Forget “Invasion Day” – my neighbours are more worried about home invasions, Alice Springs is falling apart

by Senator Jacinta Price

As you and I were celebrating our wonderful country with family and friends, the inner-city elites were marching in the streets, setting Australian flags on fire, demanding we cancel Australia Day.In stark contrast, Alice Springs – my home town – was on fire with crime and violence.Forget “Invasion Day” – my neighbours are more worried about home invasions.

Senator Jacinta Price: Forget the Voice and forget the activist rubbish!

“Genocidal colonialism” is usually the last thing on your mind when a gang of machete-wielding thugs bursts into your house in the middle of the night.That didn’t stop the woke elitists taking to the streets in Sydney and Melbourne and Canberra, though.You and I have heard their arguments before.

The activists scream about reparations while trouble-free white Teal voters feel good about themselves for standing up for ‘justice’ (before heading off to their beach holiday retreat for the long weekend).But this time there’s a sinister undertone to their protests.While the professional activists and white managerial strivers shout to the wind about the injustices of Australia Day, Alice Springs is falling apart.While they will go home and sleep soundly, Indigenous women and children are scared in their beds as alcohol fuelled violence rages around them.It’s gotten so bad Albo finally realised he had no choice but to turn up.I’ve been calling on the Prime Minister for months to take a break from his overseas trips, visit the Territory and take some real action.

This week – after months of avoiding us – Albo finally got on the private jet to Alice Springs.But so far all we’ve heard from him is talk.He doesn’t have the courage to take REAL action in a way that will actually curb the violence and chaos.To make matters worse, Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney has rolled up to complain that if only we had a Voice to Parliament we could have stopped this earlier.What a crock.Let me tell you, Linda, I am Indigenous.I’m from the Northern Territory.I have a voice.I am literally in the Parliament.And you didn’t listen.I told you abolishing cashless debit cards and opening the floodgates of alcohol would cause absolute chaos and it has.

The alcohol bans have to come back, not just for a week, but fully and properly.I have put forward a law in the Senate that will help fix these issues.Albo and Linda need to come to the table and get it passed.Forget the Voice. Forget all the activist rubbish. The safety of Indigenous women and children has to come first.This Australia Day, it’s time Albo gets serious and stops talking about problems and starts fixing them.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. absulutly correct …well said


  2. Years ago, I was asked my thoughts re a treaty such as N.Z.
    I suggested each town, village, Be given access to the net
    A group would visit these towns to explain the details, And leave an implement
    for communications, Lots of schools have the internet.
    for voting, just for calls of help, numerous reasons. A life line.
    There would have to be standards set.
    The village leader would do the poll and relay it to headquarters. Nationally.
    Some members thought it was too complicated , So I walked.


  3. Exactly. Senator Jacinda Price is a real senator who represents her constituents. She is solution focused not, problem based. She has a people she wants to help and represent, not a sacred Marxist oppression narrative and a sackful of sorry business.

    It is to be hoped that the political analysis being developed on CN might be of assistance to her and those who would be her colleagues.

    I agree with Tonyryan43. Crime in Alice Springs prevents the people of Alice Springs from earning a livelihood, creating goods and services, community etc. It is not a ‘spontaneous eruption’ due to grog although it is fueled by grog. It is being created / enabled . And I am sure both political parties under the coverstory of incompetence have been instrumental for the Revolutionary Agencies they serve. An excellent example of Fabian Socialist jubela, jubelo, jubelum.

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  4. My name is Ray Spinks, with a membership of about 60 +. We would like to share your comments as do, Senator Alex Antic, Malcolm Roberts, Pauline Hanson. Can we join your organisation for your comments..? To share.


  5. @Elizabeth R Eichner;

    Well what an excellent rant; Right up until you blabbed out the word Freedom and CITIZEN in the same paragraph;
    The Nationality and CITIZEN act (1948) usurped your right as a Free Man or Woman and turned you into a Ward Of The State;
    As a CITIZEN, you are under the control of the Corporation pretending to be Government;
    As a CITIZEN, you also became another Entity called a PERSON;
    As a PERSON, you lost your Free Will under The Rule Of Law and became CHATTEL under control of LEGAL(ESE) Colour Of Law;
    You best get to researching if you want to know who you are in the eyes of the Corporation pretending to be Government

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  6. Oi!

    Let me say this again.


    Why the f… is what Price says recorded by the mainstream media, different to what she says verbatim?

    I have lived in the NT for more than half a century, and today, I am forced by reality to echo Jacinta’s words, much as this pains me. And when I say “pain” I mean, “bring the morphine, dudes”. I hate the CLP. The crime epidemic in Alice was created. It was not a spontaneous eruption. It was caused by governmental incompetence and ALP paternalism.

