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Many of you are aware of the WEF’s 15-minute cities or Smart Cities to “make our lives better and save the planet”. Everything we need within 15 minutes’ walk or cycle. 

This all sounds good and most people would rather walk than drive if it is more practical and beneficial. People living in highly dense areas like city centres of Brisbane, Paris, Hong Kong, etc. are already walking everywhere for their daily needs without governments telling them!  

The UK is already rolling out their 15-minute cities and these videos below will give you a taste of what is coming: 

The idea of 15-minute cities rolling out to our suburbs is bazaar and it is always refreshing to see someone on lie-stream media, The Project, allowed to say what she actually thinks about this dystopian idea. 


Excess Death Awareness Campaign 

Why did so many Australians die in 2022?

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Well, it looks here also history repeats itself.

    Back in the USSR: 15-minute cities have unleashed conspiracy theories, but the concept is borrowed from a Soviet period idea during the 1918 Jew Bolshevik government.
    A city inside Moscow.

    In the Soviet Union, such a place for living, including all possible infrastructure, was constructed for the government elites in the center of Moscow. It was an outstanding project of its time, and the plan itself looks astonishing even today. The fate of the project was terrible though – due to political reasons.

    In 1918, the Bolshevik government decided to move the capital from Petrograd (currently St. Petersburg) to Moscow. The latter seemed a safer place for the new authorities. So, not only the top officials, but scores of state servicemen had to find a place to live. It is believed that the number of officials in Moscow increased to 281,000 people.


  2. To: Wont be denied
    Hang in there brother, its not a battle but a war, you would think the cops would have better things to do than pick on you, like deal with the drug and criminal element in the area, oh I forgot they only hit soft targets, they are to weak and cowardly to hit a hard target.
    and by the way you are correct on one thing individual cops can be sued personally if the over step their authority and can be stripped of their personal assets and loose their jobs, I think there is a precedence set for this in the courts , im not to sure where I read this its either on the Know Your Rights web site or Constitution watch web site, the police need to tread warily , they are not above the law they think they are.


  3. Tony B

    I’m in a rural area and have been for the last 17 years; Pyrenees Shire; “They” know who i am and i care not about their intimidations or their weapons; I will not live on my knees;

    The “local” coppers are on the hunt as well; They know my stand and are doing everything they can to get me “uncomfortable”, just as the last “visitor” promised they would after i ejected them from property; Tasers were drawn when i told them that unless they get off my property i will Defend my Right to Defend my Rights…..i pointed to my cameras and told them to re-think what they want to do or i will own everything they have if they harm me in any way; We also have Lawful Trespass notices on Our front gate; Now i get constant drive bys and letters from VIC-POL that get returned to sender; No doubt there is more shit going to be flung my way; We have resorted to locking our gate now;

    We are at W A R my friend and the Filth are well up for obeying their masters command

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  4. Sent from my iPad


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  5. Pat from Vic, Sorry you are right, “The Land Of OZ.”


  6. Han Barkmeyer, Maybe – Maybe after 9/11 and this covid Crap Maybe – Maybe the Yanks finally wake-up? I’m not holding my breath.
    VIDEO: Rand Paul Destroys Anthony Fauci, Genocidal Maniac Now in Panic Mode.
    Senator Rand Paul asserted Tuesday that Anthony Fauci, along with other scientists working with him at the National Institutes Of Health, engaged in an “elaborate cover-up” of the lab origin of the coronavirus pandemic in order to hide their own involvement.

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  7. Download the Withdraw Consent to Digital ID/Smart City Notice for your state here:

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  8. Its going to be a prison without bars that I want no part of, I do not consent to any of this, I recon the black economy is going to thrive and that’s where my family and I will be will be and im sure I wont be the only one, these council people are all on board with agenda 21 I know for a fact that the Hepburn Shire is, I’ll name it I dont care as I live in that area try and get a planning and building permit there and see how you go near on impossible. I tried and failed, I pushed it all the way to Vcat , they couldn’t make up their mind and ran back to momma ( the rule book ) there is more to this but I dont want to write a novel about it, in short they dont want anyone living in rural areas.

    Now is the time to set up contacts, groups and people of like minded as yourselves ie doctors, dentists, natural therapy practitioners, allied services, nurses, community gardens , farm gate purchases, grow your own, hunting, fishing, trades and so on. Some of us are already well ahead in this area, and also pay for everything in cash if you can, you need to be ahead of the curve, and be where others arn’t.

    you need to disengage from this digital world, they have deliberately made this digital system easy and convenient and make us lazy these evil entities will find it harder to track you if a lot of your activity is off grid . dont say its to hard, if you think that you will roll over to this evil system and be trapped and in bondage for the rest of your life including your family. anything worth while is always difficult its the hard path the only path.
    people always say to me, Tony you are a hard person to find, I say no im not you can either email me, or phone me and that’s it I have no other social media at all, and I still function ok , that’s my example, so for those of you who have faces of death book, twitter twatter your blood will splatter, linked in, tick tok, whats app so on and so fourth, you need to disengage as they are a tracking tool, and will be used against you. Its no use complaining about it if you dont act, that first starts with the individual and radiates out to others.
    anyway ive chucked in my two bobs worth.

