Charles Darwin University joins the food reduction and climate cult wanting to shoot buffalo because of methane emissions

Darwin University’s spokesman for intelligentsia, Hugh Davies thinks by shooting these introduced animals which he says are emitting greenhouse gas, communities could earn carbon credits.

 It begs the question; how does Mr Hughes intend to remove the millions of tonnes of methane and carbon dioxide emissions from the vast areas of wetlands, swamps and lagoons of Arnhem Land and the Mary River region in the Top End?

Vast areas of NT swamps, lagoons and wetlands emit millions of tonnes of methane gas. Does the university want to cull the 2.2 million Northern territory cattle herd too?

Would you pay for your children to attend Charles Darwin University?

Shooting buffalo is a question that has been posed by researchers at the University (CDU) who believe land managers could be incentivised to cull feral bovine if they could earn valuable carbon credits.

“Feral buffalo numbers are increasing across northern Australia, meaning their [methane] emissions are too,” CDU’s Hugh Davies said.

“So the whole idea of our research was that if we can keep their numbers under control we can avoid greenhouse gas emissions, potentially creating carbon credits, which can be sold to make money.”

He said one adult buffalo emitted about 78 kilograms of methane each year “which is the equivalent of over two tonnes of carbon dioxide”.

“If that buffalo wasn’t there that’s potentially two carbon credits generated,” he said.

The idea of culling feral animals for carbon credits is not new.

In 2013 the federal government knocked back a proposal to generate carbon credits from culling feral camels.

The stupidity of academics knows no bounds believing that shooting animals will some how save the planet. This is yet another move to destroy a viable food industry that generates tens of millions of dollars in export and domestic earnings.

Buffalo industry cautious

Tom Dawkins from the NT Buffalo Industry Council said the industry first became aware of CDU’s research after it went public.

He said it was obvious a lot more research would be needed before governments would approve such a methodology, and he called on CDU to focus less on culling buffalo and more on removing them from the environment.

“The language [in this report] seems to be very narrow and specific around culling,” he said.

“We’d argue mustering is better than shooting, not just because you’re getting the dividend of an animal going to a supply chain, but you’re actually removing an animal from the landscape.

“Shoot to waste just leaves a carcass which decomposes, emitting methane in the process, and just creates a feed for feral pigs, which we don’t want either.”

Mr Dawkins also questioned whether large companies would want to purchase carbon credits generated from gunning down animals.

“I can’t see a scenario where the silver bullet solution to buffalo management in the Top End is culling,” he said.

“It opens roads up into remote areas whereas shooting animals from a helicopter doesn’t do any of that.”

More than 10,000 buffalo were exported out of Darwin last year to markets in South-East Asia, while about 6,000 buffalo were processed at the Rum Jungle abattoir south of Darwin.

It is estimated around 200,000 feral buffalo are roaming across northern Australia.

The Mimal Land Management Aboriginal Corporation, based at Bulman in Central Arnhem Land, has long been involved in the commercial harvesting of feral buffalo.

Each year the organisation removes between 2,500 to 4,000 animals.

“It returns a significant income to the people in this area,” Mimal chief executive Dominic Nicholls said.

The organisation already earns carbon credits through early-season fire abatement

Mr Nicholls said if carbon credits became available for culling buffalo then his organisation would definitely consider the environmental and economic opportunities of getting involved.

“If this [proposal] plays out it could have an important impact across northern Australia,” he said.

“But while we will explore and look at options like this, we’re going to keep doing what’s working — and that’s mustering.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The entire Climate Nutter Cult, King Charles III ‘Terra Carta’ and the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals must always be in our sights.

    From the Senate, here is the question from Senator Pauline Hanson: ‘Please explain. What are ‘Net Zero Emissions’? [CO2 emissions]. To even answer the question , Comrade Climate Nutjob Wong (a carbon based life form) must make a CO2 emission. Enjoy.

    What could be more obvious than the Agenda to tax the goy plantation and its domestic livestock on our respiration and our industry on its emissions. They can’t tax the geology of the earth itself (although Bill Gates will be working on that) or the tons of volcanic ash and gas emitted by the Pacific Ring of Fire, but they can ‘put a price on our carbon’.

    Simple question stumps Labor Minister


  2. isaac731: “2.4 billion Christians – where did you get that from? praying to the same God as Jews and Muslims – you’ve been listening to Frank.”

    Very simple, isaac731, and I have not “been listening to Frank”.

