German scientists demand Covid vaxx programs stop immediately to avert danger to human life and public safety

(Natural News) The German Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis – which includes over 60 scientists, doctors, lawyers, and journalists – published their “Summary of Preliminary Findings” on the toxic substances they are finding in covid-19 vaccine samples and the changes they are seeing in the blood samples taken from vaccinated individuals.

The scientists “frequently observed an unusually rapid disintegration of the different types of cells in the vaccinated blood” and found concerning rouleaux formations of red blood cells specifically in the vaccinated samples.

Because of these issues, the Working Group is calling for all covid-19 vaccine programs to end. “In order to avert a direct and imminent danger to human life and public safety, we ask that the Covid-19 vaccination programmes be discontinued immediately,” the Group’s report stated. The report has been sent to all members of the Lower House of Parliament in Germany and is being investigated by scientists and doctors of various disciplines.

Covid-19 vaccines damage the blood, impede circulation

The foreign, complex structures that have been isolated in the vaccine lots have also been found in the blood of vaccinated individuals. The Working Group used artificial intelligence to examine, with precision, differences in the blood of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. These toxic substances are having a profound negative impact on the blood of vaccinated individuals, as seen under dark-field microscopy. These inflammatory changes to the blood are taking place regardless of the incidence and severity of the side effects that vaccinated individuals experience. The covid-19 vaccines can cause long term changes in blood composition, without the vaccinated person being aware of these changes.

The scientists wrote that the foreign objects are not the result of contamination because they are found in different blood samples from various vaccine lots. They warn that the size of the objects can “lead to disruption in the blood circulation in the vessels.”

Much of the damage is predicated on the stability of the envelope of the lipid nanoparticles. The lipid nano-particles are designed to evade detection and deliver mRNA instructions to the cells. When the nanoparticles remain stable and effectively do their job, the blood damage is more severe and the vaccine side effects are more frequent and pronounced.

The researchers warn:

The stability of the lipid nano-particle envelope is closely correlated with the incidence of vaccine side effects and injury. The more stable this envelope, the greater the amount of mRNA that penetrates cells, where the production of spike proteins then takes place. These results correspond with the findings of pathologists who have carried out autopsies on people who died due to vaccine injury. Spike proteins were detected in damaged tissue. Researchers suspect that the spike protein is, in itself, toxic.

The vaccine’s mRNA is encapsulated in a protective envelope of nano lipids. These nano lipids are made out of multiple layers of polyethylene glycol (PEG). Some people have antibodies to PEG, due to previous exposure to vaccines and pharmaceuticals that contain PEG. This may explain the different reactions to the vaccine. If a person’s immune system recognizes, attacks, and breaks down the PEG, then the mRNA will degrade and not make it to the ribosomes of the cells. If this happens, then the vaccine does not produce the spike proteins, does not cause a further immune response, and does not cause subsequent damage.

Microscopic analysis finds various metallic elements in covid-19 vaccines

Researchers used scanning electron microscopy (“SEM”) and corresponding energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (“EDX”) to investigate the different vials of covid-19 vaccines. The analysis found metallic elements in the Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines. These metallic elements included caesium, potassium, calcium, barium, cobalt, iron, chromium, titanium, cerium, gadolinium, aluminum, silicon, and sulfur. These elements were not found in the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), Lubecavax, and Influspit Tetra vaccines.

The group hypothesized why the caesium was used in the vaccine. “From a medical point of view, caesium has no therapeutic value; on the contrary, one would have to assume that the addition of caesium disturbs the potassium balance and could cause vital cells (e.g., defense cells) to die in order to possibly accelerate the effect of the vaccination or to avoid endangering that effect.”

The Moderna vaccine also contained antimony, a highly toxic metal that could be used as an antiprotozoal adjuvant, serving an immunosuppressive effect. Notably, the vaccines contain pentavalent sodium stibogluconate. The side effects of this substance mirror the side effects commonly reported after vaccination, including: nausea, vomiting, myalgia, headache, lethargy and ECG changes. Long term side effects of pentavalent sodium stibogluconate administration in the blood also mirror long term side effects of vaccinated individuals, including damage to the liver and heart, pneumonia, blood count damage, and liver dysfunction.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It too attracted to many spams and ended up in spam so we left it there. Ed


  2. No Joey it was attracting too many spams and taking prisoners with it so we left it in spam. Ed


  3. Seems Cairns news could be under attack. Trolls/ agents posting attacking comments. A few months ago, we had one or two posting too, attacking others, trying to divide & conquer + to distract & divert etc.

