Criminologist questioning Train shooting analysis suddenly cut off on ABC radio

Senior cop Tracy Linford’s Weiambilla analysis questioned by criminologist.


A PROMINENT criminologist who began questioning a Queensland Police analysis of the Weimbilla shooting was suddenly and mysteriously cut off from an interview on ABC radio on Friday.

Bond University criminologist professor Dr Terry Goldsworthy, a former police officer who is occasionally interviewed on the ABC, was asked about comments by Queensland deputy police commissioner Tracey Linford in connection with the shooting.

Prof. Goldsworthy immediately began to question Linford’s definition of the shooting as a terrorism event, citing the official definition of terrorism under Australian law, that is an act or threat that is intended to advance a political, ideological or religious cause or coerce or intimidate an Australian or foreign government or the public.

Prof Goldsworthy was about to elaborate on that point when he was cut off mid-sentence, prompting the interviewer to comment how sudden and strange the cut-off was. The line was previously very clear without signs of phone signal weakness.

Linford created controversy in Christian circles when she said Christian extremist ideology has been linked to other attacks around the world but the Weimbilla shooting was “the first time we’ve seen it Australia”.

“We absolutely believe they acted as an autonomous cell, but one of our inquiries is that they did make social media postings and there were people in the US who did monitor those social media postings and make responses to those social media postings.”

Police are extremely sensitive about the shooting, and Cairns News is aware of Nathaniel Train’s daughter Madeline being taken in for questioning by police in Mt Isa over a post she made on Instagram. Cairns News has been unable to find an online link to the interview.

Dr Goldsworthy, a former Queensland detective inspector, has studied the link between evil and armed conflicts using the Waffen-SS as a case study. He recently published his first book, Valhalla’s Warriors, which examines genocide committed by the Nazi SS in Russia during World War II.

He has also contributed a chapters to the tertiary textbooks, Serial Crime and Forensic Criminology, published by Academic Press and contributed a number of articles to the Australian Police Journal.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It would appear Qld police have adopted rule 1 of journalism…
    “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”


  2. These highly misused and abused laws that are used to shut down dissent, should be used to shut down propaganda, profiling, vilification, victimization, discrimination, bigotry and so on – all the characteristics of the people that concocted them in the first place.


  3. Lets quote the report under its terms of reference: ———
    “Vilification can, amongst other things, cause the victim distress, fear and alienation. The committee is
    of the view that a society that ignores or is accepting of vilification is only a short step away from one
    in which serious vilification and hate crimes occur.
    In this report, the committee focuses on hate crimes and serious vilification, but, where appropriate,
    also considers vilification more generally.”
    What is good for the goose must be good for the gander, or what say I?


  4. Maybe these extremist radicalized and fanatical cultists (All terms attributable to the QLD police based on their recent hysteria in dealing with this case), maybe these fascist police persons should be investigated under the terms of reference and remedies sought in the Inquiry into serious
    vilification and hate crimes. See

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  5. Well having just looked up Goldsworthy’s forthcoming book on Amazon. The front page script reads – ‘An examination of the Waffen-SS: human atrocity and evil.’

    What self-respecting historian would print such drivel on the front page?. This alone, suggests that the book’s contents will consist of the usual historical facts, interspersed with career promoting sensationalism.

    As a ‘researcher’ of alleged Waffen-SS genocide in Russia, I would guess, – that Goldsworthy has never even visited the sites of the alleged war crimes which he writes about?

    As with Katyn Forest, many of the ‘alleged’ W-SS crime scenes were the handiwork of the NKVD.

    Here’s what ‘genuine’ research into an ‘alleged’ Waffen-SS war crime looks like: but unfortunately, such uncomfortable findings, based upon actual field work and detailed ‘site analysis,’ instead of getting rave reviews, – got Vincent Reynouard a few years in the western ZOG gulag. The same with other WWII historians, such as Professor Faurisson, David Irving, etc.

    Click to access Vincent%20Reynouard%20-%20Oradour%20sur%20Glane%2C%20to%20blame%20on%20the%20Resistance.pdf

    Why would anyone entertain Goldsworthy’s PC yarns, when so many real historians are in print.


  6. This extremist behavior raises some serious suspicions that they are trying to cover something up. Consider this. The police are the only witnesses alive from that tragedy. Who is to say they did not fabricate all the evidence and are using these (very typical) techniques to try and cover up a crime that they committed. It will not be the first time. Any intelligent (even cursory) research into the background of this tragedy and how it played out should compellingly raise such concerns. Perhaps time for a full independent inquiry into this?
    The attempt to try and vilify, victimiez and criminalize people that have strong religious beliefs and mistrust big government has all the earmarks of fascism in the brewing.
    The public needs protection against this kind of extremism and such fanatics should not be in positions of power. Perhaps an application for a declarative order under the UN Fundamental rights charter to which Australia is a signatory, accompanied by a request for appropriate relief like the suspension of such unhinged people from office and a recommendation that they undergo some de-de-radicalization therapy. People that propagate such extreme actions in a democracy tick all the boxes of dangerous cultists. The question should be asked. Who really, are the terrorists here? Apart from being woefully ignorant of such things as premillennialism (that they claimed is an earmark of potential terrorists), these people need help, because they are very sick indeed. Not to mention posing a serious danger to our democracy.



    Then again, Bond University would immediately have sacked him.

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  8. He could of course investigate vaccine genocide being committed in Australia. Editor

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  9. (crackle) All officer alert. Deputy Commissioner Linford here. I want all available officers to descend on the rural property of P. Hogswash of Lot 69 Yandina Road. Kevlar should be worn. The suspect has been reported as shooting crows with an unlicensed slug gun and is therefore to be regarded as armed and dangerous. The fish sign on the back of his car identifies him as a seditious religious fanatic. All officers are directed to shoot first and ask questions later. A feasible report of the intervention has already been approved.

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  10. This just gets funnier every day. Is it just me, or is Tracey Linford a fully-fledged card-carrying conspiracy theorist?

    Quick, phone the cops and report her. It’s your duty as a QUEENSLANDER.

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  11. If Dr Goldsworthy were to go onto ABC radio to bang on about his stupid book, it is understandable that dials all over nation would click off. But in questioning PC Tracy ‘the government is your source of truth’ Linford’s definition of the Wiembilla shooting, it sounds to me like the Australian Bolshevik Corporation cut him off from calling BS on a subject that is definitely in his wheelhouse.

    Yes. The Official Police Narrative has now changed again. First it was a routine ‘are you all right?’ just a friendly coming waaaay out here to make sure you’re OK kind of missing person check. [With 4 armed police to a remote location]. That didn’t fly. Then it was two police. Then we learned that the Wiembilla Three were anti-police, anti-vaxxer doomsday preppers who laid an ambush for the police just visiting to make sure everyone’s OK. Now that the Official Vaxx Narrative has tanked, the Wiembilla Three have been morphed into a Christian terrorist cell. Really you don’t have to be a professor of criminology to have an opinion on all this.

    Cutting him off in mid sentence like that indicates that he was about to depart from the current Big Q Copper Party Line on the Wiembilla Three.

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  12. “Dr Goldsworthy, a former Queensland detective inspector, has studied the link between evil and armed conflicts using the Waffen-SS as a case study. He recently published his first book, Valhalla’s Warriors, which examines genocide committed by the Nazi SS in Russia during World War II.”

    Why doesn’t Dr. Goldsworthy examine the genocide committed by the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia during their Revolution and the years after? They genocided 66 million Russians – Solzhenitsyn.

    Oh, of course, Dr. Goldsworthy would have been sacked immediately by Bond University.

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