Climate cultist Chris Bowen comes unstuck Tweeting climate change is a national emergency

Nobody wants Labor and the U.N.’s Net Zero Agenda

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for a range of portfolios relating to our national interests, including national security, emergency management, counter terrorism policy, cyber security, and so on.

Senator Alex Antic in senate estimates asked whether the department of Home Affairs seriously considered climate change as a national threat. “The response I received confirmed that it did which led Minister Bowen to denounce me on Twitter for denying climate change has national security implications.” The massive public Twitter response put Bowen right in his place. Nobody wants Net Zero rubbish.

Yet during the recent senate estimates questioning, the head of the Department of Home Affairs noted that the department was now also dealing with the adverse effects of human-induced “climate change”.

Excuse me? Intrigued, this curious assertion led me to ask whether the department seriously considered climate change to be one of its areas of concern.

The response I received confirmed that it did, and that the department considered it to be a fact that climate change is human induced.

Apparently, the science is settled, and the debate is over.

The National Resilience Taskforce, recently established by the department, lists one of its priorities as “identifying and assessing national security climate impacts and risks and developing policies to address critical national security vulnerabilities resulting from or exacerbated by climate change.”

How, exactly, climate change poses a threat to national security, and why the department has reached this conclusion, is unclear, but it appears many of our departments have internalised the United Nations’ Net Zero by 2050 Agenda, which proposes a total revolution of our energy industry.

Shortly after this estimates exchange, the Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen MP took to Twitter to denounce me for “denying that climate change has national security implications.”

Well, some members of the Australian public responded with their thoughts, and they were overwhelmingly unsupportive of the Minister’s finger-wagging. In fact, it may have been one of the greatest (or saddest, depending on how you look at it) Twitter ratios I’ve ever seen.

You can watch my response to that tweet in my own social media video below

The responses to Bowen’s tweet were very clear: Everyday Australians do not want Labor and the U.N.’s Net Zero Agenda, and they don’t want our Home Affairs Department wasting their time and resources on ”climate change”.

Rather, what they want is the Labor government to address the cost-of-living crisis (being driven by the blind push for renewable energy) which continues to become worse.

Australians want a government which puts Australia’s national interests first rather than the interests of renewables investors. They want leadership with the courage to say what people are really thinking, rather than repeating the left-wing dogma of woke, secular universities and Davos elites.

Climate change is not a national security threat, but the U.N.’s Net Zero Agenda is.

Australia has every reason to be a leader in the global energy market, with our access to clean coal and the largest reserves of uranium on earth, while our carbon emissions are already miniscule.

In the 1970’s, the climate experts at the U.N. were telling us that a global ice age was going to kill us all by the year 2,000. Climate alarmism was nonsense then, as it is now.

We need bold leadership that will call out the lies of the climate alarmists. If the Minister’s Twitter is anything to go by, Australia is craving it.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Yeah, ‘Climate Change’ IS real! It’s all made up by our corrupt governments – worldwide – and in collusion with one another! Never underestimate this Climate Change. It’s implications spell death for all living creatures – all flora and fauna, all sea critters, all four-legged animals and all two legged animals. And they want all gone by 2050 if not sooner.


  2. A very good article written by one of the very few Australian Politicians doing the job he is paid to do. However he is on the wrong track by blaming only the Labor Party. This crap has been going on under both Liberal and Labor. They both need to be done away with. We need good independent politicians in place. Those who are not treasonous by doing what “the party” instructs. Those that listen to the PEOPLE.

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  3. It is quite clear that these “climate change caused by human activity” galahs never concentrated on their studies while in school. I believe they spent their time day dreaming and some of them have wormed their way into political positions or believe it or not into academia positions.

    As a now 78 year old I knew at the start of this nonesense the boffins were about making a name for themselves and lots of money through grants from the likes of Soros and Co.

    The same types pushing this agenda of anti carbon dioxide are the same ones jetting around the world in their private planes and sponsoring or attending the quite unnecessary so called motor sports.

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  4. A lot of this “Climate Change Emergency” is a smoke screen to cover up the massive amount of pollution and climate altering technologies the Chinese are using in building up their economy to the detriment of other World nations. GET REAL? How many coal fired boiler plants has the western nations closed while the Chinese build them in the dozens. WAKE UP WORLD.? Asleep on their dopey feet are Australian politicians and business leaders, selling out jobs to China, betraying the next generation of Australian workers to what amounts to a total enemy nation. Oh well ? back to POVERTY and the horse and cart for future Australians ?