    I got the 2.4 billion Christians from a CHRISTIAN website:

    At a Glance: How Many Christians in the World Today
    According to the Pew Research Center, in 2015, there were 2.3 billion Christians of all ages living in the world. The Center for the Study of Global Christianity (CSGC) at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, reported that the number of Christians in the world edged past 2.5 billion in 2019.

    And I got: “Christians praying to the same god as Jews and Muslims” from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    UNLIKE YOU, I do my research BEFORE I write my comments to Cairns News and hit that ‘Post Comment’ button.

    I do not want to look like an ill-informed person with no credibility at all like you, to put it mildly and being charitable to you, posting stupid comments like: “Where did you get the 2.4 billion Christians from?”


  3. Han Barkmeyer old boy, evolutionists believe that NOTHING created EVERYTHING out of NOTHING. Oh wait, a super compressed bit of matter always existed and exploded in the Big Bang to form the universe we know. And rock over 13 billion years evolved into us all. Actually this bit of matter, postulated by French Jesuit priest Georges Lemaitre in 1931 was millions of light years in diameter, progressing to a few miles across until by 1983, it was became a fraction of an atom. Just like the frauds of Nebraska Man, Piltdown Man and oh, Peking Man frauds courtesy of New Age French Jesuit Priest Teilhardt de Chardin. All the others declared by independent scientists to be just a monkey or a man.
    Really scientific hey? Where did this bit of matter or the compression force come from? We see these things happening every day. Why where I live, for years there was a pile of broken bricks, concrete, glass and steel. in a pile on a lot. A few weeks ago, I heard an explosion, and rushing down, there was a brand new mall in its place. And rock to monkey to man, why scientists repeat these experiments in the lab every week.
    The order and precision in the universe is just too amazing, as is the human body.
    Give me a break you evolutionists out there. The world is like it is because of you and Christians who believe in billions of years. Use a bit of common sense. Where do you think abortion, promotion of LGBTQ, transgenders and half a dozen genders etc etc come from? Certainly not from the bible.
    2.4 billion Christians – where did you get that from? praying to the same God as Jews and Muslims – you’ve been listening to Frank.


  4. Lorraine M. “Everything you know is a lie. EVERYTHING!!”

    Is it really? Let’s talk about the “PLANK IN EVERYONE’S EYE”. A HUGE (for others invisible) board that is covered with conscious (own written) notes reminding oneself secretly of ONES OWN REALITY IN LIFE, in the universe, under God (or not), studied through life experience and accepted ongoing indoctrination by AUTHORITY and other people one accepts to be closely to ones heart while shunning all others as not worthy/equal enough to “compete”.

    That is the plank of a daily life that never changes but where notes are constantly updated in “ones own free will”. That is the same old personal DULL plank all look at tirelessly at ALL TIMES because it must be true – and OF COURSE that “I” know for sure.

    One question that never crosses ones doubting mind is to shyly and silently ask one scary question to one self: What will “I” see when the “conscious notice board” with all its laws and requirements of all that “I” seem to know so well is removed from the (not) seeing eye and vision is restored for good?
    Vision does not come with instructions, manuals or directions. Vision comes as vision and is untouched by man’s deceiving memories or thoughts. BUT vision comes with a sure threat to loose all that seems the most dear to all: to cling on to some illusion that one thought is very true.

    Not everything is a lie! Especially that one does not dare to see.


  5. Yeh, murder all living things and make loads of money. How did humanity drop to such vile depths?

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  6. Too much crap.
    I read Gates gave some guy WA $$$$ to study how much methane gas a cow produces.
    I say close The Gates of Hell and most of the worlds problems will be gone

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  7. Additionally, they don’t want you relying on wildlife as they kill off farms and livestock.

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  8. Last time i looked the planet doesn’t always produce enough of this beautiful life giving carbon, you know the stuff that they have demonized to fit their for profit narrative, it’s easy just follow the money trail. ” We the people ” need to explore just exactly where this greenhouse and now global warming ( a convenient little change of definition there ) plan was invented and by who, we need to see who benefits from this , yeah follow the money and teach people that if you have to indoctrinate /coerce people’s thinking then that has nothing to do with science… at all.

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  9. Thanks for replying, Editor.

    There were NO links in my comment, still my comment was deleted/disappeared. So, that is why I am puzzled.
    I know that WordPress doesn’t like more than 1 link, so I limit myself to 1 link in my comments.

    Glad to see that Cairns News is read in 73 countries. You have done an excellent job over so many years and I do congratulate you!