    The John F. Kennedy article now also has been deleted:

    Which begs the question, have they hacked Cairns News, are they able to remove/ delete comments, inc. articles via Word Press etc. ?


  4. Blisskit, yes, what happened to Claire’s post?… Disappeared/deleted?… Whatever happened it doesn’t look too good for Cairns News as she could now claim that she has been censored.

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  5. Where did her post go? Replies to her post remain.


  6. Claire’s post has disappeared Cairns News have you deleted? Or is it my end? I saw her comment came up around 2.30 pm or so this arvo? Several have replied but where has her post gone? I have a screenshot


  7. TonyRyan 43 and Han Barkmeyer. It seems a little easy to cast judgement on mothers, because of course there is always a father, am I correct? However, you are correct somewhat in what you say. Yes children are defenceless (or were). Maybe you forgot that everyone has been sold doctors know all. Everything they tell you to not to do in pregnancy, don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t have camembert cheese, don’t dink coffee, don’t eat nuts, don’t don’t don’t don’t. My obstetrician told me most of that is a load of bullshit, it’s what comes after birth that causes all the problems. For the record babies are injected with Vitamin K in this country the day of their birth following their APGAR test. Recommended!! Don’t shame the parents on all counts.


  8. Hi Claire I bet you are an android full of dopamine and riding a horse backwards to the asylum. Am I close? Our readers can
    send you well wishes for getting better at Try some amphetamines they won’t affect your head so badly. When you report in to ASIO don’t forget to do a drug test. from all of our contributors and readers

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  9. Claire, You’re happy now! Governments are so “happy” with mRNA vaccines that they want to replace all old vaccines, including those for children, with mRNA vaccines. Mike Yeadon, former vice president of vaccine maker Pfizer, is having sleepless nights over this, he told the CHD Friday Roundtable .

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  10. Han Barkmeyer, Bummer their won’t be many Germans left over for > WEF President Klaus Schwab, he says governments worldwide should use AI to become “masters of the world”

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  11. Bobby, and it keeps on going, but we like to blame the Germans and the Japanese because they are the bad ones. And what are we doing here in Australia? Are we now going to fight not for the Mother country (the Juwka) BUT for the Juwsa?
    The US Is Preparing Australia To Fight Its War Against China. (Sick)


  12. Han Barkmeyer, They* follow the Science, and because they* are fully brainwashed, their curriculum and MSM and Jew doctored history that’s what they* believe…
    They* with more degrees the more jabs and boosters…

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  13. tonyryan43, They NEVER should have had children in the first place…

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  14. Han Barkmeyer, AND many still waiting for their boosters, and not talking about the nappy wearers, (the expression behind the masks – from I do my bit ) when will they wake up or alternatively collapse in front of many Half Sheep or Sheep? Will the Sheep understand – NO because they have been following the Science… Looks we are beyond help, Any ideas?

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  15. Claire, with taking so much flak from you we must be right over the target.

    By the way, have you been vaccinated, got your booster shots?
    Are you, have you been wearing your face masks?

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  16. I note the article for ‘Natural News’ was written by Lance D Johnson.

    It’s a no brainer that something is seriously wrong with this Stage 3 injectable Clinical trial that has been marketed to the world.
    Just stop it yesterday.

    I wonder why they won’t.
    Because they don’t want to.

    It may also come as a surprise to some that vaccines/injectables have been ‘dirty’ for a long time, way before ‘Operation Covid’.
    The adjuvants they have used on our littlies never fail to surprise.
    A bit of mercury, a bit of aluminium, a bit of saponin, a bit of polyethylene glycol (a petroleum by-product). Whatever it takes to send the immune system into action.
    So what’s a few metals here or there.
    All ‘safe and effective’.
    Disappointingly Lance didn’t mention graphene oxide discovered by other ‘reputable Scientists’ in their vials when looking under electron microscope.
    Graphene oxide serves a different purpose according to other ‘expert’ Scientists.

    Rouleux formations of the red blood cells occurs in the presence of electromagnetic frequencies.
    Dr. Magda Havas PhD who has been studying electromagnetic fields since the 1970’s has lots of pre ‘Operation Covid’ stuff on this.

