De-civilisation of USA as 7500 citizens die or are disabled every day due to Covid vaxx

How viable is ANZUS treaty which keeps China at bay ? USA soon unable to protect its own shores, workforce decimated

By Mike Adams

Ed Dowd, author of Cause Unknown (available at and other book resellers) joined me for an interview last night to share updated — and slightly horrifying — numbers about post-vaccine excess fatalities and excess disability claims.

The short version of that conversation is that each day in America, there are about 2,500 excess deaths and 5,000 excess disability victims due to covid-19 vaccines. This means, on average, about 7,500 Americans are removed from the potential labor pool each day. Granted, not all 7,500 are currently working, but most of them theoretically could contribute to the work force if they chose to.

Our conversation goes way beyond the mere numbers, however. We look at the macroeconomic implications of this daily removal of 7,500 people from the potential labor pool and what it means for America’s economy and military security, among other things. To hear the full conversation, listen to the interview below.

The de-civilization of the USA

One of the more startling realizations in all this is that the United States of America is suffering the early stages of a “decivilization” event, not merely a temporary bump in the road. That term refers to the dismantling of the critical, complex pillars of a modern advanced civilization, rendering it unable to function.

The level of rank incompetence that Southwest Airlines demonstrates here is also widely demonstrated by banks, government offices, utility companies and many other service providers. But many people miss the reasons behind it all. One of the primary reasons is that the covid vaccine is removing competent, experienced people from the work force by killing or injuring them.

The sudden collapse of Southwest Airlines’ flight schedule now being witnessed across the country is an excellent example of this. Here’s an airline company that can hardly fly planes because it can’t schedule its own crew members to show up. Reportedly, Southwest Airlines failed to invest in its IT systems and after “years of neglect,” the crew scheduling systems have cratered. Now the airline has cancelled more than 10,000 flights and may not survive much longer as a viable business entity.

In fact, as Ed Dowd reveals, the vaccine did the most damage among those who are employed. 2021 was a very dangerous year to have a job, it turns out, as the Biden regime forced employers across the country to mandate vaccines for all their workers. Many workers complied with the jab mandates and have since died or become disabled as a result. The fact that 7,500 additional Americans are suffering this fate every day points to not merely an economic recession or depression, but a decivilization outcome that risks ending western civilization as we know it, forcing the vaccine survivors into an existence they hardly recognize.

The “glacial Mad Max”

Ed Dowd calls this the “glacial Mad Max” scenario: It’s going to get very bad but not all at once. The slow, steady erosion of the pillars of civilization will become increasingly apparent over time as another 2.7 million people are killed or disabled by the vaccines each year. And that’s based on current rates of mortality and disability… rates that may become significantly worse among those who continue to take the mRNA jabs that obliterate their immune systems and caused their bodies to generate mysterious fibrous clots (which are not simply blood clots, by the way).

“Globalization is over,” Dowd declares in the interview (below). And that means the era of cheap, easy stuff is also coming to an end. The world we once knew, where we could visit a local Walmart or Target store and pick up foreign-made goods on the cheap, is over. From here, things are going to become a lot more expensive and less available. Rather than a global expansion into long, complex supply chains and economies of scale, we are living through the early stages of a global contraction and the collapse of globalism itself. The world is about to become a lot more local, with all the global supply chain efficiencies vanishing in short order.

And this is colliding with the fact that the U.S. work culture is practically non-existent among younger Americans. They have grown up never expecting to actually produce anything. They are consumers, after all, not factory workers or creators of anything real (your favorite celebrity NFT or crypto coin doesn’t count). Thus, at a time when globalization is collapsing and when Americans are going to have to grow, manufacture and process things at the local level, there’s hardly any local work knowledge remaining that could accomplish such a transition.

Those who know how to do anything — the working class of America — are being systematically annihilated by the jabs, leaving behind the non-working welfare class who possess no practical skills and believe they are deserving of never-ending universal basic income subsidies so they can continue to be consumers. Their world is about to come to a frustrating end, and America as a whole is going to witness the ravages of the reversal of the globalization miracle that made goods affordable, readily available and easily replaced.

