‘The Earth Summit’ (Rio Summit) happened, along with ‘Agenda 21’. And something called ‘Sustainable Development’ became the catch-all promotional spin to sell the prescribed medicine. The deception.

    That was the beginning of the end of the ‘Real Greens’ and the arrival of the corporate, banker-backed ‘Fake Green’ agenda we live with today.

    The central component of the scam was, of course, ‘Global Warming’.

    Let’s remind ourselves. At first it was called ‘The Greenhouse Effect’, then ‘Global Warming’ and then ‘Climate Change’.

    Polar ice cap doomsday theorists, like ex-US Vice President Al Gore, came and went. But the ice didn’t.

    In Britain the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sought to spearhead the ‘Stop Global Warming’ crusade.

    IPCC gave lucrative contracts to around 2,000 scientists with instructions to produce a computer modelled climate graph which would show almost unstoppable ‘warming from CO2’….unless.. ”

    much more…

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  32. “Smart” Cities are just another entity along the road to total control of the citizens, a la Chinese Communist Party doctrine. The U.N., WHO, WEF and many more (including our Federal Govt and most State Govts) are hand-in-hand with the CCP in promoting this evil concept. The time has come to rise up and FIGHT; tell your local government councils, and local and federal government your objections in the strongest way possible.
    It’s time to stop being nice; this is war.


  33. Who exactly authorised these insignificant twerps to tell us how to live? They need to be rehabilitated to normality ASAP, before it’s too late.

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  34. Everywhere that you see the word “Smart” in relation to anything, just substitute it with “Stupid” and you’ve got the truer picture!

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  35. Townsville also marked as Smart City


  36. Stop paying rent (rates) to an unlawful entity called Local Council;
    Let :THEM: foot the cost of court action where we can go in and shoot the whole thing down in minutes with The Constitution Of The Commonwealth Of Australia in one hand and a blank piece of paper representing “The Contract” you have with the REGISTERED CORPORATION known a (insert name) Local Council in the other;
    Four referendums asking whether Australia wanted Local Government; Four times We The People said No;
    They deny we have Local Government and rather we call it “Council” as it is run by “Locals elected by Locals”……
    Um, excuse me for noticing, but why do we have State Ministers for Local Government if we don’t have Local Government?

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  37. Stop paying rent (rates) to an unlawful entity called Local Council; Let :THEM: foot the cost of court action where we can go in and shoot the whole thing down in minutes with The Constitution Of The Commonwealth Of Australia in one hand and a blank piece of paper representing “The Contract” you have with the REGISTERED CORPORATION known a (insert name) Local Council in the other; Four referendums asking whether Australia wanted Local Government; Four times We The People said No; They deny we have Local Government and rather we call it “Council” as it is run by “Locals elected by Locals”…… Um, excuse me for noticing, but why do we have State Ministers for Local Government if we don’t have Local Government?


  38. Why are the people allowing this? Is this still a penal colony? It seems that answer is YES only the Jews, not the English are the jailers. After all the Jew premier of Queensland has openly said she plans building a holocaust museum in Queensland. And she’s coupled with a Muslim. And she has in the employ of the tax payer at least 28 personal staff to build her image.

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  39. Not all the paper laws are going to prevent this de facto take over of either the urban or regional space by the Local Government Authority which works directly under the United [Communist] Nations. They are going to bring it in with bye-laws and rates and levies and all the on-the-ground and in-your-face tools of control.



    old kodger meet the pretenders





    ttps:// Sth Aust, 45 mayors and councillors failed to lodge campaign donations returns on time. Geoff is gunna fix it 👍



    Side note:

    Seems fearing a referendum no vote, Qld. like SA is getting in early.

    “A treaty between First Nations peoples and Queensland is closer to reality as proposed laws are introduced to the state’s parliament.

    A five-member Truth and Healing Inquiry and a First Nations Treaty Institute are the centrepieces of the legislation tabled by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on Wednesday.’ – Nick Gibbs, The Newdaily


  41. Note the lady says the Mackay people, if they knew “would be horrified”. That is, they will accept it. PROVE me totally wrong Mackay! Tell me I’ve got the arse end of the rat!


  42. Gird your loins, folks, this “Smart City” BS is coming to a LOCAL COUNCIL near you, whether you like it OR NOT.

    The genocidal Globalists are PAYING your “local councils” to scheme up and roll out this 15-minute city BS UNDER YOUR NOSES.

    That’s why (for example) the Mackay “city council” LIES to the Mackay residents about what they’re up to. They’re BEING PAID to do this.

    You might think to yourself – “That sounds like an awful lot of local councils all across Australia”, surely it can’t be true…”

    And yet – IT IS TRUE.