    So yes, vaccinated or non vaccinated, turn your mobile phone off if you don’t want your blood to do that.
    Source: https://magdahavas. com

    The idea of ‘shedding’ by the genetically modified hybrids among us could be a diversion or at least it would be no more than very close contact with body fluids as per usual.

    The envelope of the lipid nanoparticle is claimed to be hydrogel.
    Perhaps one could check in with the US Department of Defence (DOD) about that.
    It’s their baby.

    Just adding my own conspiracy to the mix I still think there is something to be said about Morgellons.
    Again, this condition is not new and was documented pre ‘Operation Covid’.
    Morgellons vibrating fibres, silicon (found in recent vials), replicating technology of it’s RNA/DNA, skin sores (like a monkeypox).
    Even a mention about myocarditis.
    Also a mention about dealing with this siliconised AI via a resonant frequency (Rife) if one knew what frequency it actually was.
    Source: morgellons. org

    Some of the photos that we are now seeing from ‘Operation Covid’ vials look uncannily similar.

    Those fibres.

    I note that Barry Trower, (military EMF) has just had an interview with German/USA Legal Eagle Reiner Fuellmich.
    Apparently 5th Generation (5G) is not safe.

    Now we’re talking.

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  17. WHAT? – 50% excess mortality in Germany!
    (Click on the ‘English’ translation button in the top right-hand corner.)

    Here’s a quick update to look at the excess mortality and it definitely doesn’t look good. Germany just had its highest levels of excess deaths since the onset of covid, writes Peter Imanuelsen .

    You read it right. In the week ending December 25, Germany had an excess mortality of 50%, in the week ending January 1 it was slightly better with “only” 44% excess mortality.

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  18. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Believes the Covid ‘Vaccine’ Spike Protein is ‘Shedding’ to Unvaccinated People

    Interesting video with Dr. Tenpenny explaining:

    “Well with these shots, we are not injecting a live virus, a whole virus. We’re not even injecting a part of a virus. We are injecting laboratory generated messenger RNA in the the Pfizer and in the Moderna shot, and in the J&J and the AstraZeneca shot, we’re injecting an adenovirus, a common cold adenovirus that’s had its core shelled out, I mean, its genetic material taken out, and a piece of DNA, double stranded DNA, they call it trans gene, that has been put inside of that shell.”

    So if it isn’t the standard vaccine shedding that we’ve seen in the past, what’s happening with the Covid “vaccines”?

    “I personally, this is my own personal opinion, believe it’s the spike protein,” she said. “I believe that there’s billions of spike proteins and it’s a protein that then can last longer. And some people have said they think it’s the messenger RNA. Messenger RNA is pretty unstable. And so I don’t think it would last very long. But if you were having close personal contact with people like a spouse and you were hugging or kissing or having sex with someone or like with the grandchild probably sitting in Grandma or Grandpa’s lap, something is being transmitted that is causing horrible problems and not just bleeding problems.”

    She went on to explain that we simply don’t know for sure how it’s being transmitted or even what’s being transmitted. It could even be the 5G theory that many have discussed. Until we know more, it’s best to finally use social distancing for something useful when around vaccinated people.

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  19. University of Colorado Scientists’ Study Confirms Vax Shedding

    The study titled ‘Evidence for Aerosol Transfer of SARS-CoV2-specific Humoral Immunity’ was published 1st May 2022.
    It confirms that the vast majority of humanity has had absolutely no choice in the matter of whether they wish to get the Covid-19 injection or not because the vaccinated have been transmitting antibodies generated by the injections through aerosols.

    The findings should however come as no surprise because a confidential Pfizer document had already confirmed exposure to the mRNA injections was perfectly possible by skin-to-skin contact and breathing the same air as someone who had been given the Covid-19 jab.

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  20. Seriously, we’ve had three years of this rolling BS, with eminent scientists and medical experts ringing the alarm bells from day one – YET NOTHING HAPPENS.

    Five years from now we’ll STILL have collections of concerned professionals and a tiny minority of well-meaning politicians calling for a halt to the dangerous mRNA “vaccines” – by then being produced for a whole slew of regular ailments and injected into our food chain – and STILL NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

    Never mind that by then we’ll have a whole series of NEW crises manufactured by the Globalists to bring the walls of our crumbling society down on our heads. Judging from the track record so far, good luck with ANY coherent response to ANY of what’s coming. No doubt we’ll have bands of concerned professionals putting out warnings on each new disaster as they unfold before our eyes.