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  5. Thank You Senator Antic

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  6. We need to add No to the climate bullshit and Definitely NO TO THE VOICE TO PARLIAMENT. These prick Labor politicians are playing us and we can make it stop

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  7. Can someone please in the name of real ‘National Security’ get rid of these moronic imbeciles? Seriously.
    Just saw a snippet of the one they call our PM promoting his “VOICE”. He says it will “unite us” and show to the rest of the world our “maturity” as a nation.
    I don’t know about anyone else but it seems to me all the words they use to sell things to the public are the exact opposite of reality. So I would say the “VOICE” is actually divisive and infantile, just based on that part of the speech by the photo op guy who parades as our appointed leader. What a complete and utter insult to the average Australian these supposed representative are, considering we pay their faarking wages! Then again I guess their wage is like a tip in comparison to what they probably getting from elsewhere.

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  8. You can bag labor all you like and rightly so I might add.
    Tony Abbot had Climate Change believer Gregg Hunt as climate minister, a right ding bat.
    Abbot also closed the auto industry.
    Wind turbines do not produce the essential and legally required 50 hertz energy. They are a total scam.
    Labor and Liberal, wings of the same bird.
    The climate is cooling. The next ‘mini’ ice age has begun.

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  9. Dont these clowns like Bowen know they have a used by date , once these Globalist Elites have got there way which they wont , but CLOWNS LIKE BOWEN and the rest of his COHORTS will all be thrown under the bus , but I think once the mass sheep awakening happens when there kids start dying or there husbands or wives from the jab , what did the real experts say between two to five years thats when they start to drop then they will wake up that they have been conned lookout then they will sort all these TRAITORS out and I dont think it will end well for the whole bloody lot of them and as far as im concerned it cant come quick enough and climate change will be the least of there problems .

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  10. Chris Bowen got the job because he is the dumbest ideologue in the entire ALP.

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  11. The climate is always changing and no money will change it. This summer has been the coldest ever. Windmills damage peoples health, kills insects and birds.
    The infrasound is damaging the inner ear, the balance organ and hearing organ and creates tinnitus and we also know it damages the heart muscle. The problem is the infrasound can travel many miles, 50km is nothing.
    It’s time these politicians did their research before making ridiculous decisions. These windmills take away a lot of farmland and only last 20years, then have to be dismantled and what happens to the waste. 😡😡

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  12. UN ‘Net Zero by 2050 Agenda’ only applies to countries that must be economically destroyed in prep for the Great Reset, ie Western nations.
    Those who control the levers of finance and international trade can wreck the joint slow or fast. About all we can do is call them out as to their real agenda. Joe Average will work it out when petrol is no longer for sale and EVs cost a bucket load to buy and run. In those future days, zooming around 15 minute Hunger Games suburbs on e-scooters and bikes, dodging would-be muggers, will be all the rage.

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  13. here we are for all of you EV nuts this is what you need, you mob of virtue signalers that you are. one of these generators will make you happy around about $ 5,000.00 I would say, and you can say with confidence that you are doing your bit for emissions, and that you care about the environment.
    give me a 3 litre turbo diesl hilux anyday over these stupid EV vehicles

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  14. Having spent my life in the mining industry, owning small gouger shows and contracting for majors with heavy mining equipment I am acutely aware of the liquid fuel costs used in this industry, to be sure there NEVER will be an electric dozer or 300 ton dump truck, NEVER EVER, what I am having trouble with is re-conciling Bowens and the Greens forthcoming total ban on liquid fossil fuels, and the absolutely essential mining boom to supply the minerals for the production of so called renewables, renewables are 100% relient on fossil fuels for the mining, processing, refining and manufacturing of the short life and unreliable renewable technology currently available, solar has progressed 2% in 25 years so it will be an extended boom–or a BUST. This is beyond common sense.

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  15. Climate Nutter Chris reminds me of an EV getting his charge from a diesel fuel generator.

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  16. Chris Bowen is a Self centred ,iMarxist, Climate Catastrophizer, pushing NWO Energy Policies ,that go into the Coffers of the Global Oligharts ,the rest of Humanity has to pick up the Tab

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  17. Their covert weather warfare & manipulation, seems to be doing its intended aim.

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  18. “denying climate change has national security implications”

    Just trying to break down what that means.

    I thought climate change was about cow farts and carbon credit scores and net zero
    carbon by the serfs who will not be allowed to drive their cars or fly in aeroplanes.

    No biggie.

    How does denying, even disproving the impact of cow farts cause a National Security risk?

    Key words: National Security.

    Does that mean that if we don’t go along with the ‘climate change’ Cult that Australia could come under attack?
    From whom?
    The weather gods?

    Do tell.

    Boys in suits.

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