    I’ve just recently received a flyer in the mail from MY “Local clouncil”, with the so inclusive-sounding title of “Share Your Feedback On The Wyndham Plan”. Here’s it’s opening verbage, quoted verbatim –

    “Imagine accessing work, education, retail, and entertainment by 20-minute public transport trip, bike ride or walk from home. Now imagine this is a reality for everyone living in Wyndham. THAT’S OUR PLAN.”

    Folks, this is happening in EVERY “loacl council” all across Australia. They’ve been given their orders by the genocidal Globalists, they’ve been PAID to do it, and now they’re scheming up their individual plans to IMPOSE THE 15-MINUTE “SMART CITY” model on every city across the ENTIRE COUNTRY.

    Don’t believe me? Then go look for yourself – and while you’re at it, check out the financial status of your “local council” members, you’ll discover an awful lot of UNEXPLAINED WEALTH turning up in their bank accounts and finacials assets, in every “local council” all across Australia.

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  43. There are a trio of conditions covering this,
    (1) in 1988 a referendum was held to determine if the “commonwealth” re, we the people, wanted councils to be the third tier of government, it failed. that is then federal law.
    (2) section 109 prevents state governments conferring on councils, governmental authority.
    (3)Qld Public Service Act 2006, at division 4, section 24, paragraph 2, asks “what is NOT a government entity?” and the first entity on the list is local government.
    Councils have no more authority to order you around, than Hungry Jacks, or Woolworths.


  44. Thank you for the video. Hopefully it will spread like wild-fire.

    As far as I can tell I truly cannot see a change in the councils plans
    I have been to the quay on quite a few occasions.. I have found it a comfortable place to be. BUT. What has actually been achieved ?

    I was stupid enough to believe that councillors were elected by the people for the people.? I know I never elected one of them to do anything. Did you.?
    By the way, did you see the video yesterday, where the army is training in the best ways to control crowds ? It looked extremely rough to me. They all had a good time training and had a great feeling of comraderie when they finished. Which I well understand. Don’t these army personal understand they are being trained to attack their own people. Once upon a time, that would have been called treason . I might add this is just what they did when Mao took over. China. Look at China today. Does that look like freedom to you ?

    I have travelled freely in this land for decades, I despise the idea of young or old fools curtailing my freedom. I can only say people who think this is a good idea have rocks in their heads. What in the hell are they thinking ? Or are they too brainwashed to think ? Their organizers will use them till their goal is achieved, then they , the lackeys, will be dispensed with .

    The whole idea is insane, And it will be a nightmare. It sounds like one

    I have tried to wake people for years, with very little success, I think most people are still asleep. Well wait till they are locked in and cannot get out.

    Wake up people, WAKE UP.

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  45. Every Smart City must have a Smart Food Source. Here’s one that should suit the McKay councillors.

    “Lab-Grown Meat Is Made of Cancer Cells. Would You Like It Rare or Medium?”


  46. Activism directed at Local Govt. level to rail against the WEF/WHO invalid impositions that now have overriding influence in our local councils.
    Focus on our immediate adversarial tier of illegitimate governance is the way to go. Replace them with a true representative body who serve us and are not beholden to the genocidal globalist cabal.

    Max Igan, to his credit, has been emphasising this approach in his recent vid.

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  47. Yesterday the South Burnett Regional Council has voted (by a narrow margin) NOT to proceed with 5G for the time being.
    I’m sure that this won’t be the end of the matter. SMART cities won’t work without a 5G surveillance network in place.

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  48. Smart city? They won’t want me there, I’d be too stupid to live in one of those.

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  49. There is a lot to be said about this:
    Councils have no lawful authority, are incorporated private trading companies and no-one at any council will be a public servant, as I have gleaned from my interactions with my local council.
    Furthermore, your local council, being a business, will have no evidence of a wet ink, signed, contract, with any home or property owner, meaning they have no legal or lawful jurisdiction over anyone at all.
    And, being commercial, they also must accept the attendant liability for any loss, harm or injury they perpetrate on anyone at all, as per my video (and QLD is insured by the same insurer mentioned in my video):

    So the councilors are liable to be privately sued for what they have approved, and claims can be made against the council’s insurer-a double whammy.
    Perhaps the best first step would be to ask for proof of CONTRACT, as no CONTRACT means no jurisdiction-at all!


  50. So … The Mackay council decided to build a Smart City to help its intellectually handicapped & stupid inhabitant …
    “Caring Concerned Council” …


  51. Can the people just stop paying rates, after all its our money that’s facilitating this BS


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