A plethora of white blackfellas has engulfed the media screaming for the Voice and sovereignty

Dodgy polling might help

Senator Lydia Thorpe scooped the pool as the whitest blackfella in federal parliament attracting mass media attention when she resigned from the Greens, screaming for Aboriginal sovereignty instead of the much maligned Voice which is losing steam by the day. Thank God.

Greens leader Adam Bandt was obviously relieved when he appeared on television saying the motor-mouthed Victorian had dumped his party.

Nearly every news broadcast by the ABC has featured white people claiming to be black all demanding the Voice be passed.

There are so many white people clamoring to get onto the black gravy train it has become a case of ‘spot the blackfellas’

The wishy washy Liberals, who never made any important decisions while in power, other than Covid jabs, have been unable to make up their minds about the dangerous Constitutional amendment being driven hard by a faltering PM Albanese who by now realises the race is lost.

National polling is around 50/50 with falling support, leaving the only hope of the Voice getting up at referendum to the dodgy Australian Electoral Commission which fudged the result in the national poll about same sex marriage which in reality was lost according to research by Australians for Honest Elections.

All ballot papers in the marriage poll were posted to voters using mailing lists provided by the AEC. At least 248,000 letters were returned to the AEC endorsed ”addressee unknown” Before there could be an inquiry or investigation into this anomaly the AEC shredded the returned letters, but would have recorded the details beforehand.

Prior to the marriage poll scam, the AEC had approximately 400,000 roll entries across the nation whose identity had not been verified.

Combined with the 248,000 dud names at correct addresses, the AEC, GetUp, unions, Konnech and the ALP have a potential warchest of 648,000 false names at correct addresses with which they can manipulate the result of any election, no ID required.

That should be sufficient to ensure the Voice gets up, no pun intended with GetUp!


Rent-a-crowd has been prolific comprising mainly white university students, professional agitators and crisis actors usually organised by GetUp and trade unions leaving real Aborigines out of the picture.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data revealed as of June 30, 2021 there were 984,000 identifying as Aboriginal and Islanders representing 3.8 per cent of the total population.

This is an increase of 185,600 (23.2 per cent) since June 30, 2016. Prolific breeders on good country.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Blisskitt said – “If true what the hell is wrong with these parents?”

    They’ve all got a huge bug up their butts – they really really WANT to got to Hell. So they’re doing EVERYTHING they can to make sure that they get there.

    IMO they’re definitely on track to realise their dreams (although the worthless scum probably can’t fathom that their dream will be 1,000 times worse than their worst possible NIGHTMARE – FOREVER).

    BUT it’s an absolute atrocity that they want to drag their children down to Hell with them.


  2. These people are beyond sick. I found this happening an hour away from me all to do with the same agenda. Pussay Poppins.

    From article:

    “The Australian Christian Lobby wants Drag Storytime at the Launceston Library cancelled, saying the government shouldn’t be promoting drag to toddlers
    It is the first time the Launceston Library has hosted a drag storytime to celebrate “diversity” and it has sold out
    Tasmania’s Deputy Premier said he wouldn’t be taking his children, but it was a “parental choice” if others do
    The Launceston Library is hosting Drag Storytime next Wednesday in celebration of TasPRIDE and World Pride 2023.

    The event, aimed at two- to five-year-olds, is free and has already sold out.

    It has been promoted as a chance for toddlers to “frock up, dress up and throw on a tiara” while Tasmanian drag performer Pussay Poppins “takes us on adventures in Frockodile and Whitney & Britney Chicken Divas”.

    At a media conference on Monday, Deputy Premier Michael Ferguson was asked if he supported the library hosting the event.

    “I think a lot of people would express concern and it’s important that parental choice be the determining factor here, but I wouldn’t be taking my children,” the conservative Liberal said.

    Drag story time events have been held at libraries across Australia, but this is the first time the Launceston Library has hosted one.

    All libraries across Tasmania are run and funded by the Tasmanian government.”

    If true what the hell is wrong with these parents?
    Absolutely faarking sick. Additionally tax payer $.




    They’re pushing apartheid. You won’t see that on their banners though.


