New Zealand’s new Prime Minister to hunt down all those unvaxxed

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. “hunt” … nice metaphor.
    So, in the same vein, the hunter becomes the prey?
    I wonder whether ‘they’ have considered this of those who have nothing left to lose.


  2. @va121. In the Grensoorlag I parted with valiant men that I will never see again, Americans who went to the Counter Revolution Africa was fighting against the armed aggression of the Fourth ComIntern. I do understand this Communist shit that has been brought against Australia. And I see the Australians have not yet been able to draw the line with this standard issue Communist genocide. Not yet. The Australians in the mass do not yet understand where we are standing. All my Australian family thinks we are getting back to normal. But I know where we are standing. The Rhodesians know where we are standing. Die Boere know where we are standing. But with the Australians – trek ons die lyn?

    Ja! The Geloftedag is coming. The Day of the Vow for Australia is coming.


  3. “By the way, as per my previous comment most people failed the ‘jew in Germany’ test”

    But they did pass the ‘nazi in Australia’ test with flying colours. lol


  4. By the way, as per my previous comment most people failed the ‘jew in Germany’ test


  5. One thing I will say, I think that this whole conjob nonsense has been a massive IQ test. While I don’t disparage or hold a grudge against anyone that was forced/heavily coerced/or had to take the shots for their kids etc, I do have a little list of people who gleefully told me that I was ‘anti social’, ‘stupid’, ‘unAustralian’, ‘A danger to society’ and that i should be locked into my house.

    I still don’t whish you any harm, but ask yourself (and I read this somewhere)
    If you were a german citizen in WW2 and you know someone was a jew what would you have done?
    I’ll bet the answer would “of course I have saved them!”

    Let that sink in, and then let your hypocrisy haunt you!


  6. @lindesymonds

    Lyk vir my asof jy die gees van die boere, eintlik al die wit mense van Afrika goed verstaan! Dit vat nogal lank om hulle die moer in te maak maar as hulle die dag besluit “genoeg is genoeg’ dan kak almal HARD!


  7. Bring on the Maori Warriors

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  8. I think we all know by now that any Politician who promotes, pushes and even coerces by threats, an individual to participate in the taking of any manufactured drug is nothing more than a drug pusher.
    These Political drug pushers need to be given their rightful title.

    We all know by now that drug pushers don’t like to lose business.
    We all know by now that drug pushers are bullies.
    We all know by now that drug pushers are recruited by those who make the drugs.
    We all know by now that money changes hands. That no one does this for nothing.

    I taught my kids not to take drugs.
    Not to trust drug pushers.
    That hasn’t changed.

    I just didn’t want them to be an ‘anectodal’

    anecdotalmovie. com

    A movie providing a glimpse into the lives of the ‘anedotals – those who lives were changed
    drastically by the experimental ‘vaccine’ shot.
    A novel drug ‘sold’ to them by a drug pusher.

    The first one is always free.


  9. Hi Pat from Vic. The title of Die Konsert at the Sun Arena with Steve, Ruha and Bok in the video I uploaded is “Afrikaans is Groot’. In their language, ‘groot’ means big with the connotations of expansive and positive. We would ‘english’ this word as great and good. In Afrikaans it is one word.

    And I do look at it in this way: historically and in the stories and songs coming from this White people of Africa. Here in Australia or the US the counter revolution is not yet strong enough to produce this kind of music.


  10. lindesymonds said – “How a Horrific CoVID mask dispute led to this woman’s death…”

    This kind of parallels the report of ambulance drivers and paramedics running a racket with hospital staff to anaesthetise traffic accident victims, transport them to the hospital, enrol them as Corona Chan patients, KILL THEM and collect and divvy up the government Corona Chan BONUSES amongst themselves. That was in the USA, but expect similar murderous scams across the world.

    The case that SPRUNG those murdering scum was one particular road accident victim that WOKE UP, got up from his execution bed, pulled out all the tubes and shit they had shoved into him, walked out into the corridor where a bunch of these racketeering nurses and paramedics were having a good old chuckle about all the money they were making, and demanded to know what the f*ck was going on? At which point they all SHAT themselves in unison, and one of the nurses screamed at him “YOU HAVE COVID!” Nice try.

    At some point people across the world are going to wake up and understand – there can be NO AMNESTY for these f*cking treasonous homicidal murdering psychopaths.