  10. Sometimes WordPress does not like various links or if there are too many it goes to spam or who knows where. Ed


  11. Please all you nut job climate crazies who want to kill our food source due to methane, please start with yourselves! Then, one, less people to feed and two, you can stop worrying and ruining sensible people’s lives!

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  12. Congratulations Cairns News!
    Tremendously eye-opening comments! A terrific read!
    With 73 different countries as overseas readers: Australia, and Cairns News have a voice!
    Han, I know where you are coming from. Just finished a book that puts a spotlight on exactly what you are intimating; A subject I have been studying for two decades.


  13. Hi Editor,

    I just wonder why my comment published on February 17, 2023 at 2:07 was deleted/disappeared?

    Here my deleted/disappeared comment to which Pat from Vic replied to:

    No wonder the world is in such a mess with 2.4 billion Christians and 1.8 billion Muslims all praying to the same Jewish god, the fictional Mr. Yahweh. He clearly had/has anger management issues, and as he himself admitted is a jealous god, but worst of all, he is a genocidal god.

    The founder of Islam, Muhammad, saw himself as the last in a line of prophets that reached back through Jesus to Moses, Abraham and Noah.

    “Allah” is indeed the same God worshipped by Catholics and other Christians. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.”

    The Jews played it very clever. By creating Christianity and Islam they now control the minds of 4.2 billion people, half the size of the world population.
    Not to mention their money power and therefore their political power over the world.

    The world is finished. The Jews have won and will use their WEF, UN, WHO, etc., to impose their New World Order. Welcome to Pax Judaica.

    Pat’s reply: Pat from Vic | February 17, 2023 at 3:20 pm

    Han Barkmeyer said – “No wonder the world is in such a mess with 2.4 billion Christians and 1.8 billion Muslims all praying to the same Jewish god, the fictional Mr. Yahweh.”
    1. That would make you smarter than 4.2 billion prayer-mongers. With them smarts, why haven’t you solved all the world’s problems for us?
    And so on.

    Pat’s reply to me is still there. Any idea why my comment was deleted/disappeared?


  14. Carbon dioxide is fertilizer. Our bu/ac yields increased over the last decades in step with the (momentary) increase in CO2. Historically CO2 is at one of the lowest levels in the 4.9 billion year history of our planet. And anecdotally although the idea appealed to me I have never actually shot anyone or anything for farting.

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  15. “When a society promotes idiots to high positions, then it is destined to collapse under the weight of it’s own stupidity”

    From the last page of a book who’s name I do not recall.

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  16. The Top End’s water buffalo were introduced by early settlers, most of whom died, but the buffalo found themselves in paradise. In the early 1980s, I wrote a report at the direction of the NT Government Cabinet, on the subject of ‘Aboriginal Urban Drift’.

    60 pages of the report was devoted to the lack of viable rural industries to sustain Aboriginal communities, which stagnated under expanding welfare interventions. I recommended that the buffalo industry be encouraged because the reality was that cattle have only ever been profitable in the NT five years out of seven. However, as Neville Thompson points out above, buffalo thrive where cattle will starve.

    I recommended that buffalo, which were already exhaustively researched at the Dept of Primary Industries Berrimah Farm, be jointly farmed and harvested, an industry which would have made every Aboriginal community and homeland prosperous.

    In my research, I interviewed many veteran station managers, notably including that of Urapunga Station, a Mr Fry originally from Queensland. Their views shaped my conclusions although, as I commenced my working life in the saddle, working cattle, I was no novice to the industry.

    Part of my research went into markets. Germans were prepared to pay double the price of premium beef to get their hands on wild-caught buffalo. And countries from Thailand to Indonesia were prepared to trade air-dried buffalo and fish, both of which can be baled like wool and traded for steel, cement, and timber, which can then be sold in Australia.

    The US was opposed to this. Not only did they direct Australia’s Prime Minister Bob Hawke to introduce the shootout of feral cattle, but also our buffalo. This was on the pretext that America would have eradicated bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis from all states by 1984, and to import Australian meat would risk reinfection. The US lied and bovine TB and brucellosis is still rampant. Years later, we discovered that Bob Hawke worked for the CIA.

    Faced with the prospect of interdepartmental war, the Director of my Division, Bill Coburn, excised the sixty pages on buffalo and doomed Aboriginal communities to poverty, depression, and welfare dependency.

    Scientists and academics, being endemically stupid and easily led, decided that buffalo are an environmental hazard and encouraged the shootout. These callow city boys decided that buffalo walking tracks cause saltwater intrusion to lagoons when, in fact, it was the vast sheet erosion caused by their massive fires that did the damage.