Why the Pentagon can’t fight a war with Russia

Part of the definition of a nation is the ability to project power for the purposes of both defending your own shores and also extracting resources from other nations (via trade, coercion, or otherwise). This has been accomplished throughout history under various empires such as the British Empire, and the U.S. empire mastered the art of global resources extraction with its 1944 Bretton Woods agreement and the positioning of the dollar as the world reserve currency.

But to project power, a nation must maintain a degree of domestic industrialization so that it can manufacture munitions and weapons of war. This requires a long, complex supply chain of steel, polymers, oil, rubber, electronics and the like. More importantly, it requires a skilled and willing labor force that’s able to work in munitions factories.

No such work force currently exists among American culture. Soy boys don’t build bombs, and woke idiots can’t run lathes.

In the USA, the productive labor force is being decimated by the jab. The culture wars have also sapped any last shred of work ethic out of the youth, rendering a generation of virtue signaling snowflakes who are incapable of using their hands to do anything other than play video games and masturbate (possibly at the same time for the truly inspired).

As a result, there’s nobody left in America to run the war factories.

That is, until you consider the illegals who are crossing over the open borders by the millions. My contention is that the DoD plans to recruit illegals to run the munitions factories, because otherwise the United States has near-zero ability to run the industrial manufacturing necessary to sustain any real war effort with Russia or China.

After killing Americans with the bioweapon, the Pentagon will recruit illegals to man the munitions factories

After having sent the vast majority of its supply of artillery shells, drones, anti-tank systems and now even artillery pieces to Ukraine, the United States of America has very little left to defend itself against an invasion force from an enemy nation like China. Granted, the Pacific Ocean is a large moat, but given advances in the scale and efficiency of maritime transportation, it’s no longer the formidable chasm it was in World War II. China has the capability to sail hundreds of millions of tons of military equipment to invasion forces that might assault the West Coast of America, and China has the blackmail to force Joe Biden to order America to stand down its own military as such an invasion takes place. P 2/

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It’s also good to remember, that a week ago, Ursula von der Lying stated that Putin must pay for his dreadful war crimes at Bucha (trademark).

    In the following article’s second short video, purportedly showing the dead victims of the massacre.

    Once the film vehicle has passed the four day old corpses, a quick glance in the vehicle’s rear view mirror, – shows one of the dead starting to sit up!

    If this is not evidence of ‘The Resurrection,’ – I don’t what is?


  2. Rightly so Tony.

    As the West’s New Year’s gift to Russia, one may assume, that this is what they have planned for the rest of the 2023.

    They really believe this is all just a big video game with no real life consequences.


  3. DR… all I can say is that if you hit a man with a club, even though his club is twice as big, you are asking for trouble.


  4. Major provocation/escalation in Russia/Ukraine war.

    Washington the presumed culprit. Expect serious response.

    They do have their 2023 agenda to meet, – so why delay?.


  5. He you got it…


  6. tonyryan43, Thanks, I could have written/explained this as well almost “Verbatim” but people acquaintances family members are constantly ready to KILL the messenger…” And to be quiet frankly, if you want to die, just die and get more boosters OR whatever Crap you want to put in your body… You are all just bloody Lab rats/pigs… Totally lobotomized…



    ‘Australia appears to have a talent for producing ignorant and sociopathic magnates: Twiggy Forrest, Rupert Murdoch, and Gina Rinehart leading the obnoxious pack.’

    Products moulded by privilege, filled with presumption @tonyryan43, all indoctrinated from the same school of thought, although displaying different coloured feathers, they’re a species belonging to the genus, Political Capitalism.

    Both racist Lang Hancock and Twiggy Forrest’s families grew up in the squatter district of Ashburton and attended the Hale School, named after humanitarian Anglican Bishop, Mathew Hale.