    And BTW, for all those low-life bastards who think they are protected by anonymity, WE HAVE VIDEO RECORDS of WHAT THEY DID – of EVERYTHING THEY DID. Along with all of the disgusting “medical professionals” and politicians and public servants and other assorted beauracrats, we’ll have hordes of corporate bigwigs and their lesser stooges, truckloads of media prostitutes, legions of ivory tower academics, and huge CROWDS of shit-for-brains hired Gestapo mercenary thugs lined up for the gallows.

    I recall that stupid brain-dead Gestapo trollop caught on camera outside a Geelong shopping centre brutalising law-abiding shoppers and saying “I get paid to do this”. Enjoy the wages of your sin when your neck snaps at the end of a rope you stupid piece of shit. WE HAVE YOU ON VIDEO YOU F*CKING MORON.

    And we can expect that just about ALL of these genocidal Nazi arseholes will scream their “innocence” – they were “just doing their job!”.

    The Nuremburg trials all those years ago were a start – a move in the right direction. However, a LOT of the guilty bastards slipped through the cracks – snapped up by the USA in Operation Paperclip, given full immunity and American citizenship in American Games of Empire.

    Nuremburg 2 had better make sure that NONE of these arsehole vermin get off the hook. Here in Australia, I reckon there’s north of 100,000 destined for the noose.


  11. lindesymonds said – “Afrikaans is Groot.”


  12. A mere change of PM in the jiggy jiggy of a Marxist Leninist state means nothing. The Agenda will continue to roll. For the ANZAC nations of NZ and Australia, counter revolution will have to mobilize. Right now we are battling through the toils of controlled opposition – scattered, divided and leaderless.

    But the true music and culture of the Western, European people can cut right through all of that.

    At present the sound and songs for counter revolution is not happening in the English speaking world. The Boers, however, over there in SA have launched a musical voortrek to the dumbed down, Jew toxified Western populations (especially the Kakies) being mowed down in the present standard issue communist genocide. And there is no sound like this, no songs like these for counter revolution outside of the Boer, Afrikaaner and Dutch vanguard.

    These people are going to squash the communist states (under which they are presently yoked) like a bug.

    Die Konsert. Sun Arena in Pretoria. Afrikaans is Groot. Steve Hofmeyr. Feeslied.


  13. We have suffered horrors at hands of these United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regimes of the Marxist Leninist state. I see this month that the Toronto hospital guards who strangled Stephanie Warriner were acquitted this Jan 2023.

    In May 2020, Stephanie, a mother of five, was in hospital with her chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. When she lowered her mask she was attacked by the hospital staff (ATTACKED) and then strangled by hospital guards. (STRANGLED). These CoVID psychopaths in the health system were acquitted of all charges.

    How a Horrific CoVID mask dispute led to this woman’s death
    Glenn Beck


  14. What a scumbag. Only NWO want unvaxed hunted down. so, he is CABAL.


  15. Isn’t it great that the “good-guys” won WW2 , otherwise we’d really be f…



  16. To the new New Zealand Prime Minster.
    Who made you a hunter for the unvaxed.
    Citizens all over the world make good and bad choices. You are not the judge.
    If some people have made a choice to remain unvaxed it should not affect anyone.
    What gives you the right to force unnecessary power.
    There are plenty of moral an ethical challenges to address. Such as same sex marriages, abortions abuse etc. An im only scratching the surface on what lies beneath.
    So be a could P.M. clean the real mess.
    An Stop Head Hunting.
    It’s not a civilisation. It’s barbaric.
    Let’s reset the real issues.
    You will be accountable to the real Judge of this world.
    God himself who is wise an just.


  17. Third time lucky so apologies if posts more than once (disappeared). Completely off topic but had to share this. Is being shown across all MSM (just slightly different versions. The Paul Pelosi attack via police body cam footage.
    should give you a good laugh. See here


  18. Pat from Vic,
    Or is the second picture of a clone and the original AnAl has disappeared up it.


  19. Must be a WEF elite cabal globalist shill and a cult follower of “the science”TM.


  20. Are you trying to scare us witless with those terrifying pics? Ed


  21. lol Yes, obviously it was all a conspiracy by the unvaccinated to get the vaccinated vaccinated and reduce the global cretin population. Unfortunately the booster shots were cut out too early in the case of some. lol


  22. The sooner somebody kills this bugger the better. When the ‘Law” cannot rein in an obvious psychopath, one has to take extreme action as a responsible citizen. This is the classic citizen’s arrest scenario. The Kiwis still have guns, so what the hell is stopping them ending this unlawful regime.