    I make no bones about it. When we win our freedom and our nation back, we need to get rid of doctors, nurses, politicians and academics. Then we have a fair chance at national sanity and prosperity.

    Incidentally, I left the public service in disgust and formed the NT Buffalo Producer’s Cooperative and we fought the government BBTEC decision, unsuccessfully. I was told that my 160 acre buffalo stud farm would be illegal. Some of the buffalo farmers were silenced with large bribes, incorporating a non-disclosure clause. Currently, we are attempting to regenerate interest in buffalo farming and harvesting in Arnhem Land, meeting only obstacles. A rifle is an essential tool but the NT Government said I cannot have a licence because I am white.

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  17. Lorraine McDonald

    Everything you know is a lie. EVERYTHING!! We have been encouraged to learn this for ourselves. So it stands to reason that the theory of evolution proposed by Darwin is a blatant lie. Once you get your head around that and start thinking with your Heart (or Soul) and not your head/ego, you can begin to see for yourself what is true and what is not. Knowing that all our history is not true, begin thinking about the so called ‘feral’ animals that are apparently not native to Aust. Are they not? Why? Because we are told that? Start thinking for yourself. Look at the animals and think about what you know about the way Australian animals live in the environment. Do they belong? Could they belong? If not, why not? Take what you are told and turn it around. Mirror effect. Reverse everything you know about each thing you look at and see if it still fits. Research things like; burrowing animals in Australia and see why we are told rabbits don’t fit the same way all other native animals fit. Don’t they all have the same characteristics? What is different about the rabbit? Its’ a mammal with all the same parts that other native burrowing animals have? Examine why it doesn’t belong, then try to find why it would belong. I’m not saying one way or the other, I just want people to understand how we have been lied to so much that deciding what is true or false is so hard to do. Take other so called pest animals, look at where they live in the environment and see for yourself by the above method, whether they belong or not. Some may, some may not. But you each have to practise this with everything, and gradually you will begin to see the lies. Knowledge is the base though, and if you take false knowledge to make you examination, you will not see the lie. So do your research carefully. Look at the Reef. We were TOLD there was massive bleaching, never seen before, now we know that is a lie, because the tourism operators and people who dive and live around the Reef, have discounted such BS stories. Yet the ‘experts’ persist in telling these falsehoods because it fits their warming agenda. So what of the buffalo? Think people. Think for yourselves. Were they introduced? or were we just unaware of them like we were unaware that Australia had been bombed in WW11? (Witheld information) Then the buffalo suddenly appeared and we are told they are an introduced species. When? And how? In a supposedly young country, when did the number of wild cattle arrive, and how? Is what we are told true? Pull it all apart and see.

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  18. Oh they won’t – eventually you will be charged for breathing – and if you can’t pay you will just have to stop altogether – the desired outcome of course.

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  19. Why don’t these “people” be done with it and just kill off every last carbon-based lifeform on earth so we can halt this ‘dangerous’ rise in CO2??!! Is that what the ‘powers-that-shouldn’t-be’ want? So they can feast on nothing but sand and rocks once they become silicon-based ‘life’? If they cannot appreciate the glory and diversity of all life on Earth, it’s time they got off this beautiful, miraculous planet before they destroy it. Leave it to those of us who love Planet Earth in its entirety. Parasites be gone!

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  20. I have no words … why don’t we be done with it and just murder every last damned carbon-based lifeform on earth to halt this “deadly” rise in CO2?!!! Is that what the powers-that-shouldn’t-be want?! Dear God, it’s time to take them out to save the planet before they destroy it and its precious, gorgeous, irreplaceable glory …

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  21. Stupidity if someone does not know what they are doing.

    Universities do know and are therefore complicit and knowing.

    Parliament may have passed legislation making it compulsory for the universities to comply with Climate Change lies.
    I do know this has happened.

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  22. Darwin’s theory is a concept that concerns not only biology, chemistry, astronomy and metaphysics, but actually formed the basis for new political outlooks as well. Within a very short time, this new progressive political attitude was redefined as “Social Darwinism,” and as many historians have suggested, Social Darwinism became the ideological basis of fascism, communism, and eugenics. Darwin’s ideas of “natural selection” and “survival of the fittest” were central to the insane ideologies of many of the 20th century’s worst mass murderers including Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Marx, and Pol Pot. Charles Darwin himself was a blatant racist who elucidated in his book “The Descent of Man” how blacks and aborigines, due to their inferiority to Caucasians would “be done away with by the civilized races in time.”

