Murdering babies is a thriving multi-million dollar industry, an Australian success story

Letter to the Editor

Yeah we have mentioned to our children what is happening.

The problem seems to be – at least here in Australia – that almost no-one wants to know.

Maybe it’s because your normal average folk can’t bring themselves to imagine, let alone accept, that there are Satanists here who have control of every level of Australian governance and who ritually sacrifice children and burn newborn babies alive, drink their blood and eat their flesh – and have been doing so for many decades.

Maybe it’s all just too hard in such a busy dog-eat-dog society where you have to hold down three jobs to afford all the luxuries and modern comforts to which we think we’re entitled.

Feminazis for abortion, simply communist tools-Pic Bendigo Advertiser

BUT it’s not so easy to dismiss the fact that “full term abortion” of new-born babies by shoving a steel tube into their skull and sucking their brains out DURING BIRTH is now legal in every Australian state. That’s the undeniable, irrefutable truth – a thriving multi-billion industry providing enormous commercial volumes of baby flesh and organs to whoever has the cash to pay for them – an Australian success story!

Dictator Dan knows all about the profit potential of butchering newborns – that’s why he blocked legislation to require painkillers for the children during their slaughter, because contaminated organs can’t be harvested and sold for profit.

Yet people still deny and just don’t want to know what’s happening in their communities, right here in their midst. It’s like an enormous “blind spot” masking the Australian reality. In one sense, I get it – all those so-called “Christians” HAVE TO BURY the truth or face up to the fact that their silence is COMPLICITY in the Australian GENOCIDE of innocent newborn babies.

Unfortunately, they can run, but they can’t hide. Even people claiming the “Christian” mantle go to Hell – as a matter of fact, by my understanding, most of them do.

In Europe it’s illegal to deny the German Holocaust of the Jews back in the 1940’s, but it’s apparently verboten to ACKNOWLEDGE the Australian Holocaust of newborn babies now underway here in the 2020’s.

from Pat


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Jeanette Armstrong

    Talk to lots of people about the plight of children… are 💯% correct on that ….they really don’t want to know….SHAME ON THEM.


  2. Sterilizing couples, killing babies and children is a ‘core goal’ of the United [Communist] Nations CoVID Operation currently being implemented by member CoVID Regimes across the world – like our Australia Inc – loaded with Paedo / Satanists, WEFIES, Watermelon Commos, 4th Political Position Commos, Fabian Socialists, Freemasons, UNDRIP [lithium] battery powered Abo-Box Tickers. The UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals puts a price on carbon in terms of the stated depop Agenda.

    This is a standard issue Communist genocide.


  3. Pat from VIC – “Sorry, Dude, I lost the connection somewhere between that and the prior discourse.”

    The “credit” to those who do the right thing, the people pushing back, exposing the grubs and the rotten systems and immoral practices.

    The “blame” much of it belongs to the people who are carrying out / going along with/ supporting the grubs and their rotten systems, such as (for this post/article) nurses and doctors and corrupted health systems.


  4. ron said – “The elite are not directly involved, our fellow Australians are. Without the support of the minions, lackeys and sheeple, the elite (the grubs) would have no power, no authority.”

    Can’t argue with that.

    The power is with the People – if we choose to use it. I suppose that means that first the People have to recognise that they ARE the People.

    ron also said – “Give credit where it is due and put blame where it belongs.”

    Sorry, Dude, I lost the connection somewhere between that and the prior discourse.


  5. Pat from Vic – “All very incremental, step by step, seeing how much they can “get away with” as they seek to normalise these abominations.”

    I have said this on Cairns News more than once, the nurses and doctors are not all angels and miracle workers, there are many that should not be anywhere near any patient. There will be no lack of volunteers to carry out duties and practices that others believe is morally wrong and abhorrent.

    The elite are not directly involved, our fellow Australians are. Without the support of the minions, lackeys and sheeple, the elite (the grubs) would have no power, no authority.

    Give credit where it is due and put blame where it belongs.


  6. lindesymonds said – “Irish Savant follows up The Balenciaga fashion promo of bondage teddy bears and suffering children (source of adrenochrome). The list of socially prominent sickos continues to grow.”

    It’s probably not so easy to sweep this under the carpet – but it’s consistent with what appears to be global Satanism “coming out of the closet”. All very incremental, step by step, seeing how much they can “get away with” as they seek to normalise these abominations.

    That’s what they did with “full term abortion” in Australia – pushed it through “under the radar” – and now killing new-born babies is a highly lucrative Australian career option. Imagine the money to be made once they start butchering two year old toddlers with the full support of every Australian state and territory government.