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  9. Well… there goes Chadstone down the poop shoot.
    Think the Jewish owners will endorse this?


  10. danielafuritane

    I don’t live in Australia smart city everything was controlled where you eat, where you sleep and where you’re house. No GMO or engineered foods. No way. I want to be free!


  11. The Smart Cities Plan does not exactly occur in a vacuum. It is part of a control grid that includes Social Credit Score, Certificate of Vaxx ID and a digital currency. As the list of rulz, compliances, mandates etc grows they will be enforced by deletion.

    This plan to restrict the movement of people living in the urban areas with CHECK POINTS is being rolled out in the context of a standard issue Communist genocide. This is part of the United [Communist] Nations control grid for surviving populations which will have movement, livelihood, income, food, water, speech, recreation – in short every aspect of life highly regulated by the Grid.

    On the great plantation of Mother Earth, the UN 17 Sustainable Goals considers the human race to be an invasive and destructive species – kind of like farmers regard large numbers of wild boars tearing up the agriculture of their productive land. Like those farmers, The Owners of the Mother Earth plantation are taking action.

    My new Record wild hog catch


  12. Chris Hutchison

    one thing nobody has mentioned yet..what shops /supermarkets, pubs etc will be allowed in your it wont be privately owned..only the chains will be allowed,no competion allowed,dont like their produce,too fucking bad…


  13. An important point to consider – who the F*CK do these”local councils” think they are?

    FACT – your friendly “local council” is a COMMERCIAL ENTITY, and NOT a “government” body. It has NO more authority over the local residents, or to make decisions for them, than any other corporation.

    ALSO, in case the penny hasn’t dropped, how exactly are these “local councils” sending out arbitrary bills in the form of “council rates” every three months with NO CONTRACTUAL BASIS for doing so?

    I get my water supplied to my residence by a water utility – I entered into a contract with them to provide that service, and I pay their quarterly bills accordingly.

    I get my gas supplied to my residence by a gas retailer – I entered into a contract with them to provide that service, and I pay their quarterly bills accordingly.

    I get my electricity supplied to my residence by an electricity retailer – I entered into a contract with them to provide that service, and I pay their bimonthly bills accordingly.

    I get my Internet services delivered to my residence by a telco – I entered into a contract with them to provide that service, and I pay their quarterly bills accordingly.

    So where exactly are these quarterly “rates” notices coming from? I’ve not signed ANY contract with the COMMERCIAL ENTITY that is the “local council”, yet if I ignore their ARBITRARY BILLS for UNSOLICITED SERVICES, then they threaten to send the “Sheriff” (can you believe this BS?) around to THROW ME OFF MY PRIVATELY OWNED LAND and SELL MY HOUSE to PAY the COMMERCIAL ENTITY that is the “local council”!

    That’s a bit like Coles sending me a bill for an unsolicited and uncontracted grocery delivery, and then sending around some two-bit Coles security guards to throw me off my land and sell my house when I refuse to pay their bill.

    AGAIN, let’s stress the FACT – “local councils” are NOT “government” bodies, they have NO SUCH AUTHORITY, because they are COMMERCIAL ENTITIES with whom their local population do not even have a legally-binding CONTRACT to legitimise their activities. They certainly have no legal basis whatsoever to unilaterally issue periodic bills demanding payment for their UNSOLICITED and UNCONTRACTED “services”, and they ABSOLUTELY have no legal standing WHATSOEVER to be levying any form of TAXATION on their local populations.

    In short, “local councils” are COMMERCIAL ENTITIES which are running UNSOLICITED PROTECTION RACKETS against their local citizenry, all across Australia.

    So NOW the big fat ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is – exactly HOW are these COMMERCIAL ENTITIES calling themselves “local councils” presuming to have the authority to RESTRICT THE FREE MOVEMENT of the private individuals to the “15-minute cities” that they are now UNILATERALLY MOVING to set up in LOCKSTEP across Australia?

    WAKE UP, folks. Silence is CONSENT, and compliance is COMPLICITY.

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  14. Han Barkmeyer


    “Maybe you shouldn’t tell anybody that I said this, but you know all those tropes about Jews controlling the world or at least wanting to control the world… they are actually true.

    “Our goal as Jewish people for the last 3,300 years, since the revelation at Sinai has been to control the world.”

    Rabbis Explain the Abrahamic Judeo Takeover Conspiracy

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  15. They remind me of the caged eggs at supermarkets, laid by hens in cages with everything they need within beak distance.
    I remember my first flight into Hong Kong at the old Kai Tek Airport in the 60’s. Seeing all the high rise apartments under construction. I guess they were an improvement on the old shanty towns and house boats.
    If C19 was caused by 5 GHz WiFi, I can see the benefit of a 15 minute city to keep the population from exploding. 5 GHz WiFi would also explain the outbreaks on the Cruise Ships with their satellite links and WiFi routers in every cabin.
    We have to call them Smart Cities so that people will actually go and live in these 21st Century Concentration Camps!


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