    BTW, has anyone noticed – how are things’ panning out for the Germans lately? Not only has the horse bolted, it seems they’re letting all the other livestock species out of their corrals in rapid succession. Ditto the rolling disasters unfolding CONTINUOUSLY all across the USA. Anyone noticing a PATTERN yet?

    Folks, wake up and get it into your heads – this is being RUN by our fake “governments” and by our captured MILITARY – OF COURSE our ADVERSARIES are not going to stop the prosecution of their WAR against us just because some concerned professionals call for a halt to the hostilities.

    Lindesymonds makes mention of National Cabinet in this forum, as though National Cabinet is a “thing”. It’s not, really it’s not – “National Cabinet” is a MADE-UP piece of BS which the Smirk PLUCKED OUT OF HIS ARSE in order to have a SECRET FORUM in which to scheme up the Globalists’ extermination campaign for Australia, in collusion with ALL the Globalist state Premiers.

    And yet now “National Cabinet”, plucked out of Smirk’s treasonous ARSE to use as a secret WAR ROOM against the Australian people, is ENTRENCHED in the fake Federal Government’s day-to-day plotting for Australia’s destruction.

    Folks, the chickens are NOT going to swing a deal with the foxes to save their scrawny necks. It’s not going to stop until WE stand up and MAKE it stop. PERIOD.

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  21. In the Senate this month, Senator Malcolm Roberts has grilled AHPRA in relation to the enforcement of “authorized speech” over the medics.

    Here is the Australian Government circular. The blah-blah puts on record that this is general information Australian Government employers who are ‘considering’ adopting policies that would require employees to be vaccinated against CoVID 19. The fine print and legalese clearly shows that it is the government putting the screws on the employers of the public and private sectors to mandate the vaxx. These ‘considerations’ emanate from National Cabinet Policy. No jab no job.


  22. Michael Augustus

    If you have had the “jab”…get right with won’t be long before you stand before the Great White Throne on judgement day. JOHN ch. 3 v 16.

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  23. To prosecute this crime against humanity and our common human genome, it’d be good if a blood sample was taken from each people who dies from this day forward. Vaxxed or unvaxxed. The German group is either right or wrong. The famous Crime Stoppers can be contacted if evidence of corrupted blood is found only in those dead bodies which were vaxxed.

    Han, so many people were deceptively educated via a 24/7 fear-driven, frenzied infomercial propaganda blitz from 2020 through to about early 2022. Many people still not see through the scam. It has toned down a bit recently but I see today select groups of the public are being recommended to get their M-pox shot and/or 5th booster. For those who forget what ‘M’ stands for, it’s the name rebranding of Bill Gates ‘Money-pox’.

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  24. I always suspected that the highly educated people are also the most indoctrinated and brainwashed when it comes to issues like 9/11, COVID-19, etc. The highly educated believe the government’s/official narrative more than any other group.

    This study proves it:

    Education is a bigger factor than race in desire for COVID-19 vaccine
    Results from a new USC Dornsife study show that U.S. adults with higher education are significantly more likely to get a COVID-19 vaccination and to believe in the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness.

    Researchers with the Center for Economic and Social Research (CESR) at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences found that more than 3 out of 4 (76%) U.S. adults with at least a bachelor’s degree have already been vaccinated or plan to be, compared to just over half (53%) of those without a college degree.

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  25. Safe and effective for the makers, but not for the victims. Any adult who still believes in vaccination deserves what happens to them.

    But children are defenceless. Yet how many adults have I heard advocating “non-violent peaceful protest” while babies and infants are being jabbed. This must be the first generation in human history that refuses to fight for their children’s lives. That was once a criminal offence in itself.

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  26. Rhonda: “We all know it should never be given in the first place.”

    Boy, have you got a short memory… 99% of the people were scared shitless because of COVID-19 and were begging for the “vaccine”, couldn’t wait to be fuckcinated.
    The face mask wearing Sheeple would abuse you if you were not wearing one…

    Only the Unvaccinated could see through the Scam and the Lies:
    The Greatest Psychological Fear Campaign In Human History.

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  27. We all know it should never be given in the first place.

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