Normies should get involved in governance to help remove criminal elitist usurpers from power

By Ron Chapman

Australia has no constitution and no law. Since Australia became a sovereign nation over a century ago a covert cabal of insider elitists have pretended our British colonial constitution still applies. It doesn’t. Australians need to undertake a proper constitutional creation process to produce a Constitution accepted by all Australians in a properly conducted Constitutional Convention and national approval process. All Australians need to consider and endorse a sovereign national Constitution.

Our current national dystopia is due to endless repetition of disinformation by governments, the MSM and our educational and cultural institutions.
Our unelected ruling elite has concocted a series of pretend federal, state and local governments designed to increasingly centralise power into fewer and fewer hands. Those pseudo democratic governance arrangements have unlawfully imposed myriad laws and a multitude of taxes, licence fees and charges on the general population. Those taxes, fees and charges constitute unlawful extortion. Worse yet, those laws are only enforced against the general population and not against the elite and its senior political, judicial, bureaucratic, corporate and cultural minions; except in egregious cases that cannot be whitewashed or concealed.

Our covert rulers have also unlawfully granted exclusive free licences to private corporations to create and emit about 97% of the currency we use to exchange goods and services. Giving private banks the exclusive right to emit currency and fraudulently call it money and using the judiciary and Police to enforce exclusive use of that currency by Australians, is a crime that has created poverty scarcity and want in a nation that used to be among the richest on earth. See eg: What a Government Can Do With Its Own Bank –

The policy of our pretend governments to unconscionably subsidise and elevate the rights of the 2-3% of our population who claim some aboriginal DNA should be the final straw that wakes up Australians to the need to become involved in our governance so that they organise themselves to remove our criminal elitist usurpers from power. IF Australians don’t wish to do that they deserve what they get in the same way that those who accept medical rape because doctors and government officials tell them they should, can be said to accept the consequences.

As Australia has no lawful constitution, pretending to amend it for any reason including to give a special “ Voice” to those claiming some Aboriginal DNA is absurd. Every ensouled Australian is a sovereign human being. Attempting to give special treatment to Aboriginals is divisive and undemocratic.

Attempting to legislate to give special treatment to Aboriginals is a recipe for destruction of the nation. Every special interest ethnic group in this multi-cultural nation could use it as a precedent justifying the seeking of similar privileges. For instance, the progeny of the Irish convicts who were enslaved by British aristocrats and forced to build the physical foundations of this nation’s current prosperity account for more than 3% of the national population. Why shouldn’t they get together and modestly and graciously request reconciliation via having a “Voice”for their special interests in Australia’s governance? And so on.

The narrative that Aboriginals are ‘noble savages’ with a superior culture and morality is absurd. While it is true that Talmudic influences have substantially corrupted and degraded the teachings of Christ Jesus, never-the-less the vestiges of his message were responsible for the superior civilisation that developed in Europe and formed the backbone of the Australian nation.

The truth about the primitive nature of Aboriginal culture here is obvious despite attempts by governments and Talmudic activists to pretend otherwise. See eg: Australian History: Settlers and Aboriginals part one

Moreover, the libel that the British governance of the Australian colonies prior to Australia becoming a sovereign nation after WWI was genocidal is totally unsupported by the facts. British governors generally treated aboriginals and whites equally where possible. See eg: Australian History: Settlers and Convicts part two –

Peace and Blessings

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thanks Pat and Jo. We all do what we can.

    Neville Thompson you ask:
    ‘Why didn’t the Monarchy do something about it ?
    Their names are on government buildings all over Australia .
    We pay them rent for living in their country.’

    The monarchy doesn’t exist anymore. You’re watching a pantomime which continues the appearances of the monarchy because millions of slavish mentalities cannot cope with the truth and it is hoped that their delusions will dissipate given time and exposure to the ludicrous reality and the corrupt governance structures built on belief in it,

    For instance: Apart from the fact that Charles III is long gone and his persona is being played by an actor; ‘Prince William’ will be elevated in order to resign the throne and let down gently the true believers. Also, Australia is not and never has been “their country”. Terra nullius was always bullshit. A nation belongs to its inhabitants; all of them, not just some of them. And it certainly doesn’t belong to a bunch of Talmudists on the other side of the world. Naming buildings doesn’t mean you own them, let alone those who live in them. Paying rent extorted under duress doesn’t prove ownership either. The current British monarchy was a Talmudic construct created and used to abuse Britons and myriad other peoples around the world.

    Thanks Kamil. The unlawful and secretly despotic governments masquerading under colour of law in NZ, Canada and Australia are ridiculous but won’t change unless their respective national populations care enough to GROK what’s wrong with their lives and develop the cojones to at least verbally support those (like Riccardo Bosi) who are doing something about it. For instance, when the MSM or anyone else attempts to ridicule or libel Bosi, or anyone criticising the status quo, we need to disagree. Many people feel or even know that government policies are wrong but are too timid to express their opinions. Those who fear the opinions of others, or getting “cancelled” by them, fuel the dystopia we live in. The problem seems to be that years of factory schooling and brow beating by the MSM etc has turned most of us into mindless ‘go alongs to get alongs’. That’s the mentality of slaves.

    Actually all that is currently required of the cowering masses is that they apply their minds sufficiently to realise that their governance and societal arrangements are humanly unacceptable so that they genuinely desire that it be changed to really operate in the interests of people. That heartfelt desire will suffice to change global energetic frequencies enough to enable the Global Alliance military forces to eliminate those creating the problem.