    A contradiction, as the school’s first chairman was West Indian slave owner Sir Archibald Burt, first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of WA, who was compensated by the British for relinquishing seven beasts of burden.

    Burt’s son Septimus esqat. was a close friend of the Forrest brothers esqat.

    Frank Crowley in his 2000 biography of Twiggy’s great grandfather David Forrest’s brother Sir John Forrest, described the school’s values throughout the 1870s as “a heady compound of social snobbery, laissez-faire capitalism, sentimental royalism, patriotic Anglicanism, benevolent imperialism and racial superiority.”

    Lang Hancock and Twiggy Forrest attended Hale School.

    Rinehart although not attending Hale’s sister school, attended St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls.

    Red Rupert’s grandfather was a Presbyterian Minister, Murdoch attended Geelong Grammar School and Oxford Uni.

    These are the snot gobblers, who believe that sterilisation, depopulation and creating a green circular economy while continuing to plunder natural resources, will solve their own problems, making THEIR guilt ridden world a better place.

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    Please delete the previous comment ED


  9. Apologies for double post, first got jammed or something?


  10. President Putin’s New Year’s Speech for 2023.


  11. Here’s President Putin’s New Year’s Speech for 2023.

    Happy New Year.


  12. Thank you ‘Frankly’. that was most enlightening.

    That article highlights what happens when appallingly ignorant billionaires flex financial muscle. Collectively, these plutocrats are the ones primarily responsible for threatening the future of humanity.

    I would like to be a fly on the wall when Forrest finally understands what actually happened in Ukraine during the past 8 years, and I intend to enjoy whatever punishment China and Russia will inflict on this fool when the Zircons and Vangards cease flying.

    Australia appears to have a talent for producing ignorant and sociopathic magnates: Twiggy Forrest, Rupert Murdoch, and Gina Rinehart leading the obnoxious pack.

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  13. Tony in this article he seems to come across as the brokering agent between western Governments and Blackrock in negotiating with Zelensky and the Ukraine gov.
    Like Dr said Russia will be the curve ball in all this.


  14. CATACLYSMIC DUCK… Penetrating insights. I don’t suppose you might expand on Twiggy. He sorta plotted on my blind-side so I don’t know what he has been up to.
    Ivormectn… You are reading it right. By the way, your friend was paraphrasing Mau’s Chou en Lai (Zou Enlai), a comment he made in disgust, after interviewing Nixon’s Secretary of State.

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  15. This is fantastically well written



    Ed, supposing BlackRock goes belly up in 2023 causing the world depression, BlackRock FMA being a separate business, their inner circle of private investors will grow fat devouring the corpses of other weakened BlackRock investors.

    Shark eats Tuna eats Whitebait.

    The US being weakened due to 2500 excess jab deaths per day, is similar to the planned takeover of Ukraine, 2020 pop 43,733,762, Dec 2022 43,086,738, with fleeing refugees and 2000+ bodies a day being fed through the mincer at Bakhmut and other fronts.

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  17. According to the top U.S. military analyst and adviser, Col. Douglas Macgregor, Russia’s patience with the Zelensky regime has worn extremely thin.

    With Ukraine under NATO occupation, the nukes will be back in Russia’s backyard. The Russian Federation cannot afford to return to this former state of affairs. It’s simply too dangerous.

    Macgregor points out, that once Ukraine’s military has been destroyed, probably during the first half of 2023, Russia may well take its forces to the western border and fully occupy Ukraine. This is a very real possibility.

    Blackrock and other investors, should be very careful where their investment capital is going. They may lose the lot!


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  18. Good article Mike, posted this elsewhere and didn’t really raise much awareness. At least here at CN people have their eyes open.