    ‘Incompetence and paternalism’ are words that exactly conform to the fingerprint whorls of Anthony Albanese’s fingers in the pie of peace and community cohesiveness, which is why this has been replaced by virtual urban warfare.

    When is Albo going to be sacked? At any other time in history, he would have been retired as a liability or intercepted while surfing. F… me dead, OK, intercepted whilst paddling in the shallows. Just do it, dudes. Save this country while there is a patch of sand still to be saved.

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  7. Don’t worry Jacinta……Elbow Sleazy has a plan to fix all the woes for not only the Aborigine of this nation, but for ALL People of Australia;
    Elbow just gave $230 Million to the worlds greatest grifter Gates of Hell to R&D New Vaccines right here in Australia for “The Health” of All Australians; It seems the last lot of injections didn’t do quite enough damage to Peoples health even though there are in excess of 1000 souls lost every day to Billy’s wonder drug;
    You may very well be the Good “senator” you portray yourself to be BUT you are working with the Devil that is known as AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT and as such “your voice” has absolutely no basis in Law;
    It’s time to get Real Jacinta and stop this Masquerading as Government before you also end up in world of Lawful misery

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  8. Bloody wll said Jacinta like your ma before you ,


  9. Elizabeth R Eichner

    By Brett Boston.
    The truth of Australia Day….
    This is information that all Australians need to know. Especially those that believe it has to do with how anybody was treated.
    People should learn the true facts before opening their mouth to spew falsehood.
    This information was authored by Peter Lee – it should be taught to all Australians.
    ‘Below is the reason Australia day is celebrated on 26 January
    Here are the Facts about Australia Day but don’t expect the media to educate you with these facts as it is not part of their agenda
    1. Australia Day does not celebrate the arrival of the first fleet or the invasion of anything
    2. Captain Cook did not arrive in Australia on the 26th January. The landing of Captain Cook in Sydney happened on the 28th April 1770 – not on 26th January.
    3. The first fleet arrived in Botany Bay on 18th January. The 26th was chosen as Australia Day for a very different and important reason.
    The 26th of January is the day Australians received their independence from British Rule. However, Captain Cook’s landing was included in Australian bi-centenary celebrations of 1988 when Sydney-siders decided Captain Cook’s landing should become the focus of the Australia Day commemoration.
    Sadly the importance of this date for all Australians has begun to fade and now a generation later, it is all but lost. The media as usual is happy to twist the truth for the sake of controversy.
    Captain Cook didn’t land on the 26th January, so changing the date of any celebration of Captain Cook’s landing would not have any impact on Australia Day, but maybe it would clear the way for the truth about Australia Day.
    Australians of today abhor what was done under British governance to the Aborigines, the Irish and many other cultures around the world. So after the horrors of WW11, we decided to try and fix it. We became our own people.
    On 26th January 1949, the Australian nationality came into existence when the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 was enacted. That was the day we were first called Australians and allowed to travel with passports as Australians and NOT British subjects.
    In 1949 therefore, we all became Australian citizens under the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948.
    Before that special date, all people living in Australia, including Aborigines, were called ‘British Subjects’ and forced to travel on British passports and fight in British wars.
    This is why we celebrate Australia Day on the 26th January. This was the day Australians became free to make our own decisions about which wars we would fight and how our citizens would be treated. It was the day we were all declared Australians.
    Until this date,Aborigines were not protected by law For the first time since Captain Cook’s landing this new Act gave Aboriginal Australians the full protection of Australian Law.
    This is why 26th January is the day new Australians receive their citizenship It is a day which celebrates the implementation of the Nationality of Citizenship Act of 1948 –The Act which gave freedom and protection to the first Australians and gives all Australians, old and new, the right to live under the protection of the Australian Law”, united as one nation.
    What was achieved that day is something for which all Australians can be proud.
    Isn’t it time therefore that all Australians were taught the real reason we celebrate Australia Day on 26th January? In one way or another, we are ALL descendants of Australia ALL OF US. So we should ALL be celebrating and giving thanks for the freedoms, the lifestyles and opportunities that we currently enjoy, thanks to the strengths and battles of our ancestors.’


  10. Is Jacinta Price the only person with Australian Aboriginal blood the only person of the group who is not blown up with greed, indecent behaviour and common sense?

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  11. Senator Jacinta Price – a real Australian.

    A couple dozen more like her would go a long way to saving this country.

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  12. Love this lady, she doesn’t carry on with BS, just hard hitting facts.

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