  7. D Johnston said – ”Hi Editor and Readers, Anyone who wishes to embark upon some serious excavation work in order to unearth the Truth, needs to start at the very top of any organisational food chain.”

    As a Cairns News reader, thanks for this advice. This is good advice.

    Notwithstanding the in-your-face REALITY of the legalised Australian baby killing industry, other elements of institutionalised Australian and international child abuse (paedophile networks, trafficking of children and body parts, organised Satanism) are less visible and harder to pin down (arguably because the involved institutions strive to keep these things hidden, obscured or otherwise dismissed – eg, look to the multi-decade government suppression of VIP paedophile lists).

    FWIW, here’s Wikispooks entry on the International Tribunal of Natural Justice…

    [ ]

    … and here’s Wikispooks FAQ entry on itself…

    [ ]

    … and here’s a salient extract from Wikispook’s own FAQ…

    “Q. How can I be 100% sure its declared objectives are genuine?

    A. You can’t. As with everything else in life, you can reach a judgment on the evidence. The site contains copious evidence that it’s stated objectives are genuine and its editors would be keen to hear of any evidence to the contrary. The ultimate answer to questions about trust is that you have the word of the site operator, an individual whose credentials are set out clearly on the Wikispooks site. You believe them or you don’t.”

    So as D Johnston suggests, “buyer beware”. The same caveat applies to Rachel Vaughan’s testimony – as previously noted, there are about a thousand interviews with her readily searchable on [ ], [ ] and [ ] (and probably other places). Anyone so inclined, look into the matter yourself and draw your own conclusions.

    Meanwhile, the butchery of newborn babies across Australia continues unabated.


  8. Hi Editor and Readers, Anyone who wishes to embark upon some serious excavation work in order to unearth the Truth, needs to start at the very top of any organisational food chain. Not bothering with the numerous minions they employ. It often pays to be equipped with breathing apparatus for the amount of time spent down in rabbit warrens.
    The ITNJ is a good example. Founded by washed-up wannabe rocker turned activist Sacha Stone (also founder of Humanitad and other activist bodies), who lives it up large at his luxury private resort in Bali. The ITNJ is comprised of a long list of other spurious characters, such as the pretentiously self-titled Sir John Walsh of Brannagh – who is an ex Victorian disbarred judge. Think he now hangs out in Norfolk Island.
    Although this organisation does not have any legal bindings, they have a penchant for holding courtroom-like hearings and inquirys.
    The most alarming thing about organisations such as this, is that they really do and/or achieve nothing for the causes they expouse to support. In fact, quite the opposite – often only muddying the waters and impeding investigations by legitimate authorities.


  9. yep – it’s in the millions per year – straight up evil!


  10. Well, I’m relieved ?? It’s not a “Stolen Generation” Thanks God, but an “Aborted Generation” …


  11. Irish Savant follows up The Balenciaga fashion promo of bondage teddy bears and suffering children (source of adrenochrome). The list of socially prominent sickos continues to grow. The Doofus Suits who run mere corporate assets of the central banking cartel (like governments) get their rations of the elixir as long as they perform. Have a look at Vlad and his doubles – he looks pretty good for 70 wouldn’t you say?
    The Balenciaga Unraveling


  12. D Johnston said – “It never took many people much digging to expose Rachel Vaughn for the utter fraud that she is.”

    This is followed by a quote – “Vaughan and McIntyre have conned and capitalised… etc etc”

    I trust that you will appreciate, such a quote absent source or context is just an assertion – similar to a Facebook or (former) Twitter “fact check”. Not actually helpful.

    Any additional information you might have to flesh out your comment would be welcomed.

    FWIW, here’s the Rachel Vaughan entry on the International Tribunal for Natural Justice web site…

    [ ]

    … and about a thousand video interviews with Rachel Vaughan can be found by searching on her name on [ ], [ ] and [ ].

    As D Johnston suggests, “buyer beware” – so go crazy, make up your own minds about Rachel Vaughan.

    IN ANY CASE, I’d suggest that people looking for a low-effort readily confirmed report stick with the “full term abortion” issue (as if that’s not already horrendous enough). Searching on “partial birth abortion” will confirm the grisly details of the process. This butchery flies in the face of any civilised society, but has been legalised across the entirety of Australia by our politicians – the very people who are supposed to represent us.

    This is happening every single day in communities all across Australia. Every “full term abortion” is an Australian child butchered alive DURING BIRTH, chopped into pieces and sold off for profit – and our politicians are the ones who legalised this genocide.