    The Blackrock involvement and signing a MOU with Ukraine parliament should be an awakening for all to witness the influence and involvement of NGO’s (Non Government Organisations) at arms length away from other powerful Governments. The idea of a trillion dollar corporation taking the advisory role (commanding role) of a Ukraine Government in planning the restructuring phase of a war torn country begs the question are we witnessing the phasing out of Governments and introduction of these mega Corporations as a de facto body running a sovereign nation.
    Australia’s entrepreneur Andrew Forrest has also pledged 750mil into a 25bil investment fund he launched calling it The Ukrainian rebuilding fund. This is all Klaus Schwab and WEF planning. Is Ukraine the initial project in the current geo political upheaval we are in?

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  19. Wow, I didn’t know that, I’ve just heard the Blackrock’s Larry Fink is meeting with Schwab and Zelensky at Davos in a couple of weeks.

    Apparently, Blackrock is planning on financing the reconstruction of Ukraine, which in lay terms, – means they intend to buy the place.

    They obviously failing to take the Russian Army into consideration.

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  20. Come the ides of March, (15th. March an auspicious date)
    Poland may “backstab” Ukraine & annexe some territory in the western regions, due to their weakened state.
    Belarus might be goaded into retaliating against Ukraine aggression, stimulating a war of conquest deep into Ukraine to cut off Polish advances, creating a second “proxy war” front with NATO (rather than a direct NATO/ Russia conflict)
    Expect Ruskies to destroy every bridge, railway line, airstrip, major roadway to stall delivery of NATO weapons.
    “The generals sat & the lines on the map, moved from side to side.”
    (Us and them. Pink Floyd)
    ‘All wars are fought for land’
    (The Urantia Book)
    If Blackrocks in, Vanguard Group will soon follow
    Happy new year to all
    Thanks to Ed.of CN For all your great work

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  21. We read where Blackrock filed for Bankruptcy a few months ago. Ed


  22. The Scamericans need to dump this “Presidential Executive Order” nonsense post haste. Seems too convenient for any tyrant to impose an executive order on anything the people, congress or senate refuse to approve.
    How is this any different to a monarchy or dictatorship?
    Originally the “Executive Order” was designed to approve purchase of furnishings & homewares for the original Whitehouse since President Washington & Martha had no curtains nor dinner sets etc with which to entertain visiting dignitaries.
    They need to go back to that with strict budgetary controls.
    Is there a list somewhere of all the executive orders ever issued?
    A friend once quipped “America is the only empire to rise & fall without an intervening period of civilisation “
    Given their track record of forever wars it may well be true.

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    Globalisation is dead’

    Not if Australian, Squatter Twiggy Forrest has his way.

    About the only thing that will prevent Ukraine becoming the centre of the New World Order, is Poland taking over their historic lands in western Ukraine and Russia the rest.

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  24. The America the author is referring to is a figment of his imagination.

    Let’s get a couple of things straight. The US is not a democracy. Never was, never was intended to be, and cannot be. It is a monarchy in disguise. The President has monarchic powers incompatible with democracy. Lincoln told you what democracy is but you did not listen (Gettysburg address).

    The US is, in fact, a plutocracy. The most recent monarch was David Rockefeller, and since March 2017, has been Rupert Murdoch. Actually, the correct title for lil’ Rupert is “Emperor of Planet Earth”, but you dumbfuckers were just too lazy to look at who was shitting on you.

    Why has he not claimed the throne? Because he ain’t stupid. To do so would be to paint a bullseye on his forehead. Instead, he infers the power is held by Tedros, Fauci, Gates, Schwarb, and other minion psychopaths; all eminently expendable.

    Anyway, “the plan is going accordingly to plan”. How neat is that? The useless eaters are jabbed and will soon die. Zionist mission accomplished.

    The unjabbed have been defeated in advance by the City of London/ CIA psy-op brainwashing of “peaceful protest”. March to your deaths dumbfuckers.

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  25. 7500 people removed from the potential labour pool each day, = 2,737,500 people per annum. This can only exacerbate year on year due to the declining population.

    I presume the Government’s accompanying year on year drop in tax revenues, and its replacement revenue source, has long ago been taken into account.

    Wonder what it is?

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