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  23. Overall the recent ‘covid experiment’ Ponzi scheme which has made some Shareholders, Corporations and even Politicians very rich, was a resounding success.
    Based on the principles of using warp speed, the shutting down of debate, playing on the goodness of people to be injected for the ‘greater good’ and if not for those reasons, the real threat of being locked out of life like lepers if they didn’t, worked a treat.
    Small businesses were trashed out of competition and personal health data collection for future AI coding had a dream run.

    NZ’ers have been deceived by their outgoing PM despite the NZ MSM making her their own darling who could do no wrong.

    Of the NZ’ers I know of personally, most are extremely unwell since being injected multiple times, and at the very least their mental health is now on an edge.

    The new PM Hipkins is cut from the same Socialist cloth and same University, even the same friendship group in Uni as the outgoing PM Ardern.
    University Photos shared online by others would also indicate that the NZ Treasurer was also part of that same group. They were all young Socialist buddies.
    If they even understood what that truly meant.

    This is just a handing on of the same baton with money to boot.
    “if I were a rich man…I would spend a little money, in a rich man’s world”.
    The friendship group must hardly believe their luck.

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  24. That should read ‘CN subscribers,’ – not summer. Copy error.


  25. Oh the irony.

    Now CN summer and global co-fighters are to blame for the predicaments of the vaccinated.

    Well they cannot say we didn’t try, – our doors were always open.


  26. Anybody thinking that there will be LEGAL remedy best be having some more hopium with their cornflakes; And those that are practicing “law” under the Colour Of Law know full well their stage is naught but theatrics to drain $$$$$ from the “system” and it’s prey;
    LEGAL is nothing more than a set of rules for CORPORATION/ADMIRALTY/MERCANTILE entities; It is NOT Law;
    I have been screaming from the rooftops for the last 3 years for People to learn the difference between Law and LEGAL; Most it seem want to be led by the hand and “Tell me how to do it” types; Ugh…..
    No One is coming to save you; God helps those that help themselves so (you) best pull (your) finger out of your arse and start helping yourselves;
    Lawful is Not LEGAL;
    Lawful has Authority Over LEGAL;
    Lawful is the only remedy to be had unless we invoke Natural Law;
    errrr……can you tell me what is natural Law sir?????????

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  27. Here’s an observation tangentially (marginally?) related to the parent article…

    A couple of pictures of AnAL –



    I WONDER if we’ll see a similar transformation of New Zealand’s new Genocider-In-Chief?

    On a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and TOTALLY UNRELATED subject, they say that Adrenochrome can give any stodgy treasonous old Freemason bastard a new lease on life. Creepy Bill allegedly uses the stuff – it’s just so damned expensive.

    Just saying.

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  28. Fully agree truthseeker.

    One of Britain’s senior lawyers, Anna de Buisseret, who leads the UK’s legal proceedings against the vaxx cartel, was one of the first to recognise the vaccination campaign as biological warfare operation.

    This was based upon her professional experience as a former Army officer in the specialist department of biological warfare, – and former employee of Pfizer.

    In this recent vid [19:55], she mentions how the bio-weapons have now been customised to attack a particular DNA, and especially Russian DNA.

    Interestingly, the website ‘’ was specifically set up to harvest the public’s DNA.

    Do not share your DNA with any health organisation, etc.

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  29. lindesymonds said – “Watch the kiwi take on a predator that has invaded its burrow and turf it out.”

    I want to hire that Kiwi.

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  30. Poor bastards, why can’t they just leave them alone😥 there’s more than enough roof that it has adverse reactions and at times fatal, it should be stopped not forced.

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  31. Looks like his Handler from the Dark Repulsive Force has given PM Chris Hip his ‘List of Things to Do’ and he probably got it up the wazoo as well. If he is going to have to ‘hunt down the unvaxxed’ , then he will have to impose more boosters on the vaxxed. This should unite the population.

    Watch the kiwi take on a predator that has invaded its burrow and turf it out.

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  32. Various people who are allegedly in a position to know – Benjamin Fulford, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Martin Armstrong come immediately to mind – have estimated that the psychopaths driving this genocidal insanity, the ones at the VERY TOP of the Satanic Globalist pyramid, number maybe 3,000 in total. That’s just 3,000 Luciferian arseholes pushing to kill off 90% of 8,000,000,000 people across Planet Earth.

    So we outnumber these genocidal psychopaths by MORE THAN 2.5 MILLION to ONE.