  4. Re:___ Blisskit Comment – This LBQRSTUVWXYZ@@%% CRAP (Probably the Best Name at Least) will not only Destroy Marriage – THIS type of Society Breakdown is Exactly what the Socialists/Communists need for a Walkover of Countries that indulge in this Ridulous Personal Behaviour – WHAT the HELL is wrong with people who display this Behaviour. Those who seek this Obnoxious Behaviour, and those who Support it, need to be sent to some offshore ISLAM ISLAND, to Breed it out of THEIR Society and, to allow the rest of US, to lead a Normal Life, as our GOD intended it, without this Disgusting Behaviour – DO WHAT YOU WISH, in YOUR BEDROOMS, BUT, DO NOT, PUSH IT IN OUR FACES, every Minute of the Day. IT is NOT NORMAL Behaviour – IT IS, ABNORMAL. Cheers


  5. Re Blisskitt comment –

    ge’ and proud –

    Strongs Hebrew concordance of the KJV translates Hebrew word 1343 ge’, pronounced gay as haughty:- proud.

    Homosexual Activist Admits True Purpose of Battle is to Destroy Marriage

    (Source: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lifematters/why-get-married/4058506 )


  6. Hi Ed and co.

    Not related but our good old ABC as Executive sponsor of Sydney Worldwide Pride 2023. “The ABC’s month of gay fun program released”.

    Check it out at: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/02/the-abcs-month-of-gay-fun-program-released-.html

    I don’t find much pride in any of it, and it’s our taxpayer $.

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  7. I still maintain that DNA Testing needs to be introduced, to determine the Level of Aborigine Blood, ALL of these Indigenous People, getting Money from the Government have and a Limit of 20% be Set by the Government – IF Higher than 20% – NO DOLE – Get out and find a Job, like others have to do.

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  8. Aboriginals breeding with whites lose their racial identity –

    The ‘half-caste problem’ in Australia

    “…………….Yet two basic difficulties bedevilled this long-range process. First, it relied on the intermarriage of half-caste women with European men but left unanswered the question of what to do with half-caste men (McGregor 1997:167-8). The second difficulty related to the supposed racial distance between Aborigines and Europeans. A policy favouring marriage between half-caste women and white men had, in effect, to shorten that distance. Advocates of such a policy tried to do precisely this. They insisted that no harmful effects of Aboriginal ancestry could be discerned in the children resulting from intermarriage with whites: unlike ‘Negro blood’ which allegedly produced occasional ‘throwbacks’ to the Negro-type among white descendants, ‘Aboriginal blood’ disappeared after a few generations. Indeed, Neville (1947:63) averred that among whites and Aborigines, the opposite kind of ‘throwback’ occurred, with a child of an Aboriginal mother sometimes reverting to the colour of a white grandfather. Moreover, increasing stress appears to have been laid on racially classifying Aborigines as ‘Caucasian’.[35] The geographer Griffith Taylor (1880-1963) joined a chorus repeating that ‘blood-tests of Australian aborigines agree more closely with those of west Europeans than with similar tests of most intervening races’.[36] Thus, with assurances rather than celebration, the racial distance between Europeans and Aborigines was narrowed.”


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  9. daviddd2 quoted – “You are on stolen land”…

    … and incidentally (white-arsed suburban caucasian woman in sunnies with long blonde hair) so is she. Maybe she fell into a vat of White King Lemon Scented Bleach as a baby.

    If not, she better put on those floaties and get swimming out to international waters pronto.


  10. Look in the RH column on CN and you can download the entire manifesto. Ed


  11. Put you spectacles on and read the signs. ‘Sovereignty Now’. Does that ring a bell? Ed


  12. If any of these arseholes is black, then they must have been bleached.


  13. So what has a photo of “Stop Indigenous Deaths in Custody” full of white people got to do with “The Voice” argument? The photo has no date so context cannot be determined.
    Just for the record my intended vote has always been NO from the beginning. And by the way I OWN my land as an Australian born Citizen. Consider me just another Tribe on this land. By the way I won’t be paying any Rent to any other Tribes that think they can demand it in future.


  14. Hello Editor

    Can you please re email the Port Arthur Massacre story, I believe written last year.