    It is happening but progress is slow because many people are refusing to wake up and express their disagreement with ridiculous memes and the policies of governments and institutions. Two and two DON’T equal five; children (and adults) cannot change their biological sex determined at birth; men cannot become women; same sex marriage IS societal suicide (Western national populations have been steadily declining – dying out – for years, even before their governments embraced same sex marriage); SIX million of the total of THREE million “Jews” actually in German occupied Europe during WWII were not Holocausted; and so on.

    Everyone needs to “grow a pair” and simply disagree with family, friends and colleagues on such issues. THEN our world will change. So be it.
    Peace and Blessings,


  2. Lindesymonds said – “This is what given a 16 year old girl testosterone for her transition looks like…”

    You know, if our society has become so utterly stupid that it welcomes, nay INVITES, this insanity, then it’s probably appropriate to question if it’s even worth saving.

    FWIW, Russia doesn’t tolerate this BS.

    And for that matter, neither does China.

    There’s a message in there somewhere, a little ray of sunshine that would make any woketard’s brain implode.


  3. With the CoVID Regime of the United [Communist] Nations , Australians are now in the position of having to take a slow-kill injection with a bioweapon in order to work. And their children can be castrated in the schools.

    Think we have hit bottom? We have not hit bottom. The National Cabinet and Operation CoVID Shield – or whatever names they will morph into – have much more in store for us.

    This is what given a 16 year old girl testosterone for her transition looks like:


  4. Neville Thompson

    Why didn’t the Monarchy do something about it ?
    Their names are on government buildings all over Australia .
    We pay them rent for living in their country


  5. Excellent piece by the author.

    It’s not too late yet – that f*cking psychopathic abomination escapee from a horror movie set Harriri proclaimed that “free will” is OVER, but for him it will NEVER be over as he roasts in the deepest pits of Hell.

    BTW, that uber-arsehole and King of the F*ckwits Klaus Schwab actually got it roight when he said “we create the future” – except he forgot that OUR “we” outnumber HIS “we” by about TWO MILLION to ONE.

    So it’s not over yet – we can STILL turn this rolling ball of shit around…

    P.S. How do you eat an elephant?

    Answer – One bite at a time.

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  6. Kamii is close to naming the legal political reality of the Australian situation. Actually the Citizenship Act of 1948 was a attempt to create a Republic (masonic) here but in 1953 Elizabeth undone all those stunts including what the Masons had done back in the 1920s. With her new agreement on the formation of the Commonwealth Corporation. All States and the Federal Parliament signed that agreement with Her. She did well.
    The death of our Parliament came in February 1966 when the Parliament accepted payment for themselves, the bureaucracy and the Judges in the dollar.

    There was never a decimal currency Act that was put to Parliament, to be presented to the people at Referendum as was required. Or has any Royal Accent. The dollar is a currency of a foreign power ( the Jewish Federal Reserve of the USA). Anyone being paid in the dollar is not a employee of our Constitution of 1901. They are agents of the owner of the currency they are paid in.

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  7. Thank YOU Ron!

    “Australian Normies” being involved in Australian affairs would be more than desirable. Though it would be even a lot more desirable if Australian ‘sovereign human beings’ would drop their mental baggage/shackles that they endlessly drag around with them and become ONE of the very same NORMIES that love their country AS ONE!


  8. It’s a legal process known as ‘autocthony’, which loosely translates to finding a new constitutional source of power once you unplug yourself

    from the original power source.

    This never happened in New Zealand in 1986. The local NZ media did not understand the implications of the Constitution Act, and the Lange government never told them. The public awoke the morning after, not realising New Zealand’s parliament had just seized absolute power and enthroned itself as “the Crown”. It never went to a public vote.
    It was the ultimate smoky backroom deal, a quiet revolution. A very kiwi coup.
    And ever since 1986, ruling politicians have done whatever they liked.
    Remember what Robert Fisher KC said?

    “In New Zealand supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives.”

    No, supreme power is not held by the New Zealand people. We are still “subjects” – now of a parliamentary monarchy in Wellington rather than Charles III in London. That individual only remains the nominated face of the kingdom in Wellington at their invitation.
    Had Fisher KC been talking of Ireland he would have been correct – sovereignty was accepted by the Irish people in a vote in 1937 and power then delegated to the Irish Dail.
    But again, that never happened in NZ.

    Our parliament has governed as supreme sovereign itself for 36 years and never sought ratification for that coup from the people.
    Whatever path New Zealand chooses, whether a continuation of constitutional monarchy or republic, we have to legally clean up the aftermath of the 1986 Coup d’Etat. The UK Government had no authority to actually transfer the Crown to the NZ Parliament, because at the midnight moment of passing the Crown to Wellington its power to do so (an act of colonialism) ceased to exist like Cinderella’s coach. Likewise, Lange and Palmer had no legal ability to accept the Crown in 1986 – they had to get ratification from the people first. They never did so. Australia and Canada are in the same boat.
    It’s time to face the elephant in the room, and merely changing a few words in legislation won’t cut it. We are not a republic in all but name, as Fisher asserts. Instead our plight is arguably more serious: we are an illegal, unconstitutional monarchy where Parliament in Wellington took supreme power for itself in 1986, and that power has intoxicated politicians ever since. Former Appeal Court President Sir Robin Cooke once famously opined that if Wellington ordered the deaths of all blue-eyed babies the courts would have to uphold it and the military enforce it.
    The emperor has no clothes.

    2017, Investigate Magazine

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  9. Added to that, the treasonous bastards are also deliberately bringing in Africans etc, to destroy/ replace the white population, inc. culture, to drive up the crime rate etc.

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