Why Australia Day is celebrated on January 26

By Brett Boston.

The truth of Australia Day….
This is information that all Australians need to know. Especially those that believe it has to do with how anybody was treated.
People should learn the true facts before opening their mouth to spew falsehood.
This information was authored by Peter Lee – it should be taught to all Australians.
‘Below is the reason Australia day is celebrated on 26 January
Here are the Facts about Australia Day but don’t expect the media to educate you with these facts as it is not part of their agenda

  1. Australia Day does not celebrate the arrival of the first fleet or the invasion of anything
  2. Captain Cook did not arrive in Australia on the 26th January. The landing of Captain Cook in Sydney happened on the 28th April 1770 – not on 26th January.
  3. The first fleet arrived in Botany Bay on 18th January. The 26th was chosen as Australia Day for a very different and important reason.
  4. The 26th of January is the day Australians received their independence from British Rule. However, Captain Cook’s landing was included in Australian bi-centenary celebrations of 1988 when Sydney-siders decided Captain Cook’s landing should become the focus of the Australia Day commemoration.
  5. Sadly the importance of this date for all Australians has begun to fade and now a generation later, it is all but lost. The media as usual is happy to twist the truth for the sake of controversy.
    Captain Cook didn’t land on the 26th January, so changing the date of any celebration of Captain Cook’s landing would not have any impact on Australia Day, but maybe it would clear the way for the truth about Australia Day.
  6. Australians of today abhor what was done under British governance to the Aborigines, the Irish and many other cultures around the world. So after the horrors of WW11, we decided to try and fix it. We became our own people.On 26th January 1949, the Australian nationality came into existence when the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 was enacted. That was the day we were first called Australians and allowed to travel with passports as Australians and NOT British subjects.
  7. In 1949 therefore, we all became Australian citizens under the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948.
    Before that special date, all people living in Australia, including Aborigines, were called ‘British Subjects’ and forced to travel on British passports and fight in British wars.
  8. This is why we celebrate Australia Day on the 26th January. This was the day Australians became free to make our own decisions about which wars we would fight and how our citizens would be treated. It was the day we were all declared Australians.
  9. Until this date,Aborigines were not protected by law For the first time since Captain Cook’s landing this new Act gave Aboriginal Australians the full protection of Australian Law.
  10. This is why 26th January is the day new Australians receive their citizenship It is a day which celebrates the implementation of the Nationality of Citizenship Act of 1948 –The Act which gave freedom and protection to the first Australians and gives all Australians, old and new, the right to live under the protection of the Australian Law”, united as one nation.
  11. What was achieved that day is something for which all Australians can be proud.
  12. Isn’t it time therefore that all Australians were taught the real reason we celebrate Australia Day on 26th January? In one way or another, we are ALL descendants of Australia ALL OF US. So we should ALL be celebrating and giving thanks for the freedoms, the lifestyles and opportunities that we currently enjoy, thanks to the strengths and battles of our ancestors.’

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. This is explained very well We should not think of changing this date
    They should bring referendum if they want to change not just do it without peoples Vincent

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  2. There is a case to be made for celebrating Australia Day Jan 26 as Australia Day: Invasion Day. https://xyz.net.au/2023/01/january-26th-we-should-call-it-invasion-day/


  3. Thank you so much for explaining this so well I will definitely show this around shame main stream media won’t regards ellen


  4. Thank you, that is an excellent article. It should be taught in every school, a copy given to every new Aussie and also every Aboriginal and all current members of this great country. It sickens me to continually hear the crap about Australia Day by the uneducated and morons. Cheers

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  5. Given that through the process of FOI, it is an established fact that no instrument or process of law exists that modified the original Constitution ( including the UK Act which empowered the Commonwealth as voted on by the people ), the reality is that Australia may well still be a colony of the UK.

    Further given that the current Commonwealth of Australia is a registered corporation , being registered in the fictional legal jurisdiction of the US, and to which almost all “Australians” identify as being a creation thereof, the notion of sovereignty is as ludicrous as believing that lawful, Constitutional money is the coin of the said jurisdiction.