  13. Yes, Pat from Vic, as you say “The deeper one cares to dig…” It never took many people much digging to expose Rachel Vaughn for the utter fraud that she is. Many such individuals exhibit Dark Triad personality traits.

    “Vaughan and McIntyre have conned and capitalised on the unprofessional misrepresentations established by former Advertiser journalist Bryan Littlely. Various commenters close to the topics have clarified the disinterest Littley showed in truth in preference to sensationalism.
    Vaughan claims to hold but will not release the evidence which would solve innumerable crimes, the known facts of which she frequently supplants with fabricated stories of child cannibalism.
    Research provides evidence that psychopathy and its traits are associated with overt displays of virtue and victimhood.”

    So yes, as I stated earlier: we must exercise discernment. Not blindly believe anything which is dressed up and presented as being the truth.


  14. Pat from Vic – “Indeed, we have an obligation to both ourselves and others to discern the truth of what has been going on, and is planned for the future.”
    “Yet people still deny and just don’t want to know what’s happening in their communities, right here in their midst.”

    A conundrum- – a hard question to ask people. Maybe they do not want to discuss the matter because they are involved in supporting the grubs who made the legislation that allows the practices to be implemented.
    They participate in voting in either major party, they do not want to have the discussion, it might give them a guilt complex – would they feel like they were part of the problem, not part of a possible solution?

    They help put the grubs in power and know that their hands are tied, they can’t do anything other than follow the dictates of the psychopaths, until the next elections. Then they vote for them again and again. What the hell.


  15. D Johnston said – “As with everything else, we must exercise discernment and question, question, question in our search for Truth.”

    Indeed, we have an obligation to both ourselves and others to discern the truth of what has been going on, and is planned for the future.

    The legalised “full term abortion” here in Australia is an easy starting point – because the paper trail in legislation hasn’t (yet) been purged or subject to multi-decade suppression orders, and the “medical procedure” involved – shoving a steel tube into the living child’s head DURING BIRTH and sucking its brains out – is also readily verifiable for anyone who has the stomach to investigate the subject, as are all the other associated details.

    Other dimensions of the monstrous rolling atrocity being perpetrated here in Australia against our children – both commercial and ritual – have varying degrees of opacity and plausibility for most Australians who understandably lack the skill, tenacity, discernment and most importantly the desire to chase down the truth of these matters.

    The problem of child trafficking among international pedophile networks is generally acknowledged among the public, but is also generally regarded as a marginal issue here in Australia. It’s true scale and institutionalisation is not understood by ordinary Australians – but those multi-decade suppression orders hint at the truth.

    The matter of trading in body parts is another atrocity hidden in plain sight. The Australian “full term abortion” industry now provides a copious supply of said materials for commercial and other purposes both here in Australia and to foreign customers. Expansion of abortions to “post term abortions” up to TWO YEARS OF AGE will launch Australia into the dominant global position for supply of these materials.

    “Other purposes”, BTW, refers to pedophilia, Satanic rituals and God knows what else.

    As you suggest, “buyer beware” – but TBH how many people are ready to deal objectively with what they might find if and when they dive down that rabbit hole?

    Just the “full term abortions” should be enough to provoke an all-out revolution against the Satanic Australian governments – and that subject is eminently verifiable.

    As to the more grotesque COVERT manifestations of pedophilia and Satanism in the Australian community – PROTECTED and HIDDEN by the establishment – the evidence is sitting there, hidden in plain sight, for anyone determined to seek it out…

    [ ]

    The deeper one cares to dig, the worse it gets.


  16. Exactly ron. As for spelling errors… pretty sure no one’s ever died from ’em lol


  17. As an example I have made several silly, simple spelling mistakes in my last posts.


  18. D Johnston – “we should NOT just blindly accept and/or absorb all of this.”

    Totally agree.

    Research the researcher. Weed out the controlled opposition and those looking for a cause to follow, because they want to feel valued and be part of group or community.

    Be prepared to change your opinions and findings, due to newer more provable / plausible information.

    Be prepared to admit (at least to yourself) that you may have gotten it wrong. Deflate your over inflated ego.

    Just getting started, could go on for pages – many of us have spent near a lifetime to learn the little that we now know. Much was learnt from our own mistakes and learning from the mistakes of others. I for one admit the I will keep making mistakes, we all do.

    Never blindly trust anyone or their information, question your own actions and findings.


  19. Hi ron, As outlined in my comment before yours…we should NOT just blindly accept and/or absorb all of this. As with everything else, we must exercise discernment and question, question, question in our search for Truth. We can NOT afford to foolishly keep being tricked and psy-oped. It’s all connected to *their* plan.