    Thank you


  15. “You are on stolen land”

    Aw, all right, luv, what time is the footy on?

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  16. Even if you can spot a Black Fella he or she it not necessarily indigenous to this continent. But (let’s say) he is better optics than these anti-White, Anti-Australian ‘Box Tickers’ with Political Commissar Lydia. She’s probably got them signed up to the Open Societies and Tidewater payrolls of Kremlin asset George Soros. A manufactured billionaire if ever there was one. Bet they all have ESG corporate sponsorship and a CCP sugar daddy.

    In the summer of 2020 when BLM rioted in the major American cities prior to the election coup d’etat and Communist Takeover, there were plenty of BLM gooks who did not speak American Black eubonics. And the big streamlined BLM busses taking the gooks to their assignments were tracked by the 1790 First Act Americans across the interstates. The conversations that developed at the truck stops were always of interest for these were places of many meetings.

    One story making the rounds was about these two guys tracking the BLM bus and they followed it to this truckstop in Tennesee. Trucks are there, the BLM bus was there and a few cars. And some White guys from those cars already at the truckstop were openly carrying. From their bearing they were either military or ex-military. Inside, there are some BLM (not the whole busload) and two had come right up to these White guys. But this was no confrontation – this was like long lost pals. The White guys and the young Blacks were talking in an unknown language with lots of clicks and gestures. The young Blacks from the BLM were talking impassionedly. The White guys were talking back with greatest interest. These folks were reading each other down to the last click and the last clap. They know each other – whether personally or culturally, impossible for an outsider to tell. Then BLM PC got involved and was told by one of Whites to shut his face in a tone that shut it for him. The upshot of the discussion was that the two young BLM estimated about 18 had decided to come with and they would be leaving the bus. So they left, together the guys who were at the truck stop when the tracking Americans arrived and the two BLM left together.

    The Americans: White and Black looked at each other like WTF? And the BLM PC. ‘He was like a whup hound. I mean this was the niggamoment and he lost.’ To the White Americans, he was like: ‘And in this free country [moment of silence] we can’t we even bus our people’. [ read gooks to the riot scheduled for Atlanta]. Well that is racism for you. And the Americans who had tracked the bus were completely out their depth and expertise. They had witnessed an instructive event in race relations. And out the window the two men and the teenagers got into an SUV and drove off.

    I know what they witnessed. There are people reading this who would know what they witnessed. One of the Americans later searched the internet for that language with those clicks and hand gestures. It was Ndebele. So the Americans had seen two guys, veterans of the Rhodesian Security Forces meet the BLM to intercept two of their countrymen – probably grandchildren of men who had belonged to their regiments. The American BLM had an encounter with counter insurgency – not cops taking a knee and cowed whites who would rather die than be called ‘a racist’ by the communist state. The BLM PC had met the real deal and lost. Again.

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  17. It is evident from the latest Australian Institute of Criminology statistical report, that in proportion to the indigenous/non-indigenous prison population, more non-indigenous than indigenous prisoners died in custody. In 20/21 there were 68 non-indigenous deaths over the 12-month period representing a death rate of 0.24 per 100 prisoners. During the same 12-month period, there were 16 indigenous deaths representing a death rate of 0.13 per 100 prisoners. However, let’s not allow facts to get in the way of those who seek perpetual victimhood.

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  18. Nasho23…spot on there!
    In Canada, some years ago, Indians…the red sort!… had to have a DNA test and have, I think, 25% Indigenous blood. I don’t know if that still stands in Canada.
    We need that here, to get rid of all those who are lying, and sponging on our country.
    As for the AEC…as c%rrupt as the rest…especially since they stated that Get Up had nothing to do with Labor!


  19. HOW MANY of this 984,000 would pass a DNA Test, to determine the Level of Aboriginal Blood, these FAKES actually have, if any. We do not hear of anyone pushing to have DNA Testing introduced, for ALL Indigenous Persons who are receiving Money from the Government. I AM Concerned what these Fakes are costing Australia to Maintain on Welfare. Come ON – Speak up and Contact the Government and give THEM your Thoughts, Like I have done – It is NOT Hard and you will be doing your Duty as an Australian Citizen. Cheers


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