    Having stated the above, the de jure Commonwealth still exists, but very few have elected to make it their jurisdiction of domicile.


  6. “We had something to be proud of, it is called, Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act. …Our great men of this nation fought and died and spilt their blood for The Commonwealth”

    which in return never gave a flying fart to ANY of its SUBJECTS unless they had served as politicians, as mercenaries or other canon fodder in the usual profitable banker wars and social experiments!


  7. R. Solomon, is “the aboriginal dependence on centrelink” sooo different than the majority of the Australian population of all colors collecting ANY FORM of “infinite government handouts”?

    Welfarism and corruption on all levels is what caused political correctness to become such a destroyer of nations that it is. The decay of Australia where once skilled workers were transformed to just Australian citizens being (force)fed by the state that could not care less about anything else as nothing patriotic was there anymore to care about – but themselves.

    Australia’s owners have a hospitality, a health and a food “INDUSTRY” while everything “INDUSTRIAL” is foreign and imported. The global management possess a Australian colony of resources where the different castes of professional Australian sheep are “fed” according to market needs designed by economical conditions and the sheep’s eventual demise and the transport to the abattoir.

    Even at the point of death some part of humanity claims to be worthier than others just to find out that it was nothing but a sad little dream that stopped oneself from living a LIFE at all.


  8. “January 26 1788 is the day Sir Arthur Phillip hoisted the Union Jack of the UK at Warrane (Sydney Cove) to claim the land as a British Colony”. Deni

    Specifically, the land was claimed not for Britain but for The Crown of the UK. This is Australia Day. Good. I am an English by ancestry and this is not a sackful of sorry business for me. I am still celebrating this Long Week-end.

    So begins the penal colony we now call Australia. And to that penal colony The Crown of the UK (and its Corporation of the City of London) transferred the UNSURRENDERED population of English, British, Scots and Irish nations from its War of Succession with the Union of the Two Crowns (aka the British monarchy). This war spanned: 1688 (Dundee Law and Killiekrankie) – 1746 (Culloden and the Highland Clearances). In the long view this was the best possible outcome for that specific population which will be staying, farming, building, inventing, making and doing on this continent. And other parties are welcome to join if this type of thing appeals to them and they want to enjoy the benefits of this type of project.

    I do not see in this light the population imports being flown in by the present Communist state for the purposes of Anglo-Celtic population replacement: CCP assets, Gooks for gang-related crime, jihadis, observers of Sharia Law (which mandates religious food taxes for infidels and Dar Al-Harb).

    The original population of The Crown colony in Australia came out of almost 60 years of war in three nations, a war which was made upon them to settle the debt of the English Parliamentarians and Scottish Convention of Estates (the Whigs and Masons) to the Princes of the Great Synagogue of Mulheim an der Ruhr. These dynastic families of the Judaic Supremacy later became The Crown of the Corporation of the City of London and its UK. And for those loans and their little war against three nations, the Parliamentarians put up as collateral THE TITLE DEEDS in allodial or udal title (that is original title) to all estates [land] of three nations. By right of conquest They Own It, just like they Own by right of conquest the lands of their Communist Bloc: Russia, China etc.

    With regard to Australia, both the Australians and the Aboriginal people dispute this ownership. The Australians say: the sovereignty rests with us and by ‘us’ we mean the people born on this continent or joined to the people identifying as Australians. The Aboriginal people say: they are the sovereignty and by this they mean themselves and their specific bloodline relationship to this land.

    And people think that just because we are now in the world or communist phase of the Great Revolution owned by the central banking cartel of The Crown – aka as Judaic Supremacy (and its imperium) – this is over. The consols of the Bank of England is the foundation of the entire cartel. It’s not over.

    Australia Day question that was not on your exam in the Marxist school: And where exactly were the “long boats from Antrim going????”
    Bonny Portmore – a song of the Royal Oak which was sung against the new ‘lords’ of England and their Bank of England landlord class.