  20. Pat from Vic – “Is this for real? Because if it is, we need to blow this wide open!”

    Thanks for the info Pat, much appreciated.

    How is it stopped, only one way, get rid of the b……s who table and pass the legislation, the rotten corporation governments, and their minions and lackeys, such as the bent individuals in the health systems, bent courts and police. Yes there are decent honest police, they still exist, just gets less and less of them.

    Whilst the above mentioned grubs in authority it will get worse, it does not get better. The rotten systems have put in place a large amount of protection to keep us out of their business. That protective system owes no loyalty to the people, the loyalty is to the rotten systems, their illegal/unlawful corporations. It is their party and we are not invited.

    For me it is quite upsetting that the majority of Australians do not want to know, they only want to see and hear the nicer side of life, don’t want to be upset by things that do not directly make a difference to their sheltered world. At present in Australia, we would have to push back on the above mentioned grubs and a large number of the Australian people.

    Shock the Sheeple, maybe they will then find some courage and integrity (men) and a strong but caring nurturing nature (women) a big ask these days.

    Reality cam be very sad.

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  21. Whilst a lot of this particular ‘subject matter’ is true and even verifiable, and having been perpetrated for eons – a LOT of it is the product and/or imaginings of certain individuals’ vile, depraved minds; who derive a sick pleasure in spewing forth atrocities in incessantly graphic detail – whilst further feeding mass psy-op induced hysteria. We can thank the virulent abuse of ‘technology’ by these individuals – who now have the perfect platforms whilst hiding in their basements. Do not be continually fooled by the plethora of ‘false prophets’.


  22. Thanks Ed. Darth Yvette and the George St Cabal could not run the UN CoVID Operation without Big Vaxx and Big Pharma. We are in Act 4, Scene 1 of Macbeth and we passed Act 4, scene i of Macbeth, Third Witch, the Tartar’s lips and liver of blaspheming Jew over a century ago. We are now in the territory of fetal stem cells, zombie apocalypse and Satan.

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  23. dagmarvanderlemgmailcom said – “Is this for real? Because if it is, we need to blow this wide open!”

    Not only is it “for real”, it’s real because all the major parties in every state and territory signed off on it and gave the wholesale slaughter of newborn babies their blessings.

    While anyone with the time and inclination can dig out the specific legislation in each state and territory, here’s a convenient summary for anyone who gives a flying toss…

    [ ]

    This diabolic evil started in Victoria, BTW. Dictator Dan pushed through the first Australian laws to butcher newborn babies and facilitate the harvesting and trading of their blood, flesh and organs right here in Victoria, and all of the remaining state and territory governments took that as their cue to pile onto the lucrative baby murder gravy train.

    This isn’t the end of the genocidal progression. As another commenter stated, they are now pushing to legalise “post birth abortion” – Dictator Dan has mentioned that he’s comfortable with the idea of killing 28-day old babies, but the more popular proposal is up to TWO YEARS OF AGE. After that, the sky’s the limit.

    Australia, together with Ukraine, has become Satan Central for Planet Earth.

    All Australian politicians are fully aware of all of this, because they passed the laws to make it happen. This defines the Australian political class, the Australian judiciary, the Big Pharma owned “medical” industry including all the so-called “health care professionals” and the complicit Australian media. This is what they stand for, and this is what their supporters – including the “silent majority” – have enabled.

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  24. dagmarvanderlemgmailcom

    Is this for real? Because if it is, we need to blow this wide open!


  25. Pat, thanks for graphically bringing reality in to focus for us. on many matters right now, people like me are sitting here outraged with what is happening in so many areas.
    And we are increasingly upset with our inability to contribute as individuals.
    Can you recommend a pro life group who is most effective in this area for us to support.
    Thanks, Peter


  26. Hey Lyndesy don’t forget the Health Minister DÁrth’s Adrenochrome! ED

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  27. read Genesis chapter 4 verses 8-13
    the blood cries out, life is in the blood, can you imagine the amount of deaths and bloodshed through out history, I dont know how God puts up with it, these satanists have got a very bad future ahead of them if they dont repent, I dare say a lot of them are beyond repentance, the abortion clinics are no more than sacrifices to molock, the cannanites played music while sacrificing children to molock in an effort drown out the screaming as they were being burnt alive, woe unto them all they have their reward. it absolutely disgusts me to my very core.we are in for some serious judgment from God if this doesn’t stop.