    The rest of the Globalist stooges entrenched in governments, beauracracies, corporations, universities, and the hired Gestapo shit-for-brains mercenaries masquerading as police all around the world – are basically just that, brain-dead woketard shitheads… OR are Satan-worshipping card-carrying Freemasons (incidentally, ALSO brain-dead woketard shitheads) who are guilty of child-rape & murder, cannibalism and ritual sacrifice, which is NOW being used VERY EFFECTIVELY to blackmail these demonic arseholes into submission and obedience to their Luciferian Globalist masters (that 3,000 or so at the VERY TOP).

    You can see this at play with the prospective new Kiwi PM – another UNELECTED and utterly fake PM, by the way, just like AnAL here in Australia. Rest assured, BOTH have awful secrets too abhorent for most people to even IMAGINE hidden in their closets,
    and their Globalist handlers wield these dirty secrets to control these disgusting Freemasonic filth to enforce whatever genocide the Globalists desire.

    How many kiddies has Hipkins been filmed in bed with? How many children has Hipkins raped on video? How many kiddies has Hipkins murdered for the cameras? How many baby body parts has Hipkins cooked up and eaten with tomato sauce for the big screen? On the flip side – the CARROT side – what is Hipkins’ net worth now? Will we see it mysteriously BALLOON by many millions of dollars just like that awful nauseating buck-toothed piece of snake-shit Ardern before him?

    PRECISELY the same questions apply to the Smirk and AnAL across the ditch here in Australia.

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

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  33. Where do these big mouth pieces shit come from , are they that stupid that they think they will not face there punishment for there crimes , like that bloke Adern he thinks because he has resigned that thats it im safe now nah sorry you queer bastard just like this big mouth you will pay for your crimes eventually and I hope its sooner then later you bunch of grubs and at 66 I hope im around to see it .

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  34. “Perhaps this I came across today should be given to the new NZ PM”

    Never mind giving him any questions. Give him the solution: regular electroconvulsive therapy, sans anaesthetic!

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  35. Today, there’s enuff evidence on the injections to have the twerp committed to a psychiatric hospital! He must be an insane psychopath. A mortal threat and danger to any free society.

    And he is to be given the Prime Ministership of NZ? WTF….

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  36. Perhaps this I came across today should be given to the new NZ PM. I can’t answer half the questions and I have been researching.

    Q1. Name 5 vaccine ingredients
    Q2. What is MRC- 5?
    Q12. What is an adjuvant?
    Q13. What is an antigen?
    Q16. What is transverse myelitis?
    Q28 What is SV40?
    Q33 what does attenuated mean?

    Just a selection, see the whole 40 here


  37. It indeed boggles the mind @daviddd2, that this thing is still able to roam freely…

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  38. This pelican is openly threatening New Zealanders with being hunted down and with physical violence if they do not submit to experimental injections? And he’s still in one piece?

    Remarkable! Mussolini would be envious.

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  39. Obviously an educated person. The real science is clear. The mRNA concoction is not a vaccine. It is a bioweapon. The new Prime Minister better not unpack his bags yet. He will be moving on very soon.

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  40. Chris Hipkins along with the Labour Government has recently introduced the Therapeutic Products Bill in an attempt to limit people’s access to natural healing and food products such as Aloe Vera and direct them to state pharmaceutical drugs and procedures. He is aiding and abetting Pfizer which is an offense under the Crimes Act 1961.

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  41. and the shit show keeps on going, or is that the clown show?…..


  42. Chris Hipkins is and has been aiding and abetting the criminally charged Pfizer which is an offense under the Crimes Act here in NZ.

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  43. I wear my discrimination as a badge of honour, not as a badge of defiance, but a badge of resistance, a badge of sane mind, a badge of ownership to my body, of righteousness, of purity, of freedom, a badge of respect for those killed by the shadow men in power. It’s worn for those who were stopped from seeing loved ones in critical times, it’s for those who were discarded as trash in society by friends, family and strangers alike. It’s a badge that shines brighter each day as the evil intent is revealed by those we trusted. I know the Australian spirit now which built this country, for I too have felt the loneliness in the trenches, under fire, and never knowing if I would see my children again. I may never trust politicians, medical experts, police or the media ever again, but that’s OK because I’ve learnt that I can trust me. My heart may be irreparable but my mind is strong and so I salute all those who also could not be broken for we now share the same pure blood.


  44. He also should be hunted and vaccinated

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  45. So we are back to the TERROR of WWII are we..’To hunt the UNVAXXED DOWN’ is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY or doesn’t this FIEND UNDERSTAND the CONSEQUENCES of those actions?? NUREMBERG 2.0 AND GITMO ARE OPEN.DO NOT GET THE JAB!

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