  9. What about the poor convicts many of whom were political dissidents? Ed


  10. I figure this, change it immediately, play their card, do as they ask and we can all move on. Will they then STFU? Of course not, it will absolutely make squat difference in a year’s time, white privilege will still remain (according to those who are non white) and these supposed First Nations supporters will still want more. Meanwhile every other Australian is being hammered left, right and centre, interest rates, CONVID, rising costs of living, groceries, school fees , petrol etc. and they are who for pay these pretend public representatives (politicians etc) and First Nations investments (to put it nicely).

    Might be a good time for everyone to down tools and say FY. Just for one day.


  11. According to Wikipedia (yeah, i know, but they have no reason to lie about this) “The idea of a national day to be celebrated on 26 January was slow to catch on, partly because of competition with Anzac Day.[43] Victoria adopted 26 January as Australia Day in 1931,[28] and by 1935, all states of Australia were celebrating 26 January as Australia Day (although it was still known as Anniversary Day in New South Wales).[25] The name “Foundation Day” persisted in local usage.[44]”


  12. Can you answer a question? How can any nation form a treaty with Aboriginal And Torres Strait Island people when 56% are on Centrelink payment pensions and the 44% are on Varying other centre link payments. There are 24,200 aboriginals on the aged pension. I thought a prime minister had to riule for the majority in a nation. How can a Voice change the aboriginal dependence on centrelink? ________________________________


  13. Thanks
    Everyone should understand this fact


  14. Amazing Information. We need to get this in the public. Thank you


  15. I would have thought that every Aussie knew this:

    In Cooks journal he recorded his landing at Botany Bay on the afternoon of Sunday 29 April 1770. In civil time that was the afternoon of 28 April and that is the time inscribed on the Captain Cook monument at Kurnell.

    January 26 1788 is the day Sir Arthur Phillip raised the British flag at Warrane (Sydney Cove) to claim the land as a British Colony. This day marks the beginning of a long and brutal colonisation of people and land.


  16. I believe that point 4. is incorrect. The 26th of January, 1788 was the day Capt Phillip raised the Union Jack on Sydney Cove, claiming the East Coast as a British colony. The 1st of January 1901, we became the Commonwealth of Australia, still subject to British laws (and rules). The Australia Act of 1988 is when we became independent of British rule.
    I think the 26th of January, should be retained as Australia Day, because that is when official British occupation began.


  17. Reads well, but is it fact. I checked the Federal Register of Legislation and found the Act was Assented to 21st December, 1948. No mention of 26 January 1949.


  18. I wonder how many Australians, including politicians and journalists, are aware of this?


  19. Sean-Donovan Mitchell

    Something we can be proud of! We had something to be proud of, it is called, Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act. Whereas the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
    Well we have turned our back on the Devine creator, the states all closed and locked down the boarders during the Great Plandemic of 2020, contravening Sec 92 of The Constitution. On the imposition of uniform duties of customs, trade, commerce, and intercourse among the States, whether by means of internal Carriage or ocean navigation, shall be absolutely free. Absolutely Free.
    Permanent; binding.
    Impossible to dissolve, disintegrate, or decompose.
    Not dissoluble; not capable of being dissolved, melted, or liquefied; insoluble.
    Look at the word, the Lex, the langue. Permeant Binding. We have been asked by Referendum Sec 128 The Constitution of the Commonwealth, we have said No to becoming a Republic.
    We lost the Sovereignty of this Nation when we signed to The League of Nations, then The United Nations. Now they are trying to cover their crimes of treason by becoming a Republic. Our great nation had a bloodless coup d’etat
    coup d’état
    koo͞″ dā-tä′
    The sudden overthrow of a government by a usually small group of persons in or previously in positions of authority.
    The sudden overthrow of a government, differing from a revolution by being carried out by a small group of people who replace only the leading figures.
    Please supply date of referendum to change from an Imperial system to a Metric system, please supply date of Referendum to alter currency from Pounds to Dollars.
    The list is endless, but he Author states “We should be Proud”.
    We should be ashamed. Our great men of this nation fought and died and spilt their blood for The Commonwealth. Least we Forget. Our A.N.Z.AC.

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  20. A veery important piece for an ignorant pom like me..Can I reprint this in Dangerous Globe please


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