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  28. Shane Rutherford

    Every chance I get I say something. This is an issue we just MUST not ignore! Where are the political rep’s that SERVE the people, including the unborn and new-born!

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  29. Well of course it is. Big Abortion, Big Vaxx, Big Pharma, Big Bio-tech are all joined at the hip. They all need fetal stem cells and tissue for research and development of vaxx and pharmaceuticals. Now the organ harvesting combine will be folded into the DNA data base / control grid of the 4IR and transhuman project.

    Against the mandatory vaxx / bioweapon, we never heard so much as a peep from the Gook cadre of the ‘my body, my choicers’ . They know who cuts their paycheck.

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  30. I agree with you 100 %. I am a bible teacher. The bible was written with 29%of it telling us the future. Approximately 90% of the 29%, has come to pass exactly how it was prophesied. The future of the next ten years , is recorded in the Bible. Society would become so sick and evil , it would return to the days of how it was in Sodom. These are the days we live in now. Probably 99% of those calling themselves “Christians”, are only “christian”in name. Where is it all heading now. To ;”The mark of the Beast “. Revelation 13:16,17. ……. “And it will cause, small and great, rich and poor, masters and servants, to be given to them a stigma, ( engraving ), on their right hand, or between their eyes. And no person may buy or sell, except the people who have the stigma upon them of the name of the Beast, or the number of the Beast “. ( original Aramaic writings of the New Testament). Take Care, Graeme Clarke. BA ( CSU ), Graduate of 3 Bible Colleges. Educated, The Scots College, Sydney.

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  31. tonyryan43
    No way any Public or private Hospital will give out any info, the privacy acts and the like,
    put in place to protect people’s private info, is in fact there to protect the system.
    Over a period of 25 years I was (many times) present when babies were removed from a parent(s). It went from two police being present, two persons physically removing the baby, security, doctor, and othersupport persons. Went to no police or detectives, security at a distance, a nurse, one person physically removing baby out the back door into an ordinary looking car. Nobody, not even the nurses or doctors were allowed to know where the baby was being removed to.
    Became very sus to me, glad I was mandated out of that job.
    Will I provide proof, god no, that system is so protected by police, courts, etc.

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  32. This evil was going on decades ago, the labour leader Kim Beazley was involved as well as the N.S.W. police commissioner at the time among other high ranking politicians. There was a woman who brought this forward numerous times to the authorities and each time it was swept aside and no investigation was ever launched.

    The goings on was involving the rape, torture a finally murder of your children who were in orphanages at the time son no one would report them missing.
    These atrocities were going on in the country town of Glen Innes N.S.W.

    This sad country of ours unfortunately does not care, as no one wants to bother as it is ALL TOO HARD to deal with. Our Lord Jesus Christ said if you hurt or damage any little child, it would be far better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and thrown into the sea . What is coming on judgement day will be far worse and unimaginable for these evil men and women.

    Wake up Aussies as you are being led to the slaughter .

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  33. Good one Pat. The stench of fish rotting at the head pervades our apparent ‘democracy’. This has always been about the children. Feminazis are destroying what the feminine nature of a woman is about. Being a mother, nurturing, caring having empathy and compassion, all were the positive strong aspects of womanhood but have been mistaken in this patriarchal world as weakness. We pray that our Lord who counts every hair on our head helps us to right these wrongs. They want to push for live post birth abortion, child up to two years, sick mongrels, well that is murder and anyone in their right mind would not stand for it. This is not God’s way to have babies dissected for parts these medico performing these procedures are going to hell. I would start the process of obtaining FOI at the hospitals on their procedures.

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  34. They made it illegal for people to question their so-called history, as it has been dictated & written by the victors themselves.

    ( )

    Note who owns, operates & runs all these Cv-19 so-called vaccine companies etc.

    They can’t be trusted.

    “To be an Orthodox Jew is to agree with the Talmud that:
    “It is permitted to deceive a goy.” (Baba Kama 113b)”

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  35. Anybody got any suggestions as to how I can access evidence of this in my local public hospital?


  36. Dear People! I salute You All for this most Important Message. Please do Not stop, for this give me Hope and also for those Dear Innocent Ones…..Beyond words. Thank you. Gabriele Gaven

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  37. as my mind is settled now again I can truly tell now that beyond words there is only one sentence: a rotten Society who is not stopped from those who know. Government is the Satanic instrument and we, as people are now obliged to make a Stop to this, for it is our downfall. Never in history has a nation done this as it was usually a part of a country. I am sad that this Country is as a whole involved in a blood thirst from their rulers, hidden und twisted and names themselves democracy. God may have Mercy on All of Us!

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