    Freemasonic records state that Charles Darwin’s grandfather Erasmus Darwin was a philosopher, scientist and physician who advanced ideas on evolution back in the 18th century. Before coming to Derby in 1788, Dr. Darwin had been made a Mason in the famous Time Immemorial Lodge of Cannongate Kilwinning No. 2 of Scotland. He also maintained close connections to the Jacobin Masons in France and Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati. Sir Francis Darwin and Reginald Darwin, two of his sons, were also made Masons in Tyrian Lodge No. 253 at Derby. Charles Darwin does not appear on the rolls of the Lodge but it is most likely that he, like his Grandfather, his Sons and his “Bulldog” T.H.Huxley, was a Mason. Charles wrote that he used to listen to his grandfather’s ideas of evolution and was greatly influenced by them. Erasmus was the first man to put forward the notion of evolution in England. He was known as a “respected” person, but he had a very dark private life and at least two illegitimate children. Charles himself would go on to marry his first cousin and have three children die due to complications from inbreeding.

    “Masons, thinking that Darwinism could serve their goals, played a great role in its dissemination among the masses. As soon as Darwin’s theory was published, a group of volunteer propagandists formed around it, the most famous of whom was Thomas Huxley who was called Darwin’s ‘bulldog.’ Huxley ‘whose ardent advocacy of Darwinism was the single factor most responsible for its rapid acceptance’ brought the world’s attention to the theory of evolution in the Debate at the Oxford University Museum in which he entered into on June 30th, 1860 with the bishop of Oxford, Samuel Wilberforce. Huxley’s great dedication to spreading the idea of evolution, together with his establishment connections, is brought into further light according to the following fact: Huxley was a member of the Royal Society, one of England’s most prestigious scientific institutions and, like nearly all the other members of this institution, was a senior Mason. Other members of the Royal Society lent Darwin significant support … In short, Darwin wasn’t acting alone; from the moment his theory was proposed, he received the support that came from the social classes and groups whose nucleus was made up of Masons.” -Harun Yahya, “The Theory of Evolution Revisited”

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  23. God has said thinking themselves wise they become fools.
    These idiots must feed on their own bullshit. Exciting each other into another delusion. Charles Darwin was just a deluded fool, who thought everything just happened by itself to should I call him the greatest man of faith who ever existed.anyone who would call a university after this man is also totally deluded.
    Where did your mobile phone come from.”it just come together and happened over time all by itself?” No one designed it nor did they make it. It just evolved all by itself. One cannot help delusional fools who consider themselves as gods.

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  24. Why stop at buffalo?

    If carbon credits become available for culling feral toads (I’m pretty sure they are emitting gas as well) then I would definitely consider the environmental and economic opportunities of getting involved.

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  25. Charles Darwin University – what a name. May as well call it “Idiot Buffoon University”.

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  26. Human beings exhale about 3B tons of CO2/yr. The carbon exhaled is the same carbon that was “inhaled” from the atmosphere by the plants consumed. It’s a kind of circular economy that’s been in place for millions of years.
    Same story with big things that go ‘moo’, buffalo & cattle, energy-rich food sources, the beneficiaries of carbon in plants. It’s a zero sum game.
    If the anti-human fools trying to control evolution to benefit their shite agenda did a full long-term audit they would find that an industry based on replacing real food with a fake is a loser. Include all the downstream costs in terms of medical treatments for the resultant poor health outcomes of eating synthetic food and see how good the audit is.
    Of course they know that already, so this is about the agenda, nothing else. Another bit of scientific BS from the think-tank establishment, ignore.

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  27. Neville Thompson

    All Top End properties should replace cattle with buffalo for the value they bring to the Territory in employment and weed control .
    Buffalo can survive where cattle can’t .
    Defund Universities for their breeding program of academic drongo’s

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  28. Charles Darwin must be rolling over in his grave with this stupid socialist attention seekers


  29. Why are university advisors called “intelligentsia”?

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  30. Absolute madness, why is it up to us, what is Asia doing to save the planet, the buffalo could be harvested and used to help feed people, this is a smokescreen and just another way of reducing the population by starvation.

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  31. Stupidity seems to be running rampant through the “highly educated” in the world of academia…..

    Save the planet; Remove all the “experts”

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  32. The insanity continues, when lunatics are in control…

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  33. Stupidity seems to run rampant in the “highly educated” world of acedemia

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